Friday, July 3, 2015

Just like the good book says...

The crap is gonna just get worse & every day, I see it as plain as the nose on my face. I have started to distance myself from those that embrace standards that fall far short of who I want in my life.

Of course, you have to put up with certain assholes, like people that you have to work with, but as long as you're getting paid....

I have reached the age where I could care less about tolerance when it infringes on my personal beliefs. I'm done pandering to people, simply because I welcome an audience. Rule of thumb...If they ain't worth dying for, then they ain't worth putting up with.

Your opinion is the most important one to heed in your life, & you shouldn't bother with anyone who disagrees with it in the least. Start hanging out with like minded people & tell the others to take a flying leap.

Just watch the stress level disappear.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Did the lab work thing.

Went in very early & had them suck blood out of me. Monday (Tetanus) & Wednesday...I feel like a damn pin cushion. All to get caught up, so I can have a stranger stick a camera up my ass. (I'm not even getting dinner)

These damn signs are all over the facility, which looks good, but no one ever practices the shit. My supervisor gave me a work order to go to this one floor the other night & rip out these ceiling tiles & replace them. It came in on the days I was off & should have been passed along to one of the guys who was there....No big deal, I went up & started replacing them. This nurse stopped & told me that a maintenance guy had said they were going to do it the next day (I figured it was one of the guys who just wanted to blow it off) So I continued to do it. Then I get a call from the nurse manager, who wanted me to come see him. (after I finished)

He then told me that they were going to rip the entire ceiling out the next day, to replace the plumbing for the two rooms above. I spent an hour taking them out & cutting new ones to stick in there. Trust me, it was a bitch with all the duct work & sprinkler heads & conduit runs.

I asked my boss yesterday when I came in, why he had put that in my work box, if they were going to do that work the next day. Of course, he said he had no idea that he had done that. Wasn't even man enough to say, sorry Joe, I fucked up.

Happens all the time. They had a couple of the painters spend two days rehabbing a room & painting it, just to find McCarthy tearing the office completely down on the third day after they finished.

Communication my ass.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Did the doctor thing....

I was a little apprehensive about making the visit, but he was cool. He didn't give me any shit about smoking or drinking. We did the dance & it was like a first date.

No kissing, or fingers up the rectum, but oh that will come....

He didn't tell me not to eat before I showed up, so he didn't want to do any blood work. That would have been nice if he would have clued me in, but I'll come back for that.

As far as my vitals, everything was just fine. He said, when I do the all the lab work, they would start the process of getting me ready for the torture palace. I can't get the rectum raping done close to home, because no one is in the pocket of insurance down there yet, so I guess I'll just do it at the pisser.

When the day is scheduled, I should just go around & tell everyone, bring your mother & come on up & view the inside of my ass. You never know, you might see something that resembles President Obama.

My doctor was asking me all these questions related to family history & then, out of the blue, he asks me if I'm having sex. I looked at him & said, why, are you interested?

Then as I'm sitting on the exam table, he started looking in my ears & I had my arms down to the side & he said, want to keep your hand there? I looked over & his crotch was inches away...I slowly moved it to my lap & said, please proceed.

It's cool to have a doctor who has a sense of humor. I told him that I would start to come see him on a more regular basis & he said, Joe, at least once a year is just fine.

He wouldn't have said that if he would have asked me to drop my pants. My ass is a thing of beauty;~)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Trying times.

When I'm away from the rat race, I turn off the news & bury the crap out of my life & relax as best I can. The old man was picking some things from his garden today....

The highest court in the land decided that gay marriage was just fine & dandy. Despite the majority of the population who thinks it is crap.

Well, Dred Scott got screwed over on his case & we all know what happened there don't we. Bottom line, they made a mistake then & they made one here as far as I'm concerned. One man's opinion doesn't mean squat in the scheme of things, but I value what I believe & trust me, I'm willing to lose whoever in my life, who supports this.

You can compromise whatever you like, for whatever reason you like. As for me, I think I'll stick to the way I was raised & cast aside those who think differently. I don't need the aggravation. Quite frankly, I don't want someone in my immediate circle of influence, who thinks this is even remotely normal.

It isn't.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Stop & reflect...

Don't spend your entire life walking around with a mad on. God lays so many beautiful things in our laps every day. You just have to be aware of them. See the forest through the trees.

Don't wind up in the end with more regrets than stories that others go...That is so cool.

I take every day as it comes & thank God for everything I get to experience. One of the guys I work with is retiring today. Last night, he was trying to get me to eat a piece of cake they got for him (which I of course eventually did) & I came up from behind him & wrapped my arms around him & said, I got my cake right here bitch.

There was a young security guard who was standing there & he freaked out. Hey, I'm not gay, but my boyfriend is. I'm going to miss old Chet. We pulled all kinds of shit like that to freak others out & had a good time taking care of the facility. Not only will I miss him, the hospital will as well (even if they are too stupid to realize it now)

He told me, there are not too many guys here that I give a shit about, but I want to keep in touch with you. We are going to do some fishing. I'm up for that, but I'm not too sure I want to be alone in a boat with him. Of course there is a story associated with that. It involves him & old Jim Robinson (who I miss every day) & a bottle of skin so soft.......

Yeah, old Chet told me, what are you going to do when I'm gone. Who will be left that you will have fun with. I said, well, the FNG is a kinkster big time. I'm sure I can get lots of mileage out of his dumb young ass.

Enjoy retirement my friend.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Missouri traffic.

Took a different way into the pisser yesterday & man, it was sucking to be in the South bound lanes on 55.

After a day of dealing with crackheads & their dumb ass problems..I have come to the conclusion that not a day goes by, where you won't encounter someone that you just want to punch in the face.

There are way too many idiots walking around this country. Trust me, I tolerate only so much before I write their ass off.

Heard a story on the radio on the way home, where this guy is going to climb up on this billboard & will only come down after 7 days of no murders in St. Louis. I laughed my ass off all the way home.

Not one day goes by, where there isn't a murder in North St. Louis. (at least a shooting) These were beautiful neighborhoods back in the day, but now, are simply shit holes. So, this dude is gonna freaking be up on the ledge for awhile if you ask me.

I hope KFC delivers.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


One of the guys I work with, found out after a colonoscopy that he has stage 4 rectal cancer. He had put off having it done & yours truly has done the same thing. But after talking with him & what he is going to have to go through....

I got on the phone & called my doctor. I have to go in as a new patient, because I haven't seen him since 1999. His receptionist said, you know, you can come & see us even if you're not sick. What do say to a statement like that. Sure, let me start coming by every other month & just throw away some money for no reason at all.

I go see him Monday, I guess to get a physical & drop off my co-pay. I'm guessing he will then walk me through & schedule me for an episode of the fantastic journey. No man ever anticipates ever having to allow a stranger stick anything up his rectum, for any reason.

Some of the older guys were like, it's a breeze, except the shit you have to drink the night before. I'm like, yeah, but my luck, they will find Jimmy Hoffa up there. Or, while I'm camping out on the commode the night before, out will plop a ring I had lost 30 years ago.