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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hitting the lake in the morning.

Got the old man's phone all updated & purged it of crap he inadvertently downloaded. Gonna hit the lake in the morning for yet another round of fishing, before I have to go back to the house of crackhead.

Time for some movies & cold ones.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Sunnen lake.

We caught a mess of bluegill & in this picture, there is a minx running along the bank.

Didn't have as much of a productive day as we have in the past, but who cares. I'm not wallowing in crackhead calls & that makes it just as sweet a day.

I disappeared into the back woods today & hunted up some old headstones for some folks who live out of state. Was sitting around drinking some cold ones & shooting the shit with the old man & we saw an owl drop down & snatch up some prey & fly off. Silent as the night.

This morning, I had a freaking weird dream about my last wife. I'm guessing there is some unresolved issues there. It was erotic & I woke up all depressed. Had to just pull a Houdini & get away from everyone for awhile. I'm thinking it had something to do with the old man telling me I need to get busy & get remarried & have a boy. I liked to shit when he said that.

I told him, well, you need to talk to your daughter, because I'm never going to go through the hell of a woman making my life suck again.....Ever.

The days of me giving all & getting nothing but shit are over. Take that to the bank Clyde.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Getting closer....

To Halloween & I get a kick out of seeing all the decorations folks go through to spice up their yards.

Gonna head to another lake in the morning with Pops.

My Grandma told Dad that I take after my Great Grandma. She could sit in one spot all day & catch the shit out of fish. I'll take that as a compliment.

Is it just me, or do you find yourself getting pissed off, when you have to call a customer service line & get some a-hole, who can't speak English. It pretty much doesn't matter what company you are dealing with, you finally get through after pressing 1 for English (telling them that you want to converse with someone who can speak it, as well as understand it) yet, you get some fucker who muddles through & has no idea of the subject matter you are trying to get assistance on.

They should have a recording that says, press 1 if you want to get an asshole who will have no idea of anything you are saying, & will in all probability, make the situation worse instead of solving your problem.

Your call is important to us my ass.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Strange day at the lake.

While we were at the lake today, we were fishing, & I was catching the shit out of fish.

We motored to the other end of the lake & while we were in a cove...I heard this noise in the woods & saw this dog standing at the edge of the water. He was just standing there looking at us & I didn't think anything more about him.

We pulled anchor & went up around the bend & dropped anchor & a little while later, the dog showed up again on the edge of the bank. I told the old man...That dog is going to jump in the water & come to us. ( I could see it in his eyes) Pops was like, no, that is someones dog, he is just checking us out.... Then in the water he went & he started swimming towards our boat. We were a pretty far distance from the bank, but on he came...Until he got to our boat & he started swimming around, trying to find a way in.

The old man grabbed him up & we started heading towards the dock. He tried to climb in my lap as I was running the engine, but Dad got him to go up front & he held him, till we reached the dock.

Pop always keeps some dog food in his truck, for situations like this & he took him up & fed him. He had a collar on & after Dad fed him, he started trotting off up the road, like he knew where he was going. Pop thinks, somehow, he got on the other side of the lake & couldn't figure out how to get back across, because it looked like he belonged to someone. But who knows. He certainly wasn't afraid of swimming a far distance to get to our boat.

We went back to the lake & caught more fish.

I just got in, & I'm spunt. I smell like fish, wet dog & funk, but I had a great day.

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Pop is suppose to be smoking a turkey today. I still haven't made it out of the house, but I'm working on it.

Stayed up late catching up on some good movies as it rained it's ass off.

I'll head downstairs in a minute to see if I have any water in the basement. Time for a hot shower, that sounds pretty good.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Debate night.

Like I give a shit.

I already know who I am casting my vote for. If you are undecided this late in the game, you probably don't deserve to cast a ballot.

They were tearing down the car wash off of main street earlier today. Hey, it's raining right now. Free car wash.

I just love to hear thunder in October.

I was over visiting the folks today & they sometimes remind me of Abbot & Costello. (if you have no idea who that is, look it up dillhole)

Who's on first has nothing on when those two get started.

Time to party.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Who is toast?

Well, that would be me of course. Just got in from a day of fishing & we had a great time.

The wind blew wicked almost the entire day, until around four in the afternoon. Then, the lake was like glass. I did catch a nice catfish though.

It was dark when we were securing the boat & some guys came up to us & asked if we wanted their fish. They were going to release them. Well hell yes...It's called a fish fry. We took theirs as well.

I smell like a whore house in July......And....Loving it!