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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Happy Birthday Mom.

Today, my Mother turned 74. My sister brought her some wine, but she is on blood thinners as it is & she doesn't drink. But you never know what your parents do when you are not in the room. I don't want to think about that.

We celebrated & I asked her if she felt any older. She said, no, in my mind, I'm still a young girl, but since I had my eyes fixed, I looked in the mirror & can't believe that that is me looking back.

I told her, I know the feeling, but it beats the alternative.

The last ten years or so, my Mom has been through a lot of shit with her health (stuff I don't want to go through) Perhaps it will skip the first born & be passed to the second child instead. Not that I'm wishing anything bad on my sister, but she did say if I get in a bad situation, she will never wipe my ass if I can't.

It has been a busy weekend & I still have to cut my grass & check if it is time to change my oil in the little red beast. Looks like I'm going to be busy tomorrow as well.

No rest for the smart ass first born, as he drinks a cold one & eats party peanuts.

Mom wouldn't tell me what she wanted for her birthday, so I just stuffed some cash in a card. (that sang, let's get it started in here) She can party pretty hard with that...

I don't want to think about that.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Iron Mountain Cemetery.

Went down early this morning with Pop & we cleaned up the cemetery & placed flags & flowers on graves.

Grandma & Aunt Pat showed up & I told Grandma to say cheeseburger. Mooning for the camera.

We were able to get everything done & made it back before the storms hit. I was drinking a cold one at the parents house when it started to sprinkle. I took off, trying to beat the rain (because I had all my implements of destruction) in the back of the truck. I would have made it, except I got behind one after another dumb asses, who were either buzzed (I know at least two were) or simply stupid. So...I got poured on before I made the garage. Didn't hurt anything though, actually cleaned them off which wasn't a bad thing.

One of the best things my grandpa taught me, when I was a young kid & working with him building houses, was always carry a roll of toilet paper behind the seat of your truck. I saw he had it there, & would ask him why he had it. He looked at me & said, one day I'll tell you. Well... after a few weeks, we were on a job site at a lake. No bathrooms in site & I had it hit me. I had to go. I asked him where I could go & he said, grab the paper from behind the seat & head for that tree. When I came back, he smiled & said, now do you understand why I have that in the truck?

This is me taking a picture of them, as I was coming from behind a tree with my own roll I had stashed behind the seat.

Friday, May 26, 2017

I would rather...

be down on that river instead of heading into crackhead land, but alas, I did go in.

I got boned for it as well. Uncle Buck called off. Now, I have enough seniority if I wanted to divvy up the area for call coverage. I could take the cherry floors if I really wanted to, but I took an extra one (because, contrary to popular belief...I'm really not a dick) Well, not when I want to be anyway.

I also got a little project that I shouldn't have been handed, but what the hell. Tenth day in a row I'm pretty much like...whatever.

I'm going to be a grass cutting fool this weekend. Shooting for doing the cemetery on Saturday. Monday, my Mom turns 74, so one day, I'll have to do my yard. Pop's mower is in the shop, or was the last time I talked to him, so I might be doing grass every day for awhile. We'll see.

Something I noticed yesterday. Just in case you don't think the Liberal media is trying to shove their agenda down your throat, let me tell you this. I started clicking to hide certain feeds on my phone, from Google news service. You have the option to tell them to hide stories from any particular source & they are suppose to make sure you don't have them. Because, everything they feed you, is left wing slant. Yet, when I do away with CNN & the Washington Post (to name a few) They dump more stories on there from these sources. I just continue to delete them as I scroll down. The easiest way to avoid bullshit, is to simply not read any of it.

You don't think the Country is tired of Liberal media? Well....Montana just elected Greg Gianforte, who flipped out & threw a Liberal reporter to the ground. I have heard audio, but have not seen any actual video of the incident. So I don't know how obnoxious the reporter was, or if he was actually "body slammed".  I can say that no way can I support doing that to anyone (unless they were trying to harm you) but I'm probably not alone in saying that I would love to see Don Lemon or Anderson Cooper get their clock cleaned on National television.

Time for a cold one;~)

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Bleeding Hearts.

My heart has been heavy for years. There is so much crap that one sees & deals with on a daily basis, it's hard not to be effected in some way.

Crazy people are everywhere. Common sense has been thrown out the window with the bathwater & the baby. I can't fathom why anyone would believe anything that the mainstream news is trying to spew out. They are simply liars...Period.

Those of us who work for a living, every single day, face issues that they have no concept of. They could care less & the working folks are sick to death of doing what is right, so they can support those who don't give a shit about anything, except taking from those who work.

Liberals are screaming about Russia this & Russia that...Give me a break you fucking losers. We voted Trump into office to change the fucked up way our Country was heading. We are tired of the Liberal agenda. You don't get it, because you are whack jobs.

You are so fucked up, that even people from your own party voted against your candidate. Now why was that?  I know...It was the Russians...

You screamed for Comey to get fired when he was investigating your sacred cow, but when the sitting President did it (because, lets face it, the guy is a whack job)  you scream foul... It was the Russians.

You want to understand what a man like me thinks & feels in these days of insane Liberals? I have just acquired a new respect for Ted Cruz.

I tip my hat to Texas for electing this man to office.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Just another day at the land of the crackheads.

Danny retired last week, but they haven't peeled off his name from his mail slot. I noticed that someone had put this in his box & I sent it to him.

The reply: Yeah, I'll get right on that. Lol.

I was up on a ladder, taking out a bad ballast & I was cutting & rewiring the nest that the contractors had installed. The ladies were sitting behind a desk watching me when my dispatcher called me. She mumbled something that reminded me of the old cartoon Go Go Gophers. I didn't stop what I was doing, but kept on working & keyed up my radio & said...Clear.

This one gal asked in the hell did you understand anything she just said? I still kept on installing the new ballast & told her...I didn't. She laughed & asked me, well how are you going to know what you need to go address? I then looked at her & said, well...I'm going to have to go all the way down to my shop & log on to the computer & look up the request, then go to wherever it is & fix whatever is broken. She said, well that seems like such a waste of time, not to mention that it causes you to spend useless amounts of steps.

I smiled & said, welcome to my world.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

It pours...

Update on my friend, whose brother was killed Sunday night in a car crash. His brother was leaving the hospital after visiting his Dad when he was killed. His father passed away early Monday morning from Cancer.

I haven't talked with him, but I'm sure he will be out for awhile.

This was under my wiper blades as I left work last night. It says a lot about their pathetic group, when they target complete strangers in this way. I only wish I could have been able to confront whoever it was. I probably should say something like, I'll pray for you, but if I caught them placing it there, I probably would have kicked them in the knee cap & as they went to the ground, I would have said, God says hello.

You may say it isn't Christian to do that, but I'm a firm believer that God would want warriors to defend his existence. You want to peddle that crap, keep away from me. I put my faith in the belief that I was created by a divine supreme being, not just an accident of nature that evolved from apes. (although I have met individuals that by behavior & intellect would make a strong case for that)

I don't have to explain or defend my beliefs at all & I don't have to associate with those who disagree. Shake the dust off your feet & move on. You have the right to castrate yourself & drink cyanide & try to catch that comet if you like. I threw this in the trash, where it belongs.

Hey, I'm not perfect, but I'm constantly working on it.

Monday, May 22, 2017

When it rains...

This sucker got a little hot.

Last night, one of the guys I work with, was at the hospital visiting his father. (we are the same age) I didn't get to talk with him, because as soon as I clocked on, I went off to shag some calls.

But later, one of my fellow workers told me his father was there & was in a bad way. I didn't go to find them, because I'm one who believes that if people who are in the hospital want some company, they will let you know it. I think, that no matter how well intentioned it might be, people need their family time without others stopping by to express their concern.

I got busy & then later, as my friend was leaving, he stopped by the shop, but I was out on a call. He then told some of the other guys that as he was up with his father, his brother was involved in a head on collision & was killed.

Some lady turned out right in front of his brother & he had a kid in the back seat. I'm not sure what the complete story is, being relayed to me by a third person, but I'm assuming the juvenile was probably this guys kid. In a split second, he decided to swerve, thinking that a head on would kill the child in the backseat. It was a bad crash & on the way to the hospital, my friend's brother suffered a heart attack & died.

In a split second, life as we know it can change.

My prayers go out to the family. No one can understand why things happen when they do at times. All we can do is deal with them the best way we can.