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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Doing whats right....

Well, at least the bees are enjoying the flowers at the house as much as I am.

They had a gal retire yesterday, over 40 years fighting the good fight. People who have never been raised with that work ethic (and there are plenty around) will never understand why folks like us (oh yeah, I'm including myself in this bundle) put up with the crap that we do.

It's basically because it is the right thing. Either you get it, or no amount of explanation will ever cause you to have an Epiphany. Others take advantage of us, because they just rely on us doing the right thing. Most of the time, we never get any recognition for being the person every one can rely on.

I was at Caseys yesterday, filling up the truck & heading into crackhead land. There was this old guy who had a cane & was standing there as the other younger guys ignored him & were too busy wanting to get their shit & go. I was standing behind these guys as they took no notice of him & when the second cashier finished with the person she was dealing with, I would have been the next person. I motioned to him to take my place & go in front of me. He told me, I have all day, you have to go to work....

I told him, please, go ahead, I'm in no hurry. She waited on him as I stood there (and he was checking lottery tickets & getting some more) After a bit, he walked off & I stepped up to pay for my gas.

The cashier said, I really think what you did was nice, letting him go in front of you. I didn't think anyone was paying attention to us talking. She said, most of the time, people are rude in here & they would have made him wait his turn. I told her, well, I try to do the right thing most of the time, as long as I'm paying attention I usually do. She said, well it is nice to see that there are some people who still are decent. And she told me to have a nice day. I smiled & told her, I already have.

Doing what is right, as opposed to what is self serving, is something I try to do everyday, but it was nice to have someone acknowledge it. Then I went into work & threw the door mat cover on.

You win some, you lose some.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Ever wish...

That you were a kid again, so you could just have fun & not have to worry about taking care of crap everyday?

This whole weekend turned into me taking care of problems. Got the tires rotated this morning & the tire shop had a make over. New floor & waiting area revamped. Then I got the grass cut & the weeds trimmed.

I addressed a few other issues Saturday & Sunday, which would have helped tremendously if I could have gotten a little forewarned knowledge (which could have easily have happened) But, I took care of them anyway.

I think I'm gonna have this on my headstone inscribed: "We think he is here, but he is probably actually off working somewhere." Hey, I'm not bitching, it is what it is. I learned a long time ago to take my life one day at a time, because just when you think you know someone or a situation...You get blindsided by reality.

The parents found out today, that someone they knew from school, got struck & killed by lightening along with his dog Saturday.

Just try to see that coming.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Rest in Peace.

In this age of literally, crap music, we have lost a man who I'll miss.

While this current world of idiots are praising, well lets face it, garbage music...Ralph Stanley just hasn't come up on TMZ. But the Stanley brothers....well, if you don't know them, all I can say is I might feel sorry for you.

Bluegrass is probably my favorite form of musical expression. I listen to all kinds, depending on what mood happens to strike me, but my soul is touched by the homespun tunes of bluegrass.

It takes me back to a different America. One in which I feel comfortable. When people had no confusion on which bathroom they needed to use. Hell, if you haven't ever had to use the outhouse, you will have no reference points to understand what of I speak.

There is a reason that Missouri grandfathered people who were born before 1968, from having to have a gun safety course. That is because we grew up with firearms & from birth, knew how to properly shoot & handle a weapon. Bluegrass tunes & hunting is weaved in our soul.

Think as you will, but I'll never go hungry & I'll never forget the good times of hog slaughtering in the fall, while the bluegrass was playing.

I'm slowly becoming a dying breed.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

This world...

Has really changed & I'm just going to say it...I don't like it.

So I have decided that those who I feel are bat shit crazy...I'm just going to make sure they are as far away from me as Jenny Craig is to Michael Moore.

Because, lets face it. These idiots aren't doing me any favors. They don't come over & cut my grass or pay my mortgage. All they are good at, is pissing me off. I'll never be persuaded that the idiotic beliefs they have, are something I feel the need to dive head first into. Actually, when they start spewing the crap out of thier pie holes...I want to ask them if their parents had any children that lived.

Watch me reinvent my life by excluding assholes who do nothing to add to the quality of my existence. Those fuckers are history.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I hate the media.

Lets be serious, if anyone of these piece of shit losers would have tried to mount the cow Clinton, you would see the coverage 24-7 for weeks. But try to kill Trump, they become a flash & then gone.

Of course, you would never see these types of characters attempt that on her or old pasty Bernie, because they are promising the idiots a money tree.

DiMassimo here, was all I'm a thug, but afterwards...more like, I'm a puss. I never intended to hurt anyone. Of course the communist news network (CNN) spun him to be a poor misunderstood individual (a Bernie supporter) I was just going to grab the microphone my ass.

Now we have Sandford. An illegal from Great Britain. Already I am seeing stories about how misunderstood he was, having to live in his car & all. His parents were separated since he was four & he has Aspergers and OCD.

Sure, lets make him out to be just a misguided youth. A piece of shit in my book.

Even on my phone, I am bombarded with anti-Trump propaganda just pouring in my news feeds. Do these folks really think I am swallowing all the garbage they are trying to stuff down the American peoples throats?

DiMassimo, who was calling himself Marlon an amateur actor student A.K.A. a leach living off of his parents money. He has been shone dragging the American flag around in videos & is nothing but a piece of shit. As for Sandford, pretty much the same. The old parents were shelling out money for his lazy ass as well. I guess they are like a lot of young folks today. Too lazy to work & have idiots for parents who keep enabling them by not being responsible people & showing them the importance of earning a living, instead of letting them think others will simply give them shit for free.

Here is  DiMassimo. Personally, I think he should be kicked out of the country. That, or have his teeth knocked out with a baseball bat. Try doing that to my flag around me & find out.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer is here.

It is starting to bloom flowers around my house, but a friend of mine is having a dispute with his neighbors over him not cutting his grass enough.

I tried to tell him that he might be in the wrong, since the city issued him a written warning. There is an explanation he tried to give me, but it all boils down to this: If he doesn't adhere to their ordinances (this is the second one he has got) It is going to get into his pocket.

Even if your neighbor is a total asshole (I have had them) it will never come out in your favor, if you just ignore what the code enforcement folks say. He was telling me about how the city is not cutting their areas & I agreed with him...But I have had that happen & I just go ahead & cut their areas when I do mine. Life is too short to not realize what battles are worth fighting & which ones will only cause you grief.

My header is screwing up on the template on here. Like crumbs on a breakfast Jethro Tull would say....

Monday, June 20, 2016

Not too bad.

I didn't get to eat any barbecue yesterday, but I didn't get any fecal matter dumped on me either. Fair trade & one I'll take.

When I got home, my daughter had left me a card in my mailbox & a whole bunch of fishing tackle! One can never have enough of that for sure.

I missed going to a family reunion on Saturday, but I had to work & with a shop full of guys, most wanted off on this weekend. I guess I could have pulled rank & took off, but sometimes it's just better to be the decent dude. I could try to explain it to you, but if you're self centered, you'll never get it anyway. Sometimes even I don't understand why I'm wired the way I am. I've had more than a few people tell me that I'm just too good of a dude & that people tend to take advantage of me.

Well, there might be some truth to that statement, but I figure it this way: There is a whole lot of situations & people who tend to drain the goodness from my soul. So, I constantly have to do things that allow me to fill it back up. That's about how much I want to share on what I tend to do, verses what others want me to do.

My sister said this is my song:

I like it, but I'm the only dog in my house. I like that as well.