Monday, September 22, 2014

Welcome to Fall

Today is the first day of it & the last one I have off, so that means, I have a busy ass day planned. Guess I'll cut grass & hope it will be the last time I need to do that.

I'm hoping it is a nice one & I'll hang me out some wash as well. I also have a few other domestic chores I have been back burning.

I don't know about any of you, but this year has flown by for me. I'm guessing that is the turning point when you finally realize that you may have more sand in the bottom of the glass than at the top. When the days seem to disappear & you wonder just where the hell did they go.

I also need to figure out how to accomplish a magic trick, that I may comment on later. No sense in talking about something that I might not be able to pull off.

The wheels are always turning. I just have to keep the hamster from taking a break.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Who likes the Hulk?

My grandson, that's who.

He turns 9 next Saturday, but the kids threw him a party today, because some of us are suppose to be working next weekend. Man, I remember when I was 9 & I was into the world of Marvel then as well (but I was really into the Fantastic Four)

Spent some time visiting with them & then hit the parents house for chili & was able to watch the Rams blow their football game. When I got there, they were winning & the fourth quarter had just started...Then it went into the crapper pretty fast.

My son-in-law gave me one of those e-cigarettes to give to my Dad to try. I mean, he has only been smoking since he was 9. He will be 69 in November, you do the math. He tried it, after we charged it up & he was all happy, like having a new toy.

I told him, if he wound up putting it in his cigarette pack, he would do something stupid, like pull it out & light the end of it. He looked at me & said, yeah, I believe you are right. There are a few good things about him doing this, but I'm not gonna hold my breath that he will simply give them up, but, one never knows.

Walked through my yard when I hit the shack, to see how bad the grass needs cut (looks like I will tackle that one tomorrow) & while I didn't realize it, I had been bitten by mosquitoes, behind both knees & on the arm. I never am bothered with those damn things, so I guess that means I'll be coming down with West Nile next.

HULK smash!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Wasting away

The old man & I got out on the river this morning & while we didn't catch that many, we did manage to consume some donuts & get sun burned & have a good time.

Fishing with him, is like playing Pac Man..Nuff said.

Hey, when no one drowns, it is a good outing.

We made it back to the Ponderosa & started drinking some cold ones & then...that was when I realized I had gotten a lot of sun. I never get much sleep anyway, but the night before I go fishing, I'm in the REM of catching the huge lunker & I'm more tired when I roll out when the alarm says get up dillhole.

I didn't stay at their house long, because I knew I would wind up becoming a lawn ornament if I stayed. I got in the house & said to myself...Self, lets take just a little nap.

Yeah, I just woke up a little while ago.

Perhaps some cold ones now, will do the trick. I love playing George Fishbeck at times...Lets find out.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Body clock.

Being off has screwed mine all up. I feel like I'm in that old TV flick, Where Have All The People Gone?

This place is like a heroin den for me. I have way too many books to read as it is, yet I still wind up going back to touch the hot stove.

I need to stock up on some bait later today & get some vittles, because the old man wants to take the boat out Saturday, one last time before the weather goes in the toilet.

I'm going to crawl back under my nice warm electric blanket & try to go back to sleep, which should be interesting, since I just ate a couple of mini 100,000 bars.

Think I'll brush the teeth first.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Just left.

The folks house & I have to say, having some time off to visit with them has been nice.

Tomorrow is never promised & one thing I have learned in my years walking the planet. No one loves you like your parents. That might not be the case for everyone, but I ain't you.

One day, they will be gone, & I won't have a anyone who will give a shit about what is going on in my life. I have invested in many a person, only to find that they can I put this....Not worth the wasted time I allowed them.

I'm still waiting for that special someone who will love me forever.

Well actually, I gave up on that shit years ago. Now, I just live it one day at a time & try my best to enjoy every day. Keep your baggage & stupid drama to yourself. I'm not interested in raising someone elses children, or saving the world. NMFJ as my friend would say.

You give what you get is simply a stupid saying, because I have given quite a lot...& received squat. Now, I just have learned to avoid anything, or anyone, who will cause me grief.

Works for this old catfish....

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Got to slide away..

For a couple of hours & just relax. Didn't catch anything, but that wasn't the point today.

I just love the disclaimer: Not for human consumption. Has this society gotten that stupid, that we have to put this on a tub of earthworms?

Time to disconnect a little with the real world.


Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Had a flashback.

Was out yesterday & saw this bus & thought back. (a military transport, not a prison bus)

I have been through some shit in my time on this big blue marble & I haven't any misconceptions, I'm gonna have more, before I take the old dirt nap.

So, I never try to take anything serious. Oh, I have encountered some serious shit, but I try to find the humor in it (even if others will never get it) That's OK with me, because I have found that those who say they love you & those who actually will.....Well, it is a gap that you could never just jump across.

I wonder if Lennon belted out a verse of Happiness is a Warm Gun the day he was shot. I doubt it, but that would be something I would do. I never get tired of hearing folks who come through the E.R. with various items inserted in their anal cavity...say...I was taking a shower & slipped & fell....

I will always tell the nurse who is giving me the flu shot, to please give it to me in the ass (of course they won't) & yeah, they find a way to jab me a little bit harder. So what. Lighten up Francis.

The world does not need more dickheads. It needs more humor.