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Sunday, January 22, 2017


Well Green Bay got their ass spanked (which upset my sister) & pretty boy Tom showed the Steelers what assholes they can really be.

Speaking of assholes, Saturday, I would up getting into it with some fucktard down the street. I have no idea where he lives, but he showed up in front of my house, honking his horn, like I was his bitch.

Long story short, the neighborhood kids & others from different streets, like to play around my house. That, I don't care about. But when I'm gone at work & come home to find that they took rocks & pelted my garage doors, or toss bricks up on the roof of my garage...Well, then it goes to a different level. I caught a couple of them, coming in my yard with a big ass piece of metal. They thought I wasn't home & when I confronted them, they dropped the iron but couldn't give me an explanation as to why they were in my yard & what they intended to do. Found out they lived blocks over, so I told them to go home & the next time I catch them in my yard, we would be getting the police involved. Those two have stayed away. That was when I started locking the gates.

Now, I have a few others, who act like Eddie Haskell, but as I was leaving Saturday, one of them, took my gate lock. Of course, no one admitted to being the one who did it, but they didn't have any problem blaming kids who weren't there. I told one to go ask his brother if he had it (because I caught him trying to take it once) so they disappeared. I was waiting for them to bring it back or at least that kids father to show up, when this guy did. I thought he was this kids dad, so I went in front to talk to him.

He started calling me a MF as soon as I got to the gate & jumped out & said he was going to beat my ass. I told him, that ain't going to happen. My keys were in my truck in the back of the house & my front gate was locked, so I thought about vaulting over the fence, but that would have gave him the opportunity to clock me in a vulnerable position. I asked this idiot who he was (which he refused to answer) so I asked him where did he live. He motioned down the street. I suggested he go there & take his kids with him. He jumped back in his truck & left, but this little prick made a threat to cause me bodily harm, so I'm not sure it isn't over yet.

I'll tell you this much. I'm getting real tired of having to deal with garbage people.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Jerry Rice

So, Black folks got nothing better to bitch about, other than the Great Rice, wearing the taste mask.

Give me a break.

Lets see, they are complaining that it promotes stereotypes. Really? How about, it is just a parody & he is selling Popeyes chicken. Are you saying Black folks don't eat chicken? because I know that is a lie. Now, if he had on the taste mask & there was a vagina where the chicken is.... I could understand, because I know lots of Black guys who won't eat that. Me...I'm a chicken & cooter eating mother.... In case you aren't aware, the spokesperson normally is a Black woman saying honey you'll love my chicken. Again, if she was saying honey you'll love my hair pie, I could understand. I know lots of Black folks & I have yet, to meet one who hates chicken. But I'm sure they exist, remember Iran's president saying there wasn't any gay people in Iran?

I'm getting pretty fed up with thin skinned people. I don't care what color you are. I don't personally like how they always make the White guy look stupid in commercials, but you don't see me getting all batshit crazy. When I see that type of commercial (and I don't think it is funny) I simply won't buy the product. One reason why I'll never buy Charter internet or phone or tv services. The Black couple are all cozy in their nice house watching football, while the dumb ass White guy falls off the roof.

So, lets see how many Black folks quit eating Popeyes. I haven't had it in probably fifteen years, but I'm going to stop at Butler Hill (the closest one to me) & ask for a taste mask...And a vagina.

Thursday, January 19, 2017


The lack of it, causes not only frustration (which someone new, finally encountered last night) It also causes lots of wasted time & man power.

I have reserved myself in learning how to deal with people & situations where, a simple heads up, would have avoided lots of wasted effort.

You have to go into every situation, asking questions, because odds are...Someone has already addressed it or knows something about it. If you don't bother & start looking into how to solve the particular problem without wondering if someone else knows something about it...You will eventually say to yourself...Well, that is a few hours I'll never get back.

The reasons people don't bother to adequately communicate? They are varied from simple apathy, to vindictive hostility. It's also hard to have intelligent dialog with the radically stupid by the way.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Shut down.

270 Southbound was shut down due to a fatal accident from very early yesterday morning & was still backed up when I went past on the way to work.

There, but the Grace of God moment.

I just finished reading about some dillhole from California, who tried to set himself on fire in front of Trump Towers, to protest him being sworn in. This moron couldn't even accomplish a simple task. Perhaps he didn't have enough money to buy an adequate amount of gasoline. Or perhaps he just proved that excrement will not burn.

Speaking of fecal matter, Maxine Waters wants to impeach Trump, even before he has the opportunity to be sworn in. She has done nothing but spew vitriol about the man. Now, she is currently representing Californians (wonder if Mr. Torch is from her district) I'm pretty sure she can afford enough accelerants to complete what immolation man set out to do. But they would never be able to get the stench to abate.

Lets be real. The guy set some shit on fire in the middle of the street. Not himself. He just wants his 15 minutes of fame. I hope they charge his ass with perhaps committing a terrorist act. That would be funny as hell, plus Obama will be gone, so he can't receive a get out of jail free card.

As for Waters...As long as she stays in California, that is certainly fine with me. They must be so engrossed in smoking pot, to remotely realize, the people they elect are just making them look like the land of the loon. Chris Matthews.......Don't even get me started;~)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I do enjoy...

My drive into work. I listen to all kinds of different stations, depending on my mood & the weather conditions are not a big deal. In other words, I'm pretty much a content kind of guy.

But I was almost creamed ten different times yesterday. From the assholes who were simply not paying attention, to the nimrods who are just bad drivers.

Then, when I clocked on, I had to endure the torture of individuals who only God knows, why they were hired to perform their allotted function. Because literacy & speaking articulately must not be a prerequisite for employment these days. Lets not even go into the concept of actually having knowledge of the subject you were hired for in the first place.

It seems to me (and this is just my opinion) that quite a lot of folks, simply take absolutely no pride in anything they do these days. And since that is becoming the norm, those above them, just lower the bar to accommodate the ever growing majority. Teachers are always bitching that they want more money, yet, the end product of their labor, continues to baffle this man's mind. I daily, have to deal with people, who can't spell, can't think, or cannot read.

Their interaction in the chain of communication to reach me, impedes the performance of my craft. In other words, they make my job frustrating & cause the customer to suffer, due to their I don't give a shit attitude. turn... just rubs me like a rock in my shoe.

I have all kinds of simple ideas to change this situation, yet, no one really gives a Hillary whether it is done efficiently & professionally. I have banged my head against a wall so much, I look like Flathead from Dick Tracy. Well....I'm done with it. Stick a fork in me.;~)

Monday, January 16, 2017

Dodged a bullet.

Well the ice split & went North, while misty rain came South..So, I rolled my happy ass out of bed & went into work yesterday.

I was pretty busy as well. Then the fog rolled in & I had to drive home in pea soup. I kept waiting for a deer to run right out in front of me, but another bullet dodged.

Today is Martin Luther King Day & while some get off for a holiday, my place of employment doesn't recognize it as such. Even if they did, I'm scheduled to be there anyway. King was killed in 1968, as was Bobby Kennedy, but I was 5 years old then. As the country was busy tearing itself to pieces, I was oblivious as to what was going on.

Oh, to be innocent & just have to eat cookies & milk & then lay your head down on your desk & take a nap. Life certainly gets more complicated as you age.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

More coming in a few hours.

A big ass line of ice is headed my way. I went in to work yesterday & made it home before the third wave moves in.

I offered Thursday, to stay, as long as the entire time I was there, I could stay on the clock. That was shot down, so I clocked out & went home when my shift was over. When I went in yesterday, I found out that everyone there, was allowed to do exactly that.

When I clocked on, they all left (so much for help) But at the end of my shift, no one from thirds were there to run customer service calls. So Uncle Buck, who has been there (on the clock) since Friday, stayed (as he was planning to do anyway) Since no boss decided to call & authorize me to stay...I came home.

If I can make it in today, I will, but if it is icezilla....I'm calling in. I have learned from past experience, if it isn't written, or witnessed...then you be shit out of luck. I guess if they wanted me to be there, they would have made the effort to let me know.

All of my exes had no problems letting me know when they were done for example. Albeit....come to think about it, coming home to an empty house wasn't much warning. Or, coming home & another guy being there, wasn't much of a heads up either... Or....the night before our wedding, catching her with another guy wasn't much of a calendar date as well... Hmmm. Scratch that statement, because that list can go on.

I guess bosses are like women. They will do what they want, & if you want to know what the hell is going on, you will just have to ask Mr. Owl. He was pretty informative on those three licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.