Saturday, April 25, 2015

Patch job

I was going to go a different way into work, but decided not to & they had the highway opened. This is the patch job they were working on.

The Blues lost last night & just didn't play like they did in game four. Come on boys, St. Louis is hungry for that cup.

Someone has been moving huge concrete barriers in our South garage. The damn things weigh a lot & we don't have any vehicles that can push them around. We have no idea who is doing it, but they are keen to find out. Security asked me to go & move one a few weeks ago & I went out there & looked at it & said, that ain't gonna happen. Someone had pushed it over, but there was no paint from a vehicle on it. Trust me, these are the ones you see the highway department using to block roads. They had to have some heavy equipment to bring them in & place them where they wanted them, so whoever is doing it, has a honker of a vehicle.

Last night I was rounding changing lights, when I popped into a men's rest room that I haven't been in in a while. Someone had crapped on the floor & then smeared it around with their hands. It was all over the toilet as well. I slowly backed out & left. I was going to contact housekeeping, but I got a call that some lady had flushed her keys down a toilet.

Yeah, I went to check that one out & they were long gone. I ran a toilet auger to see if I could snag them, but since there was only three small keys on a tiny ring, they went right down the stack. Seeing that this was located on the lower level, it ran right into a main, so odds are, they will not clog up the line.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Just three days.

The highway has been rerouted for repairs & on the way in to the palace, some nimrod decided that they could beat the on coming traffic (who have the right of way) The first two days, I came down the other way, because I knew you had to get off anyway.

Yesterday, I decided to go to the rerouted exit, to see if I could view any progress on the work. Also, because the last two days, when I approached the intersection, people would just pull out in front of me, like this asshole did to someone I'm guessing.

I have lost all of my patience as I grow older, because people have become so stupid & generally retarded that sarcasm is all I can usually drudge up to cast at them. From the crackhead who decided to fill out her checkbook while sitting in front of the gas pump the other day. She knew people were waiting to get in & gas up, but she just sat there for almost ten minutes, before she crawled her fat ass out to start pumping her gas. Yeah, I pulled away & went to another station as she was rolling out her car.

Then, this dillhole who was weaving in & out of the lanes, while he was watching a video on his I-Phone. I was finally able to get around him as I pulled up to the intersection at a red light, I rolled down my window, honked my horn to get his attention & proudly flipped him off, while I descriptively informed him about what I thought of his driving skills.

Today I think I will go another way entirely. Probably see some more morons driving the deathtrap 55.

And the saga continues....

Thursday, April 23, 2015


To the Cardinals & the Blues for winning yesterday. Now that is how a hockey game should be played.

They have been doing highway repair work, so I have had to reroute my jaunt to the palace. I was so sore after using my legs to squat under these shelves the night before, that I feel like I have been beat.

Time for early night & catch up on my sleep I think.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Duh night...

This is some of the fire brick they have removed from old boiler number two.

I was pretty busy with calls, then it looked like I was going to have some skate time...until...I get a call from gal who wanted to borrow a screw driver.

Now, I do not lend out my tools. I bought them, & I make my living with them. You don't go up to a doctor & ask to borrow their stethoscope. So I asked her just what she needed done. She started hee hawing around, so I told her I would just come up & see. She was going to take down a freaking row of heavy duty shelves. I looked at her & asked if she really thought she was going to accomplish the task with just a screwdriver.

I went & got my drill & a hammer & tore them down & put them back up in a different location for her. All the time, she couldn't believe that I was taking the time to do this for her. She told me she knew dayshift wouldn't do it, so she was just going to tackle the job herself. Now, there is some truth in her statement, but believe me, she would have wound up in E.R. attempting to remove them herself. Added to the fact that she had three little grand kids with her at the time.

Yeah, I'm a sucker & I was sore from being on my knees doing this job. But, it's what I do.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Been a busy few days.

Got lots of crap done, but why is it, the more you do, the more that is left to do.

This turkey yesterday didn't give a damn that cars were coming. She just took her good old time crossing the highway.

I checked my TMS from home & saw that the boss dumped a few work orders that were generated Thursday in my work slot. I won't be back till Tuesday, so they will be 6 days old by then. So much for customer service. I was going to redirect them & take the time to write an explanation, then I thought, screw it. Not my job to make sure they get done when I'm not there. Some folks just need enough rope...

Still need to cut grass, which is on the agenda for Monday, but I did get the tires rotated & I changed the oil in little Red. I really need to start scheduling time to go running again. All the brews I have been consuming is starting to take a toll.

I know, get real healthy & your still gonna die.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

I'll drink to that.

Learned last night that they did indeed sell our skilled nursing facility & they have three years to relocate to another building. Then what they do to the current building is yet to be determined.

I have heard that they will make it into a parking lot, but those plans always seem to change.

I have had some stories about working in that particular piece of real estate & it looks like between the relocation, we will still be shagging calls over there.

The worst thing is having to kneel down on the carpet. You never quite know what that liquid is that you wind up feeling. Could be water spilled from them over filling a vase of flowers, or could be where some patient just peed in the floor. And that reminds me of a call I went on with a bud, who isn't employed at the hospital anymore.

We went over to check out an air conditioner that wasn't working. They have heat pumps installed in every room. The guy who went with me asked if he could troubleshoot the problem & fix it, so I was agreeable.

I knew the fuse was blown & it is a common problem in the older units, when someone clicks the indicator buttons from heat to cool & the speed as well, so I brought one with me. He knelt down & low & behold, his knees started getting wet. He asked me what it was, as he reached over & twisted out the fuse holder block. I started giving him the shit & said, oh, it's probably just urine (not watching what he was doing) He didn't shut the unit off, before he pulled the fuse.

He started freaking out & in his haste to get up, he started falling forward, being off balanced & stuck his finger right in the holder. The units are 277.....

It nailed him (due to being grounded & wet) & threw him backward into the bathroom door. He laid on his back as I was laughing my ass off & said, that hurt...But the funny part was as he laid there, his entire backside soaked up more carpet surprise & he got up moaning ewwww!!!!

The nurse popped her head in the room, because she could hear him out in the hall & as he turned around, she saw his ass all wet & asked me if he was OK. I answered, sure, he just wet his pants is all. She left quickly (believing me) & he was not pleased with me.

I turned the unit off & replaced the fuse & got the unit working & told him, rule number one, never kneel down in any of these rooms. Plus, it is a good idea to not stick your finger in a live socket.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nothing like...

Doing your best to have a decent day, when someone brings to your attention that you are an asshole. Especially when you really wasn't trying to be.

I actually caught the painters doing some work, so that statement could be construed as being vocalized by an asshole. If they thought I meant it, or if they gave a shit what I think.

But when it is espoused by someone you would take a bullet for, then it gets you thinking that A: You just might be an asshole, or B: You might want to rethink that bullet taking idea.

Hey, I'm human & I screw up & I also have feelings. Besides, the individual who called me an asshole has certainly enough experience in being one, so, perhaps they should know one when they see it. So.....

I don't mind being an asshole, it is just something that I can add to my resume, in case I want to go into politics.

I'll tell you this much. I have reached the age where I don't really give a dead rats ass what anyone thinks about me. I truly enjoy my company over anyone else, because I agree with myself (most of the time) Interacting with people is an exercise in self restraint for the most part & the patience I had as a younger man has eroded like finding a woman with a heart.