Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Last few days...

I have been feeling like crap. Just all light headed at times & freaking sore in my neck & feet.

I guess I have turned into that person who whines about my aches now, except, I never really listened to those folks, so, I don't listen to myself either. I just continue to head into the land of crack, & deal with problems.

I did get some good sleep last night & that is probably a lot of my problem. Trying to do all kinds of crap & there is never enough time in the day to get it all done anyway.

Pacing ones self sucks, when all I want to do is run as fast as I can. No pain, no gain.

I can get older, but I'm gonna fight that shit all the way down...Now where is this Eskimo broad you want me to kill.... (old joke)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Too nice.

The theme for yesterday. Too nice to have to go in & deal with dumb ass crackheads. Too nice too be stuck, waiting to find out how far they are going to stick it in (because it is revue time) Too nice a guy, to not have anyone interested in me (while I have reached the point of not giving a shit anyway)

A few save the world calls, because on the weekend, they have the dumbest folks out in the facility that walk the planet. You may think I'm kidding, but get admitted on a Saturday & flip a coin. You'll find out quickly, what I'm talking about.

The only saving grace is, I'm not alone. There were others right beside me, while God has dumped one of the nicest July's on record in Missouri. We were doing what we could, to make others happy, while Sammy Hagar was in town. I don't ever want you to say I have no compassion.

I made an old woman laugh, while the gay respiratory therapist was more interested in checking out my ass up on a ladder, than doing his job. I took care of her lighting problem & she made me feel good, because she said, I was the first responsible adult she had encountered in the last two days she had been there.

After the idiots had left her room, she was giving me shit about that guy eying my ass & I told her, she looked sexy while she was sucking on that breathing tube. She told me that I was wasting my time working here, I should run for office, I would make a great politician, since I could lie with such sincerity.

I do love my job.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

I was right.

They had no idea that they let Uncle Buck off & didn't bother to schedule anyone to run his floors. They grabbed Kevin the painter instead. I helped him out, but he did a good job.

Drove by the Hillsboro fair grounds on the way in, the fair has been going on for the last couple of days, tonight is the last night I believe.

Well, it didn't take the new hire (who was an old hire, they let come back) to start up with his old ways of blowing crap off. My first call of the day was one. No big deal, I took care of the nasty sink, but it just goes to show you that not many people change, even when given a chance to.

Heard an interesting story last night, which only proved that the bosses know that there is a moral issue in the shop. Well no kidding. I just do my job & don't let other folks stir in their drama. As old Nick the Greek use to say...I mop the stairs.

I believe I'm ready for another fishing trip though. The weather has been killer.

Friday, July 18, 2014

I retract my earlier...

Statements about the caring youth that they hired at the pisser. After last night, actually experiencing some of them on a Heart floor....In action, & the cow who was in charge...well, lets just say, a hasty evaluation is what I did earlier. When actually faced with the stress of walking in the reality of the world, they crumble like stale cookies.

I won't even go into details, but I will say that if you find yourself admitted to any hospital these days, except absolutely no dumb ass taking care of you. You have the right & should expect, the best care & respect that you are paying for I might add. Don't take any shit off of someone who can't find their ass with a map & a mirror.

I decided to buy me a new computer chair for my birthday. I figured, why not.

Feels good to sit in a nice one, while I contemplate the stupid ass night I encountered last night. I shall file that individuals name in my Rolodex of a brain & it will be a cold day in Hell, before she ever will receive the benefit of my experience or knowledge. Why would you be rude to an individual who is there to make your life easier?

Good question. Too bad more people don't ask that more often. I am getting real tired of dealing with apathetic souls.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Meeting cancelled.

Cancelled? Yeah, after getting us all worked up for whatever, they decided to blow it off till next week.

It was a night of strange calls & since nobody wanted to stay & be in charge, I wound up writing e-mails to the dayshift boss, so he can address them in the morning. A lack of communication has been present there, as long as I can remember, but not from my end. It's called CYA.

I did get a laugh at the dispatchers last night. They made the comment that the dayshift guys were worse than a bunch of women. I told them, how do you know that some of them really ain't? That is the Readers Digest version of that story. I, of course weaved a tapestry of descriptive prose to peak their imagination....

I was called for the first time last night, are you ready....A dirty old man.

I guess there is a first time for everything.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Should have played..

Hookey yesterday. It was so freaking nice & yet, this dedicated moron, went into crackhead land & was busy with stupid people & their drama.

The picture is of a pumpkin, that my Dad bought seeds that were labeled squash. Yeah, he thought he had planted a bunch of them, but he is going to instead, have the Great Pumpkin showing up this year.

Later today, we are suppose to have a team meeting (whatever the hell that means) I'm guessing they will tell us what a great job we have been doing & butter up the poles, because it is review time & I'm also guessing that they are going to try to dump the more work & less pay song and dance. If nothing else, it should be interesting.

One thing I have learned, is just sit there, pretend to give a shit & keep my mouth closed. I have quit trying to save the world (no one cares) If I'm creative, I can stretch it out as long as possible & get paid to sit & listen to lots of hot air being spewed around the room.

Hey, it is July & it is 59 degrees right now in my town. I'm happy for the moment & that is how I have learned to live my life. In the here & now.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Been a busy...

Couple of days. Way too much to do & never enough time to fit it all in. Even my Grandson said, I'm tired & climbed on the couch & was out.

Lots of brew & bar-b-Que... Love my family & I am not ready to go back to the madhouse...

Time for a few more cold ones I believe....