Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Crazy circles.

That is the Bad Company song that keeps going through my head. One day you're up, the next day you're down.

My sister's dog bit me again, this time, it will be the last time, trust me. lacerated my nose, got the corner of my eye & cut the upper lip. Today, the left eye is turning black. (been a long time since that has happened)

Power loses & insane heat has been the topic of the moment at work. Why do people call & tell us that their power is out. We already know this & everyone else as well...Dillhole. I get calls last night like, my blinds won't close. Of course they are the plastic shutters & these people just couldn't figure out that if you are trying to move the rod open & not closed, they just don't seem to work. How do these people breathe without someone telling them how to do so?

I mean, everywhere I look these days, I run into these people who can't pour piss out of a boot. Not just at work, but I'm seeing more & more in my home town as well. Personal hygiene is out the window. People just don't seem to care about anything. They don't want to work, they don't want to bathe, they just want everyone else to do for them. Hey, I know what being poor is. I have been on top & I have been on the bottom. That is a state of flux which changes as circumstances dictate. But, I have always done what was necessary to earn a living. Self respect seems to have simply gone by the wayside.

I saw this gal come totally unglued the other night, because she had to wait for the cook behind the front line, to make her some hot fries. She just went ape shit bonkers over nothing. As she was ranting & being more loud because others were now watching her, I looked at her & said, how about acting like a lady with some manners. She looked at me & started to go off on me, but I told her, you are as old as me & while I cannot adequately comment of the way you were raised, I can tell you that acting like a complete ass in public will not make those fries cook any faster.

She shut up & waited as he tried to get to her as fast as he could. Then she grabbed them & stomped off. I turned to her & said, you're welcome...& please, have a nice day;~)

Friday, July 24, 2015


They are going to hire two room renovation folks & three floor people for our hospital. All for dayshift (figures) I have another friend who told me that there are openings at his hospital in the maintenance department as well.

I understand that no one qualified has applied at all. It's like, no one wants to work these days, or the individuals who show up, are frigging clueless or can't pass a drug test.

I see the caliber of people walking around the facility & I just don't understand why I'm not being paid a gazillion dollars for my services. I have been told that it is my sarcastic ass that has held me back in that category, but lets face it, being a smart ass is not a commodity that is selling in the work force I am attached to at the moment.

If I told them that I was queer & had two sets of sex organs (one male & one female) & that I was actually a minority & bleached my skin & I followed Satan (that should cover the bases) I would be Mr. Untouchable. But alas, I'm just a White guy who comes in every day & does outstanding work with impeccable people skills.

A blase motif in the current freak show.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

No time.

I can't even dictate a memo in my office, without getting calls to go save the world. Superman had his phone booth....I have a crapper.

Lots of apathetic co-workers these days, but I can't bother with what they do or choose not to do. I take care of what I can. I always have & always will, because that is the way I was raised to be.

I have had all kinds of jobs, since I was a little guy. Selling greeting cards door to door to paper routes, cutting lawns, washing cars. These days, the youth just want allowances without doing anything to earn it. I never got one, but I had responsibilities to take care of, or Mr. ass met Mr. belt.

Everyone walks around these days whining about being offended about this or that. Me, I say, grow the hell up & shut the hell up. There was a story the other night where this Black couple were at this restaurant & the waitress was a young gal who couldn't remember the numbers on her tables, so she put Black couple on the ticket. I'm guessing the young waitress was White (she got fired for it by the way) Now...If I was at some eatery & this Black gal had put White couple on my ticket, do you think I would have been offended? Hell no, if it helped her to find my ass & get my order right, I could care less.

Besides, if I was there with a White gal, then we would be a White couple!!!!

The owner was on TV just apologizing profusely. I won't mention the name of the place, but I'll never go there, because the owner is a dumb ass. Then, there was a school who has the name of Midgets as their school mascot. Well...along comes the "Little people" who say they are offended (none of them are attending school there though) & want the name changed. I say, piss off. Start a school & have your mascot named little people if you like.

It's time that more people start standing up to these idiots & tell them, you are offended? Well, I don't give a shit.;~)

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I like it when people are nice.

I was pulling a light fixture out of the ceiling on the 6th floor last night, when this lady very politely asked me if I could look at a lighting problem in her office. Of course I can says I.

Long story short, she heaped so much praise & accolades on me, that I fixed every problem she had & told her to call if she needed anything else. I truly enjoy helping people when they are simply polite & decent to me.

When they come across as a-holes...then they go right to the bottom of the list & believe me, I have played this game long enough, to know how to make sure those folks, never get anything they want.

I'll never forget that when I was married to my first wife & I was in my early twenties, we had moved into a house & it was a Saturday in October. I went over to the gas company to see if I could get someone to come out & turn the gas on, because I had a little baby & it was going to be cold that night. When I got to the office, there was a White guy in his thirties who was bitching out this Black gal behind the counter, because he wanted someone to basically do the same thing for him & the lady calmly kept telling him, I'm sorry sir, but I cannot send anyone out till Monday. He was cussing & finally stormed out of the office.

I approached the counter & she asked me how could she help me. I was very polite & told her that I had heard the conversation that had just transpired & that she probably couldn't help me get my gas turned on, but I would be happy if she would schedule me for a Monday service call. She smiled & said, honey, that guy was an asshole. I would be glad to send someone over today & asked me for the address. We chatted for a bit & I thanked her more than once, then I left.

I was only two minutes away from the house & when I pulled up, there was a service truck already there & the guy was finished & was getting ready to leave.

It pays to be decent to people.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hard hat?

Yeah, wearing one back there won't help if that floor fan hoisted up on a tackle decides to snap & fall.

I was still dealing with air in the lines from the Saturday night water tie in last night. I had multiple calls & got them all done except one. Behavioral Health wanted me to take all the plexiglass down off of two exit doors & the windows next to them....So they could clean behind them.

Yeah, that wasn't going to happen, so I wrote a work order. Wait till my boss sees that one in the morning.

They have been mowing down security personnel like separating the wheat from the chaff recently at the pisser. (except, I'm thinking they may have got it backwards) Hey, not my circus, not my monkeys.

All I can say is this, when I'm gone, they will miss me. Just like everyone else who came & went in my life. They of course continued on with their life, but once you have encountered perfection personified...

Stop laughing.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Started off slow...

Then just came in a rush. Power bumps & floods & people all wanting their problems taken care of first.

Lost an air handler & I'm glad I turned the light on in that section of the equipment room, because they had a sewer pump open & this could have caused some serious hurt.

Had a lady drop her car keys down an elevator shaft & security called for me to go down & get them. When they were informed that the policy (which has been in effect for years) is that they take care of those calls, they freaked out. We use to do that, but the administration decided that security should decide to call the elevator company (and bill the individual for them coming out & going down the shaft) Or they can wait, because we have Otis on site every day & they can come back the next day & retrieve their keys, Or have the fire department respond (again, at the customers expense)

But security decided to call my director. I haven't talked to him about it, because he did show up last night during the pandemonium that happened during the storm. Someone is going to shell out some serious jack for the guy coming out on a Sunday night, & I know they didn't bill the lady who dropped her keys. (oh, after they went through the crap of getting someone to approve Otis coming out, she called & said she would just come back & get them in the morning) After she found out he was coming though, she hung around to get them.

Not one super hero security officer was willing to shag down the shaft, but they were all pissy because we wouldn't. I would have, done it hundreds of times...but after I was told if I do it again, I would get fired, I decided that my job isn't worth losing to some dumb ass who can't hang on to whatever they drop down the pit.

I believe a meeting today is in order.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

You calling me?

They are getting the taco bell tossed up. Won't be long.

I was one busy mother last night & when I left, they were still doing the water tie in. It's amazing how people take you for granted, until they need you to do something for them. Then, they are like your best freaking friend.

Don't get me wrong, I love being in demand. Taking center stage is what it's all about. Uncle Buck has been volunteering for all this overtime (not this catfish) He asked me if I wanted to work a double today, instead of him.....Sorry Captain dumb ass, you just help yourself to my share of the crackheads. There will be plenty for me when I get there.

I went up on the roof last night, between the madhouse & sat on a ledge & marveled at the small crescent of the moon & Venus & thanked God for allowing me to enjoy the beauty of his creation. I made lots of people happy last night, which in turn, made me feel the same. Screw all the negativity prevalent in the world currently. I choose to toss that shit to the side.

Got my lab work back & got fantastic results. Which made me feel good, but you never know when some crackhead texting on a phone, will drive their car right into you & punch your clock. So....Enjoy what time you have my friends.

I have been trying to do the workout thing, but tonight, I'm gonna celebrate & have a few cold ones. My neighbors from hell have been gone on vacation & not having screaming monkeys on acid wake me has been nice the last few days.

Thank you Jesus for the little things.