Saturday, December 20, 2014

The holidays...

Are freaking killing me. The last few weeks, everyone has been plying my ass with food.

Guess I'm going to have to start that Karen Carpenter diet again.

Had an easy call last night, that turned into a bitch. Was going to screw out a diverter on a shower head & it snapped right off. So...I took the whole throttle body off & surprise, they had secured it internally with a cotter key.

After looking all through the plumbing area, I couldn't find a replacement, so it became a work order for the plumber. (hey, he shouldn't have them locked up) He should have that stuff available for me to access it. Hell, he might have to order one. The new stuff isn't put into stock until someone breaks it.

Normally, you screw them out, clean the calcium deposits off & put them back together, but I guess that because it was in adolescent psych, they did the extra internal lock  (would have been nice to have been clued in) It did make sense after I snapped it off.

Wouldn't want one of them swallowing it or inserting it in the old cavity.

I should have just went ahead & wrote it up for him in the first place, but I'm a man.

"I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess."

Friday, December 19, 2014

Day shift..

They get all the perks & all the gifts from the contractors.

But yesterday, one of the bosses on days, gave me this one & said to stash it in my locker & give it out at lunch to the guys on my shift.

This leads me to wonder what is up. The Christmas spirit? Nah, more like, they are going to hose us at a later date, probably after the holiday.

But, we'll take what we can get, while we can. Kind of like how they are luring idiots to go out & buy a big honking ass vehicle, because gas has dropped. Do they not think that it can jump overnight to the rates it was at before?


I know they don't actually throw themselves off a cliff, but I am referring to the old Disney staged movie that made us all think & use the reference in our language.

Hey, it won the academy award for old Walt in 1958. Ah, those were the days. When people just accepted whatever was plopped down in front of them. Kind of like those who voted for Obama.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Daily grind.

Every day, I expect any minute to wind up in a big ass crash. People just don't give a shit when they drive anymore. I should do like Gallagher proposed one time...Just surround my truck with big ass truck tires & let others bounce off of mine like bumper cars.

Showed up at the hospital & they actually had a lot of food left over for us from the party. Well, slap my ex, sometimes nice things do happen.

Got boned on a call at the new coffee bar. Thank you guys just suck. Union pride my ass. I fixed it, but it was nasty....Trust me.

Just because you have a Union worker doing something for you, doesn't mean it will be done right, or better. It does mean that you will pay more for it though. Quality & performance is measured by integrity of character & experience...period.

Saw a floor layer last night & he told me he thought I had retired. I was like, please, someone has to work to support those who don't. I started to reply with, I thought you were dead, but hey, it is getting close to Christmas, so I just told him to have a nice holiday & went along to the help a guy with a call of blood on a ceiling tile.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Acting stupid...

Is completely different from being stupid.

No matter what kind of crap is in store for me, wherever...I try to enjoy the moment (so to speak)

Last night, we wound up having to go retrieve a rented lift from child care, so I was Fire Marshall Bill for awhile.

All work & no play....

Today is out department Christmas party. I could go, if I want to come in early (no clocking in) I mean, the off shifts are a part of the facility, so, you would think they would try to include us in a more friendly time frame....Yeah, that ain't gonna happen.

No big deal, I'm cooking up some pizza to take in for my lunch. (just in case they don't have anything they intend to leave for us) Great minds, always prepare.

Or simply...punt.

Monday, December 15, 2014

There are still....

Nice folks around. Sometimes you just have to be looking & other times, they simply drop into your life.

Spent the last few days looking at new trucks & call me crazy, but I'm not shelling out that kind of dough for a new one. When they start talking 50k it ceases to be a vehicle in my book. I'll keep little red until I find what I want.

If nothing else, I'll get some little rice burner to eat up the highway miles to the palace on Ballas.

Stopped in Wally world today & for a Monday, it was packed. Guess people are putting off those shopping days until the last minute.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


I went over & spent the day with the folks & went ahead & let Mom open her present early, since it is looking like I have to work Christmas day.

Cold brews, happy parents. Hey, life is good.

I tried my best to get my Dad to bury the hatchet & make nice with the ghosts from the past, but sometimes moving a rock is really hard. I have lots of people shit on me in my life & I have learned to forgive & move on. I can't help what others have done, nor do I intend to spend my life, worrying about it. I know that our time here is short, so....I have learned to make peace with the ghosts & love what time I have left.

The way I figure it.You ain't in my life anymore....your loss, not mine.

You can't make people love you, so enjoy what you got. Thank God for every day you get & try your best to do what is right. What more can you ask for.

Another day on Planet earth....I'll take it.

Saturday, December 13, 2014


Today, they were all around me.

The best thing about an animal is this, they don't lie to you. Either they love you, or they don't.

Changed the oil in the truck & did the visit with the parents & stopped off at the sisters. Now...I need to wrap Christmas presents.

Time for some loud tunes & some cold brews.....