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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day one...

On the way into work, I saw these three J.C's lined up behind a van. As I went by, I saw a guy handcuffed, standing there & they were searching the vehicle. I'm guessing, he didn't wind up having a good day.

They had a pretty involved disaster happen while I was gone & while I can't go into details...the hills have eyes, lets just say, I'm glad I was off.

Susan Sarandon.... this little clip is all for you, you poor little left wing nut job.

Monday, July 25, 2016

If I make it that far...

I went & visited with my grandmother, who was admitted to a rehab facility, to make sure she is able to go back home & kick it large.

She fell while attempting to sit on a stool last week, in a book store & while she didn't break anything, she bruised the hell out of her hip on one side.

It looks like they are going to let her go home Wednesday, but until then, these gals have been making sure she can do everything she needs to do, to be able to kiss the skilled nursing adios.

Now, let me tell you something...this lady is sharper than many people I encounter on a daily basis who are lots younger than she is. The body may wear out as we get up there, but if I have her gene...then I will be telling people to suck it for many a more year.

She has lost much of the patience that we are suppose to have, but as she was telling a young lady that while I was there, I thought.... I don't remember her having much patience when I was a kid. When I climbed her cherry tree (that she told me not to) & fell out & knocked the wind out of me.... My sister couldn't wait to snitch me out, & she had no problem, taking a switch to my non-breathing ass....

But, as I hugged her & kissed her, those thoughts of an ass whipping (I probably had coming) were way on the back burner. I couldn't be happier spending my day visiting with her & I wouldn't trade it for all the tea in China.

And if any of my friends go see her before they let her go home, I fully deny any of the stories she may tell you of me as a child. Remember, old folks like to embellish the truth.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Fried chicken.

The old man had this great idea of doing up some chicken that had been soaked in buttermilk over night. So, we did that in the intense heat....

Nothing better than hot chicken wings & cold beer.

Welcome to Missouri in the Summer. Hey, if you don't have sweat running down the crack of your ass, you ain't having a good time. People are on me to take more time off of work, so I can enjoy melting in this heat...Well, this old boy saves up his I can take off most of the month of October... Not too hot, not too cold...

Going to go see my Grandmother tomorrow & see when we can get her out of rehab & back in her home. Keep the prayers coming.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Let the sun....

Shine down on me...

I spent the day cutting grass & chopping down trees & trimming weeds. Then, I climbed under the truck & changed the oil.

Not bad for an old dog in the intense heat. I was going to go & cut the tree, sitting in the old man's back yard, but he said, screw it, lets wait until the weather is cooler. Works for me.

My Grandmother, was at a bookstore the other day & as she was going to sit down on a stool, she missed & crashed in the floor. So, they had to take her to a rehab facility, to make sure she can use her legs, before they let her go back to her apartment. If you can, flip her a prayer, because she is not happy, not being able to go home.

Lets just say, she threw a fit. She didn't break anything, just a bruise, so the prognosis is good. Hey, when you're 90, you have a tendency to want to tell people to piss off. Not my Grandma, but hell, I'm not near that age & I want to do that now. I stopped by that bookstore today & wound up finding twenty dollars worth of books I have been looking for.

No, I didn't fall off a stool, but I thought about reenacting it just to see what they would do. Especially when the owner started to tell me the ending to the series I have been reading. I stopped him & said, give me a break dude.

Everyone is so ready to let the air out of your balloon these days.

Time for another cold one as I wind the heated core down....

Thursday, July 21, 2016


The heat is on & will be for a few more days.

I heard what Ted Cruz did & it only goes to show you what a twat he is. No character at all. Didn't matter that he promised to support whoever the Republican nominee was...He just stood up & showed the nation the definition of a hypocrite.

If I was from Texas, I would be pretty pissed off. He throws out that he is such a Christian, but when the time comes for humility, he has no concept of the word.

Let me clue you in. I, by no means, endorse everything Trump does & quite frankly, I have no idea of what he will or won't do if elected president. But, there is no way, I would ever vote for more of the same Democratic garbage that has been pushing the nation to the brink. Ted Cruz, made me want to slap the shit out of him, every time I saw his weasel looking ass on TV. Last night, he just put the cherry on top of the cake.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Yeah, though I walk through the valley of the retards...

On the way in, I saw these two gals loose a mattress off the back of their truck. No, they didn't have it tied down. They just thought that it would sit there, piled all the way up to the top of the cab, under the rest of the bed & a lot of other crap...As they drove as fast as they could.I crested the hill & saw it sail off. Glad I wasn't like, right behind them.

The rest of the day was like that. I bailed at Manchester, because traffic was backing up & I thought there was an accident. So after I cut across four lanes & made the ramp, I was feeling smug. Until I looked over & saw that it was only some big rig drivers screwing around. As I turned onto Ballas, I looked over at the park, & there was all these young folks walking around in a bundle, looking like Lemmings with their phones out. They were playing Pokemon go. Not little kids, but adult enough that they should be actually working, instead of wandering around like idiots.

Then, as soon as I started work, the lesson of Ebonics commenced. I can't even begin to tell you the amount of retarded things & people I encountered yesterday. Talking Heads just kept going through my head all night.

Time for a cold one.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Can you say freaking hot?

I was slammed with all kinds of calls last night, but when it's around a hundred degrees & I have someone telling me they are cold......

I just whip out my magic wand & do my best Gandalf... & save the day once again.

You know, I have friends who I went to school with, who are throwing their hats into this election cycle. Well, good for them, but as for me...I'm just not into trying to placate every dillhole this side of the moon.

Elections are simply popularity contests if you think about it. Hell, if I wanted to, I could do the same & get elected if I tried hard enough. But within the last year, I realized, that I don't like everybody & really don't care if everybody likes me.

I'm comfortable with my views & if elected, I wouldn't care about trying to do anything for someone who didn't agree with me. So, it wouldn't be fair to say I would represent those folks, who I really thought were douches. I'm honest, & politics are best suited for dreamers (who think they can effect change) or liars (who are only going to do things that benefit their agenda)

I have reached the age where I know that reality trumps (no pun intended) naive individuals. I have waded into that pool of...I can save the world. Trust me...You can't. But, if you have the need to experience the full frontal of dealing with every inbred genetic deficient.... God bless you!

Me, I would rather have the freedom to tell those I don't like to piss off.