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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Lighten up...

I've had lots of people get pissed at me over the stupidest reasons. You're not going to go through life, without making someone think you are Richard Cranium.

Hell, my last wife, who left after ten years of marriage & has since told me she was sorry & wrong, use to call me Richard, when I would piss her off. I don't hate her & I forgave all the crap she made me wade through.

I get mad at people myself....But I don't go to bed all pissed off. Every day, as I Frankenstein my ass into the shower, I ask God to make me a better person & to overlook those who try to make my life complicated.

I'm just passing through like everyone else.

So, if I piss you off, it isn't personal. If it was intentional, you will wake up with me standing over your bed naked in a Jason hockey mask with a baseball bat in my hand getting ready to Mark McGuire your ass. (that is a joke for those who are stupid & have to be clued in)

But I know where you live;~)

Disclaimer: Everything on this blog, is intended to be presented in a humorous fashion. If you don't find it funny, go read someone elses shit.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wake up.

I'm sick of the Liberals & their agenda. When I see the assholes tearing down statues it flashes back to watching the Taliban Blowing up the Buddhas of Bamiyan.

The insane can only push so much, until they get pushed back, because if the left doesn't stop with their shit...You are going to see more people done with their hate & wipe the floor with them.

People who do not want their history erased are not racists. I would like to see the race baiter Al Sharpton stand up & say...Hundreds of thousands of White people died to free the Blacks from slavery...Thank you.

But that will never happen. He wants the reminders of the past to go away, because he thinks that if they are gone, it will change what was. Except that won't happen either.

And as far as the assholes who won't stand when the National Anthem is played... I think you are nothing but pieces of shit. You don't deserve the opportunity to live in the greatest nation on the planet. Kaepernick & now Marshawn Lynch (not to mention Jared Cook as well) You all can kiss my ass. The NFL is something I use to love, but I could care less about it now because it allows these kinds of people to represent it.

Honoring those who fought & died so these assholes can get paid insane amounts of money to play a game & sit on their useless ass...Well, I don't care what you think about my opinion, but I have character & I am proud of my Country & those who died to defend it & my flag.

If you think they are justified by not standing when the Star Spangled banner is played, I have no use for you in my life. You are diametrically against my core beliefs.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


As I passed this on 270, I have no idea what was going on (looks like the cop is having trouble as well) but the idiot in the tan ass smart car who almost crashed into a few of us getting over... I'll keep my eye out for you, dill hole.

I find it curious that when a group of people are burning down a Q.T. they are called "protesters" not rioters & when a group of people show up to protest (but they espouse a different point of view than the media) they are called racists...

You figure it out, I could care less. The left & the media have done nothing but push their vile hate towards our President, ever since he was elected.

Doesn't matter what he does or says, they will twist it to benefit their agenda. He came out & condemned what happened Saturday, but they twisted that as well. Listen...The only thing I laugh about when anyone says it is this... We are all created equal.

That is probably the biggest lie that rolls off anyone's lips when they put it out there. We are not all equal. Not in any standard what so ever. We are all different, not equal. It sounds good & looks great on a document, but simply isn't true. The sooner you realize this, the better off you will be as you go through life. Life isn't fair, no one owes you anything.

Equality: People have been bitching about it for as long as I have been walking this planet & yet, it will never be defined satisfactorily to anyone. When you set a standard for say..employment. This position requires this much education & or this much experience. How many times has someone been hired, because of their race or gender, as opposed to their actual knowledge for the position? I have seen it so many times, I couldn't count it on both hands (or toes as well) It's not right, but someone will get the job & have nowhere near the qualifications to perform it. They will expect someone else who works there, to cover them & train them (hoping they will eventually be able to do what they were hired for)

That's not equal, that's stupid. It's branded by many sobriquets. Affirmative action, diversity inclusion...Label it whatever you want, but taking out the standard for the qualifications, takes away any form of equality. Now, instead of picking the best candidate, based on who will perform the position exemplary (regardless of any religion, race or gender) they simply choose the political flavor of the month.

They wouldn't want to "offend" any particular group who may feel ostracized. That might cause some "protesters" to burn down their business. And if someone questions their decision, well, they must simply be a racist.

The world isn't that complicated. People just want to make it appear so.

In the words of Red Green: Remember, I'm pulling for ya. We're all in this together!

Monday, August 14, 2017


I didn't notice them when I was younger. But I'm pretty sure they have always been around. It seems like here lately, I encounter quite a few on a daily basis.

I feel like the kid in the sixth sense, but instead of seeing dead people, I see dickhead people. I read their shit, I listen to them speak, I watch them in action.

No man is an island...Not these days anyway. You can go to the most remote area & think...Cool, no dickheads... Then out will walk a couple of assholes naked & a camera crew filming Naked & Afraid. (I hope everyone associated with that show, from the participants to the viewers, wind up for eternity...being naked & getting their ass killed by the most painful ways possible)

I mean, come on...The History channel showing Ancient Aliens? That's not history you dickheads!!!

And while I was in school, I didn't think English class would haunt me later in life. But when I hear someone say axe, instead of ask.... I just want to go all John Wick on their ass.

Don't get me started on the dickheads who believe the holocaust never happened or that the Earth is flat....

Sunday, August 13, 2017


Gonna hate.

The best way to avoid getting involved in that kind of shit, is simple. Don't show up to those kinds of events. Both sides came ready to dish it out & I have no sympathy for any of them. Actually, that is the best thing to have happen.

Let them kick the shit out of each other, while decent people go about their business. While these people were trying to beat the hell out of each other...Everyone I know, was either enjoying the weekend or working. You know, being upstanding productive citizens.

There is the issue of free speech...But these days, you can't have any dialog with anyone, they all think their ideas are right & will go out of their way to make sure no one gets the opportunity to express an opposing view. I disagree with lots of folks on pretty much all kinds of things. Those that are sane, engage me & we either agree to disagree or we know the impasse is something we will never negotiate. So we simply avoid that topic in socializing.

We don't whip out an iron bar & try to bash each others brains in.

There are civilized people & then there are rabid animals. If I find myself having one of those who think they will make me think the way they do...I simply tell them to stay away from me & I will do the same. If we have come to the point where the majority of people would rather solve their differences with violence, then get ready....

Because culling shouldn't be included in the American dream.

Just my opinion.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

North Korea

No one at work, really has the time to express their sentiments of concern to me, because I'm too busy taking care of problems, but the freaking media is whipping up a shit storm over that little fat bastard Kim.

This younger generation (appears to me) is made of stronger stuff. I haven't witnessed anyone running around screaming the sky is falling. And folks my age or older, remember living with these signs all over the place & I can still remember having to get under my desk at school as we did a "drill" for a disaster. Or all of us out in the hall, huddled up against the wall in the floor. Not one time did I feel afraid though.

If that little loony is actually stupid enough to escalate it to the point where we retaliate...His world will be like the end of Pac Man...Game over...Period.

We all have disagreements in this Country. Some are petty, while others are serious....But I look at it like family. We can say what we want to our blood. But when someone threatens us? We come together & stand tall.

So be it....

Friday, August 11, 2017

Taylor Swift.

I hope she wins, because it's obvious that dillhole was grabbing her ass. Besides...Dude, you grabbed a fine cheek & your girlfriend doesn't look like a skank.. Life was a cherry.

You were going to get fired anyway, from what I understand (because you are an asshole) You should have let it go. It's obvious you ain't getting jack shit & she added insult to your stupid ass by suing back for a dollar. (which she will frame & look at for years) to remind her of the piece of stupid slime you are.

Ok, if I was standing there beside her, I would of course be thinking, it would be sweet to feel that fine bottom. I'll admit it. But you went & did it. If that was me...I would have said, yeah...guilty as charged. I would have said I was sorry for being stupid & then forever more, I could say I got to touch it.

But you...Not only lost your job, you deny it happened. Then, you think you are going to get 3 million dollars for being a liar. (were your parents brother & sister?) Who would really take a chance on hiring you now?

Perhaps you can spin some records in some backwoods roller rink. Up next....Abba's dancing Queen...All skate.