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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

I find it...

A little troubling that when I get a call to go unclog a woman's toilet, this was on the inside of the stall door.

Now, it's good information of course, but it has a picture of a little dude, not a little girl. It's not an authorized sign (I'm guessing)  & when discovered by the right individual, it will be removed, but someone thought it appropriate to stick it up, because they thought some women were being nasty.

Perhaps I'm taking it wrong & the picture of a guy washing his hands, shows women that they too can be hygienic & emulate what men do. I kind of like that interpretation myself.

As for the call... All I had to do was flush the toilet. So, just like most people....they never read any signs, or simply ignored it. It also says a lot about the idiot who sent in the request as well.

And the beat goes on.....

Sunday, May 20, 2018


Friday night, I went to work & was slammed as soon as I clocked on...Lets just say, I was glad to strip off my shoes when I made it in the house.

I was going to get up early & try to stop by & see some friends before going back in to crackhead land, but slept right through my alarm. I woke up in time to shower & make it to work, but so much for my earlier plans.

I do that. Try to cram as much in a day that I can possibly do, but it always catches up with me. Sometimes the body says...screw you brain, we need some rest. Last night wasn't as bad. I was steady, but not 8 calls at a time like the night before. (Still felt good to kick the shoes off)

I had this young girl who delivers trays to rooms stop me as I was on my way to a call. She asked me if I saw any of the royal wedding. It's obvious that she hasn't a clue as to how much I could give a shit less about that, but I was polite & said no doggoned, I was just too busy & missed it. Then she went into a detailed account as I tried to escape to go unclog a shitter. Probably the only time I would rather be plunging a pooper than listening to the boring details about people who will never interact in my life at all.

But, women, have always loved that kinds of stuff. I'm guessing they just would love to be a princess & be there living that kind of life. But as a man... as she was telling me this (and her eyes were twinkling with the description) I was in my mind... singing... If I was king of the foressssst.

Friday, May 18, 2018

How strange...

The parents got me some yellow roses as a present a few years ago. They did real well that year. Big yellow flowers. Winter came & this Spring....

These are not the flowers I had planted here. Looks like they all are going to be this color this year. I have no idea why but it is kind of cool actually.

I got suckered into fixing a problem last night. No sense in bitching about it, since I plowed right on in. After everything was working like it should have, I was talking to the person in charge & she said, I'm glad to see you up here taking care of it. You should come on back & do this everyday, you know you love it.

I laughed & said, well...I must love it, because I continue to show my happy ass back up.... But I'm a man & you know how stupid we are. Well she said... You do have a point there;~)

Thursday, May 17, 2018

The world is a crazy place.

I encounter WAY too many drama queens throughout my daily planet walk & sometimes it's nice when I run into some decent people with a sense of humor.

I took a call for someone else, who didn't respond when called (for whatever reason) They were saying this sink was flooding a room... Drama queen shit. (it wasn't)

As I went to fix it (a five minute fix by the way) the old couple who were in the room started cutting up with me. They enjoyed my humor & professionalism... The lady was cold, so as she received a heated blanket, she sighed & said out loud...that's better than sex.

This freaked out a couple of young women who were there, but it tickled me pink. As I finished what I needed to do, the lady asked a young gal if she could have a pillow to place under her rear end. She said sure & left. The husband looked at me & said, she already forgot what my wife just asked her & shook his head. I told him, I'll be right back.

I got a pillow & came back & handed it to him. I said, you have the honors, because if she thought the blanket was better than sex, if I slide this under her... They laughed & we made the transition.

They thanked me & said, you are certainly a jack of all trades. Those people made a "trying" night so much better.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's day!

This is the day that you pay tribute to the woman who gave you life. I love my Mother & still, for the life of me, can't understand why after giving me birth...She decided to have yet another child.

I mean, come on...After you have brought forth the status of perfection...Why would you even attempt to top it?

But she had to have a girl & succeeded at it. Of course, it was because of the second child that the first received all the anger directed at the second while growing up. Being the older sibling, I was tasked at trying to corral the younger child of Satan. It took me years to realize that Mom must have had a romantic interlude with the Devil.

Of course I kid...But I did learn (eventually) to never piss Mom off when she was in the kitchen or her closet... Lets face it... Dad's prefer belts...Mothers grab whatever is handy. I learned that hot wheels tracks & high heel shoes are something you never want to put in the hands of a pissed off Mother.

Oh... I never deserved any whippings I received just for the record. They were all spawned because my sister was the favorite. That's my story & I'm sticking to it.

Actually, my Mother was the woman that all kids wanted for their own. I would never trade her for anything. She has always defended me & supported me in all the dumb ass decisions I have made. Which says quite a lot... But then again, she did have a child with the Devil....

Happy Mother's day to all you underappreciated women out there....You gave us life & didn't kill us... I for one am grateful!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Cemetery Time.

Well, me & Pop went down to the family plot & cleaned up the cemetery today. There was much more work this time around than the last time we went. Cutting grass, raking up & discarding leaves, fixing the fence & painting sections.

I had to stop & have a smoke & a cold one. It wasn't that bad early in the morning, but it started getting fairly warm before we were finished. And..since I drove, Dad was able to sleep on the way back & not kill us!

I must have got too much sun, because as soon as I made it home & unloaded, I crawled in a nice cool shower & crashed for a few hours. Been dragging around since. Perhaps a cold Samuel Adams might make me...yeah, it will!

While I was down at Iron Mountain Cemetery, I ran into this lady as we were getting ready to leave, who was there to address her mother's grave. She knew her grandparents were buried next to her Mom, but was floored when I started telling her that Great & 2nd great Grandparents were there as well. She had no clue.

She wants me to call her & enlighten her as to her family line, because she just couldn't soak up all I was telling her... Women...Lol.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Yet again.

I spent the day, running into pissed off people. I thought it might just be me, until I ran into this sweet lady in an elevator who had this totally dejected look on her face. She is always going out of her way to be nice to everyone.

I asked her what was wrong & she proceeded to tell me that sometimes people appreciates the hell out of you, but days like this... I said, so you just want to reach out & take them by the neck & choke the living shit out of them?

She smiled at me & said...Oh honey..Exactly!

So, it wasn't just me.

I won't go into details, but I ran into a person who thought they were going to talk to me like I was a piece of dirt. I set their ass straight quick. They apologized & if I could go into details, you would understand why. Lets just say that there is a certain righteousness in being correct & extreme satisfaction when the other person has an epiphany regarding it.

It certainly helps when the proper verbiage is used. That & probably crazy eyes.

You can do a thankless job exquisitely & people who think they are better than you, will never acknowledge your contributions. Even if you are pulling their ass out of the fire. I simply cannot stand hypocritical elitists. They usually can't find their ass with a map & a mirror.