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Monday, March 27, 2017

First call...

As soon as I clocked on, the calls came right after another. This was waiting for me...

Three hours of  crackheads finding things to keep me busy, then it got real quiet. Just a spatter here & there after that, which was nice.

I was having a nice ride home, when I did what I shouldn't have done. I turned the radio on & instantly I got pissed off. The mainstream news is full of nothing but Liberals who I wouldn't spit on if they were on fire.

A 14 year old gets raped by two illegal aliens who were caught by ICE & were allowed to leave Texas & go to Maryland, where the idiot Liberals (who there are plenty of there) And who will not enforce our federal laws by the way.... allowed these pieces of shit, to gang rape a young girl.

Did you hear anything on the major news outlets? Not a damn thing. The idiot Jack Smith, superintendent of Montgomery County Public Schools, allowed the 17 & 18 year old illegals to be in the same class with a 14 year old. I'm telling you, this man is fucking tired of useless Liberals & their warped view of reality. If that was my daughter, there would be two dead non-English speaking motherfuckers. That, you can believe.

Sanctuary policy? kiss my ass. I want every illegal deported...Period. “We do not conduct background checks on any of our students. There is no provision in the law for that,” said Montgomery County Public Schools spokesperson Gboyinde Onijala. Well, I believe it's time to start cleaning house of people who are in positions of authority who simply disregard the law. Any crime against a child frosts my balls & puts me in a bad disposition to have any sympathy for the offender. None. ESPECIALLY when they shouldn't have been in my country in the first place!!!!!

Time for a cold one to try to shake off this mad-on I got right now.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

The weekends are full of people who don't want to be there, but are low on the totem pole or green as the Irish grass. Of course, there are some of us who are there, to keep the lemmings from walking off cliffs. (we should get much more for this endeavor)

Occasionally, I run into the young & dumb as a bag of bricks, but have such a decent disposition that no matter what stupid thing they do or say....It  is OK, because they make up for it with attitude. The reason I wind up laughing is simply this. I have never considered myself the old man on the mountain, who has all the answers...But these green young folks come to me & ask me questions & I could tell them the most unbelievable answer & they will think it is gospel.

Not that I do that mind you. The ones who are genuinely concerned with wanting the knowledge & are willing to be respectful, get my full cooperation. Those who are simply turds....Well, I have a ball in devising ways to make them understand the meaning of respect.

I was conversing with a plumbing contractor last night who has been saddled with what they are now calling a "pre-apprentice". That means, they can't find anyone with the basic skills to be enrolled in an apprenticeship program. They actually had to hire someone who can't even read a tape measure & this individual I was talking to, it is his job to teach this person fundamentals that they should have been taught in grade school.

He told me (he is a little older than me) It is nothing like when we were growing up. I told him, yeah, I know. They want $15.00 an hour to work at McDonalds, yet without a register, they can't even make change. We were in agreement on the causes of the situation & how to rectify it.

But if you want to know that....

You have to go & get me a left handed pipe bender first.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Uncle Buck liked to shit.

Last night, we were very busy with a nasty little drain problem. We weren't informed about the trouble, until it started leaking down a floor into a room. (there will be some blow back on the late communication. Or at least I hope so)

Meanwhile, as I was augering out a floor drain, they tell us that we have another floor leak in another building. We finished up & cleaned up our mess & as I was taking the auger down to it's storage location, Uncle Buck went to check on the other leak call.

I met him over there & we discovered that they had yet again, made a mistake & there was no leak at all. But he said, go look in that room.

As I stuck my head in, there was this, sitting in a chair. The office was empty & as he turned on the lights & went in, he said he liked to shit in his pants when he walked into the room.

I wonder if he will have some freaky dreams tonight.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

A loud crash...

Around nine yesterday morning.

Appears someone plowed through their fence & kissed the tree. It is a section of that street where I was for sure someone was & probably will, kill someones kid one day.

They fly too fast down the street & you should see the school buses when school is over. The cops were there when I took a look, which makes me wonder if they were by any chance chasing this vehicle. I heard an ambulance after about 30 minutes.

I of course, was already back in bed trying to get just a little more sleep before heading to crackhead land. If that tree wasn't there, it probably would have continued & crashed into the house.

Homie is beat. I walked my ass off last night.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Just another day at the office.

I have yet to see a door shit & then lock, but then again, I'm not sure what the proper way for that to happen is either.

I get some of the dumbest requests & yes, I understand that they are wanting to say it does not shut/lock. But do you know how hard it was for me not to send a response addressing the problem as requested?

I should have sent something like this: I was able to get the door to lock, but even though I spent hours trying everything from rubbing it down with bran to lubing the hinges with apple juice, I could not get it to shit. I even inserted an enema tube in the key slot, but to no avail. I was going to show it a picture of Rosie O'Donnell, to induce a movement, but I was afraid that by doing so, it would never work right again. This might cause a problem if an emergency arises.

Unfortunately, people these days have no sense of humor & to avoid yet again finding myself in H.R.... This was simply passed along to the locksmith by the dayshift supervisor. Probably for the best.

Let him try to get the door to shit.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Well it finally made it & today was freaking awesome. I had to make a road trip & did laundry & hung it out on the line to dry.

I actually broke out the shorts & my legs were like....WTF? is that the sun?

Been over at the folks house. The electric company came by & topped off some trees around their lines & did them a solid. I have no idea why everyone is so cool to my parents. If they only knew the times they beat my ass, they might have a different attitude towards them. Then again, they might ask them why they allowed me to live in the first place.

They have to adore them, knowing they didn't kill my sister for the shit she did. Yeah, that must be it.

Before you go condemning me on my comments, know that I ordered my Mom a Paw Paw tree for Mother's Day. She has been wanting one for awhile. I tried to call & find out why it hasn't been shipped yet, but I missed them during business hours. I still have time for it to get here, but they didn't waste any time sucking the money from my account. They then immediately sent me a survey, asking how my shopping experience was.... Well...I held off filling that out, because, until it has arrived, I'm not happy at all. My "experience" isn't complete you dillholes.

First day of Spring & I didn't die. That calls for a celebration in my book. Pop goes a cold one, while I build up the effort to go fold the pile of clothes on my bed.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ah Sunday...

Was over at the parents house, drinking some cold ones & Pop said his running light was out.

So...Instead of having him turn on the lights & checking first...I pulled the bulb. Which was a freaking pain in the ass. I had to take the battery out, so I could snake my hand in the small ass hole to get to the housing.

Toyota trucks suck, no two ways around it. I pulled the bulb out & looked at it & told him, I couldn't see that it was bad. So I reinstalled it & hooked everything back up & had him turn on the lights & it worked just fine.

I then looked at him & said, so...I didn't know you were doing acid. He of course swore it wasn't working. I'll have to take him for his word, because I took him for his word the first time.

Note to self: Next time.... Check first, because an old man doing acid, will never admit it.