Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Getting closer.

Well, they have been running the electric & piping the portable beast in. In a few weeks, they will start ripping out old number 2 boiler.

Things are going to get real interesting then.

Had a nasty sink in the old Convent last night. Administrators called it in, then left. Had to have security let me in. As I was taking apart the piping, running my cable, I remembered all the old nuns who use to just love to see me over there. Now, long gone.

I was talking to one of the bosses last night & brought up the old doctor's apartments. He looked at me & said, shit, you have been here a long time. I was so glad they bulldozed those buildings down.

I had a call over there one night & the doctor was from a Country I won't mention. His pilot light had went out on his stove. So I propped up the stove lid, to relight it & about ten thousand roaches started scrambling. It was filthy beyond belief. In broken English, he said that he didn't know you could lift the top up to clean.

I made a mental note of what his particular specialty was & lit them off & said, I'll just leave this up, because you might want to clean out all this accumulated crap.

He said, no, you go ahead & clean it for me.

I looked at him & said.....Yeah, that ain't gonna happen. Picked up my tools & left.

On the way out, he started yammering in his language & then said...I get you fired....

I stopped, turned around & said...I'll get you evicted Hadji, your move. He looked at me & said...have nice day.

Nasty fucker.

Monday, January 26, 2015

I don't want...

To go back into work tomorrow, but of course I will.

I spent the last few days helping out the family & chilling off the grid.

Sunday, I had deer chili. If you have never had it, you do not know the best chili that can be made. The tongue will slap the brains out, trying to lap up every last bit.

Today, I just took me a road trip & went down memory lane. Got the tires rotated & stopped off to help my Uncle get situated on the web. Then, visited with my parents.

Helping the family is something I revel in, because when their gone, you will always wish you had spent more time with them. I just hope that people will miss my old ass when I finally take the dirt nap. Odds are though, they will never know what they missed.

Time to crank the tunes & drink me some cold ass brew.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Getting it done.

Yesterday, I worked on the old red truck.

I knew it was having problems, the engine light would come on, then go off at intervals.

Seems that the last time I changed plugs, I used the cheap ones & the plug wire for number two had been pinched & was fried at the top. I couldn't believe the condition of the plugs & I realized, don't go cheap on ignition parts.

Threw a little bit of money & got the old beast running sweet again.

I believe I need to buy me a new one, or get ready to dump some money in this one to maintain her.

As I was underneath, I survived the chassis,  yeah, a new one or time to replace some parts.

Time to ponder the options.

Friday, January 23, 2015

I wasn't on acid.

We had a meeting with my manager last night, & as I sat in my chair, I kept waiting for the shoe to drop. But...he was actually pleasant. I swear, the invasion of the body snatchers was coming true.

After not getting my ass chewed for breathing, the rest of the night was cake. Even with calls such as this one.

I had one after the other, & I really didn't mind. Because when the day starts off with hearing that day shift got dragged over the coals & it wasn't my fault!!

I didn't even mind when James told me a joke. Even though I'll never get that couple of minutes of my life back.

Time to rock & relax.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Sometimes you just want....

To kill a contractor.

A sink that kept backing up, due to the crackhead nurses continually flushing fiber wipe towels down the crapper. But the way this was plumbed (many years ago I might add) made us cut into the wall to find the vent.

Then a hole was drilled to access it & bingo, a little over five feet & out came the wad of towels. That is a plug we stuck in it.

Since the hospital decided to cave & allow the nurses to have these wipes, we pretty much have to lump it & deal with the mental midgets who dispose of them in the drains, instead of the trash cans. Doesn't matter how many memos or signs we put up, they would rather dump a bucket in the magic fountain, instead of pulling them out & pitching in the can.

I could stop the practice, eventually.... but my recommendation of finding the individual & making them hold what I pull out in their hand, wasn't well received from the powers that be.

Trust me, if they had to do it just once, they would never toss another one that way. I feel the same about tampons.

Women are ten times more nasty than guys. You won't see that kind of information on say,

You're welcome.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

State of the Union?

Don't get me started.

I was working, as most people who were taught that to succeed, you must do it yourself. & as I walked into the break room after nine, he was still running down the horseshit off of the teleprompter.

He was a little cocky when he stated he didn't have to worry about running for a public office, seeing that he had already won both of his elections.

Two words folks, lame duck.

You know, the Captain of the Titanic had a pretty damn good career & was on his last voyage, getting ready to celebrate a nice successful retirement. Then, one little ice burg & that is what he is always remembered for.

We have had people crapping in urinals of late at the hospital.

What has the last two statements have to do with the speech from last night? Not a damn thing, but they are more interesting than anything he had to say. & the Iowa Republican response????

Hey, I don't know about you, but this catfish is really tired of politicians period. Not a damn one of them speaks for me, or could really give a urinal turd about what I think or feel.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Do I look tired?

Last night was a free for all, even before I clocked in. They were all sweet....Would you like to clock on early?

Floods, clogged urinals, leaking toilets...a few trips offsite, clogged The night flew by though.

All the bosses jumped out the door & ran like Forrest Gump, as soon as second shift hit the time clock. Uncle Buck was frustrated, but what are you going to do says I? Why, we man up & get the shit done.

It has never been to my benefit to point out to management, the blatant blow off calls & piss poor customer service. Their reply was, it never happens, & by the way, you are now in the dog house for not showing Mercy spirit towards your poor fellow workers on day shift.

Yeah, I quit opening my puss & complaining. It doesn't change a thing & simply paints you as a disgruntled employee. Now, I just do what I can & move on to the next problem. There are good guys & others, that I wouldn't pee on if they were on fire. Such is life in every profession.

I decided to hit White Castle on the way home, since I didn't get a chance to have a lunch. I'll be paying for that decision later on tonight.