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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Gonna rain...

We are suppose to hit Millstadt tomorrow for a benefit barbecue/chili cook off. It looks like it is going to pour all day, but they will do it rain or shine.

Guess I'll wear my slicker, unless Pop decides he doesn't want to walk around in the rain. I'm guessing he will plop under a pavilion & have me gopher his samples. It won't bother me....shit floats.

Mom fried up some of the fish we caught & I guess I'll just have to get use to the fact that while I'm around them...I'm going to be a fat bastard. Friday we did a bonfire & cooked brats & cold beer. 

Then, they get all ticked when I can't eat enough to throw up. Just be thankful we didn't burn the yard down.

I need another cold one;~)

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Just got in the house & man, I'm freaking beat.

It was a day of nice things. Like, I caught the most (of course) & the new deck chair we put on the boat, allowed Pop to not have a back ache or get tired. He actually didn't fall asleep while driving home & therefore...didn't kill me.

The new part I installed on the motor, allowed it to run with no problems. It fired right up & did what I wanted it to. We got some sun, but didn't fry. And I didn't have to get in the lake to get the boat back up on the trailer (which was a trick, because the lake was really low)

No dickheads on jet skis.

I'm going to sleep well tonight.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


I was early... (thinking he would get me in & out) he was late....

When he finally got there & plopped my ass in the chair, he decided to do something different than what he led me to believe he was going to do. He started grinding down my teeth, telling me he wanted to adjust my bite...And that I must be grinding my teeth in my sleep.

He was does that feel....Well, it didn't bother me when we started, so I can't say it is bothering me now... Back in went the tool of destruction... I will say that I had a little chip in one of the front ones. I have no idea how that happened, but he buffed that shit right out.

There is something that I can't explain to you, but having someone put their hands inside of my mouth & roll around like it is a damn bingo bucket....Well, it makes me feel violated.

When he finished, I thought, you owe me a dinner at the very least. But he was all proud of what he had done. I looked in the mirror & said thanks, see you in 6 months for my next cleaning. I couldn't wait to get out & pop me a cold ass brew, to rinse out the taste of old man's fingers in latex.

Gonna go fishing in the morning.

Hopefully, I can filter out the entire world & just chill. Catching some fish would be nice as well.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


What you have & celebrate those you love, because before you know it...there will be more sand in the bottom of the hour glass before you know it.

We went & stopped by to celebrate my Aunt Alice turning 90 today. And trust me, if I even come close, I want to be able to get around like she does. Hell, some people think I'm already dead. I can only wonder who will give a dead rats ass if I make that magic number.

Here is an old picture of her on her horse mayday. Long before I came into the world.

I met a complete stranger tonight, who surmised that I was the family smart-ass. Well, I guess if you are good at something, others should know it. I'm just waiting for the individual who is observant enough to tell me that I'm the handsomest one in the family.

Yeah, I ain't holding my breath.;~)

Monday, October 16, 2017

Time goes bye....

I have been really busy, just doing things that need addressed. A lot of bad news drops on you & you just need to dosen't stop just because you want to get off the merry go round to take a pee.

I say, just whip it out as you fly on that circle & let it sprinkle those who stand & watch you try to stay up on the horse.

I have loved & lost too many times. I'm tired of burying those I love & there just seems to be more people that I want to punch in the face these days. I have finally reached the plateau where hearing someone call me sir is pleasing.

I can't stop the hatred that seems to be prevalent on the planet, yet every day, I do something good for someone (even folks I don't know) Still, I have people who proclaim to know me, call me harsh & hard. A few days ago, they were collecting for a charity in the front of Walmart. The old ladies there, were reluctant to give me a flier for their cause (I'm guessing that my beard gives me that...this guy is a prick look) They needed of all things...diapers.

Well, I got what I needed & purchased a big bag of diapers.

As I left the store, I saw people stop & donate all kinds of different items, but not what they said they were in need of. I walked up to the tent & the lady looked at me like I was perhaps the son of Satan. Then I pulled out this big bag of diapers & laid it on their table.

She smiled & said God bless you sir. Well, no matter what kinds of daily shit I may have to wade into, that made me feel better. Even though, in my mind, I was like...When I had my daughter, we bought cloth diapers & many a time, I was in the toilet, dumping them, hand washing & hanging them out on a clothes line to dry. Saved me a lot of money & was better for the environment.

But what does a harsh old man know anyway.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Thank you ladies...

We just love, spending hours with a cutting head on an augur, chewing up your nasty feminine hygiene products that you so blatantly discard without a care in the world.

It dosen't matter that we install a special feminine napkin disposal box in every stall. Or signs everywhere, asking you nicely to not dispose of them in the toilet.

It must be your loving I want to share my period nature with some poor innocent person. Or, you're simply a dumb ass, bleeding through my time frame & deciding that throwing a human cooter sponge in a body of water is a brilliant way to express your frustration with not having a penis.

Now...I'm not a psychologist. I don't even play one on TV...but it's pretty obvious that your either stupid or vindictive or both.

So, the next time you plop your ass down to take a squirt or dump...How about being a decent individual & toss your plug in the trash, instead of the magic fountain.

I for one, would be most appreciative.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Ever since...

I had my flu shot, all I wanted to do, was come home after work & crawl into a nice soft bed. Friday & Saturday, I was busy with calls. Sunday wasn't too bad, & after playing plumber for most of the night last night... lets just say, you really enjoy a nice hot shower....

Saw this little dude as I was coming inside. Hope he is eating all the damn spiders. They were everywhere this year.

The first call I had last night was a stack clog & it affected two rooms. I got it opened & as I was clocking out, the next shift got the same call. Oh, we know why..... but you just can't fix stupid.

Speaking of stupid, I see that Jerry Jones is changing his attitude about his players taking a knee during the national Anthem. See, he tried to play it both ways & straddle the fence, but people saw right through that. Either you stand or you disrespect the flag. When it starts affecting his bottom line (in other words, making money) it becomes a different scenario dosen't it.

Even old dumb ass who started the whole lets disrespect the flag, is saying, I'll stand from now on if someone will only hire me to play football. So much for his convictions about content of the protests huh? I don't care about the NFL at all these days. We started a fantasy league before all this stupid crap got started, so I play this game that I started, but I don't care if I watch any games or not.

My disgust with them started back when Leonard Little killed a woman, while drinking & driving & had this to say..."The bitch ran a yellow light and hit me, wrecking my $45,000 [expletive] car." He received four years probation and 1,000 hours of community service. A real piece of shit in my book & pretty much sums up how I feel about how the sport has degraded. He was later again pulled over & was under the influence & Little was sentenced to two years' probation on May 6, 2005.

So much for Blacks being "mistreated". And when they kneel, this is what I think of...