Friday, May 22, 2015

Under there....

Is the huge tree I had removed a few years ago. It didn't take long to have honeysuckles growing all over it.

Man, it smells so nice when I get out of the truck when I get home.

The last couple of days have been filled with just crappy plumbing situations at work. Wednesday, we had the hot shut off on a staff sink snap & liked to never found the ball valve to close so we could fix it. Then last night, more of the same with stack clogs & air control problems that dayshift knew about but failed to fix (or clue us in either)

Sprinkle in a contractor who couldn't do what he was hired to do (lets just be kind) & was ready to leave us hanging. It was a pretty important thing to leave for someone else to decide just what should be done. I'm real tired of the bosses not giving a shit & dumping this stuff in our laps. Trust me on this, if things go South, they have no problem just throwing someone under the bus.

If you get paid to be in charge, then for Gods sake...DO YOUR JOB!!! Quit scheduling projects when no one is around to to be accountable.

Anyone else hate it when you introduce yourself to someone in charge & explain a situation & they concur & then thank you by calling you another persons name? So much for paying attention to anything I just informed you about.

Kind of like, thank you for wasting my time.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Catching up.

Sunday I spent over at the folks going through stuff & had a nice home made meal. My sister went to the cemetery (and got lost) but eventually found it.

Monday I spent the day cutting grass & trimming weeds, doing domestic chores like laundry. Then went down & renewed my drivers license which is up in July. (Can't wait to see that picture with grass all over me) Took the old Man over some chili cheese fries from Steak N Shake & drank some cold ones & made plans for going back down to the cemetery & cutting grass & laying flowers (if I can get Saturday off)

Yesterday I went back to the palace & had lots of work just waiting for me to run. (Nothing changed there) On the way home I stopped at Wally World & picked up some gifts for Mom's birthday which is at the end of the month. I have noticed that my life is starting to get slammed with being busy all the time...All work & no play.....

I think the DMV (which calls itself something different now) is just in the business of sticking it in our rears to get as much money as they can out of us. $20.00 to just get a plain Jane license renewed. Plus, now you have to wait to get your plastic card in the mail. They give you a piece of paper to have until it arrives. But since I went in advance, why did they feel the need to punch void through my current one, since it isn't up till July. Stupid shit if you ask me.

While I was at Wally World, I decided to get myself some daily vitamins, because my body is starting to morph into an old one & I know I'm not getting enough of the nutrients I need that are good for me.

Probably will make me shit purple.

On the upside, when I drink, I have a nice bowel movement the next day.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Doing what is right...

Spent the morning, moving out all of my Uncle Franks stuff out of his apartment.

Me, my Dad, my sister & my Aunt Pat.

The day after the funeral, someone broke into his apartment & took a few items that they wanted. Nothing like kicking a family when they are grieving & vulnerable.

Me, I figure all things balance themselves out in the end. Material possessions mean absolutely nothing to me. Because no one can take away memories we weave in our lives. I have given the last of a few things I had at the time, to someone who needed them more than I. Not because I thought they deserved them, but because I always remember the story where the guy was asking Jesus how close he was to achieving paradise. If you are not familiar with the story, then I suggest you pick up the Bible & do some reading.

I'm not concerned anymore with what others think of me or why I do what I do. I do what is right. Pretty simple really.

Old Homie is just about ready for a little nap. But the cold ones are going down nicely;~)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Bout time...

The roses are starting to come alive.

Got some disturbing news before I went into work yesterday, that just reenforced my belief that most people I wouldn't piss on if they were on fire.

Lets just say, when my family is messed with, woe to the individual who does it. I get old school real fast. Sometimes even medieval.

The older I get, the more I have no regrets doing things that years ago I would never contemplate, because others depended on me to pony up & ride tall. But when you start getting more sand in the bottom of the glass than the start to reevaluate life from a different perspective.

Younger persons make rash & impetuous decisions. At my age, I am cold & calculating when it comes to dealing with situations. And I'm real good at it.

So, I will investigate more about this certain incident in the next few days & decide just what I need to do to achieve satisfaction.

There's another old saying, Senator: Don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Not a bad day back...

They had Mercy appreciation day yesterday, well, they are doing it all week & they gave us Kendricks on the plaza. Free food is always a good thing.

Plus, they had a sympathy card in my mail slot, signed by the guys, for my Uncles passing. And I thought they were all a bunch of dicks.

The calls were not bad either, everyone I went on, people were especially nice to me for some reason. The only thing that sucked was I sat down at a metal desk to do my paperwork & banged my left knee on a sharp edge. As I went to grab it, I banged my right knee on another one.

I even had this gal stop me as I was pushing around my light cart & tell me she was glad to see that I cut my long hair off. She said I look much younger & to keep it that way. I laughed & said, I have had people say that, but I have others tell me I look older with it short & also mean.

Now this lady is from India & she said screw them, they are stupid & the way she said it, made me laugh even harder, because that has been the strongest words I have ever heard her say.

They have been tearing out the boiler house & this is the old base of the stack from old number two.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The best thing about a funeral...

Is when it's over.

It was a freaking long ass day to say the least, but it was wonderful to see family that I haven't seen since I was a kid. Such is life sometimes. We all get tied up in that thing called the rat race, that we lose touch with those that we share so much in common with. Mainly, family.

Of course, overdosing on too much Joey is something you probably need to avoid as well. When I piss someone off on facebook, they can log off & do something relaxing, like watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

My cousin Scott, was telling me he only checks his facebook on his phone, when he is on the crapper. I looked at my Dad & said, remind me to never borrow his phone.

My Uncle had hand picked some buddies he knew from when he was a kid to be his pallbearers. I have done this more than a few times for family (mostly my last wives relations) I guess most folks think that they need someone who isn't too emotionally attached to the deceased to carry them to their final resting place, but to me, I would rather have someone who loved me, holding on to the casket. I mean, you are the last persons to lay them to rest.

And I truly believe God thinks that is what should happen as well. I don't want someone who could care less to haul my dead old ass to the rollers. And to prove my point, some of his pallbearers got lost on the way to the cemetery. We waited & called them on the phone (when we could get reception & no, I didn't use Scotts) & we waited. Finally, some of my Uncle's friends were on one side & me & my cousins were on the other. Just as the service ended, the original friends, rolled up.

Don't tell me God doesn't intervene in our daily lives.

Funeral today...

I am not looking forward to later today, but I'm a man, so I'll do what we as men do....Deal with it.

They had this shit set up last night at the palace...To remove asbestos that is in the ceiling. I mean, it's just where we have been doing paperwork for ever. No worries. I have been around that shit for ever & if I come down with asbestosis they will just drag the court fight out until I die anyway.

It's the Mercy way don't you know.

Last night was one plumbing call after another. Fecal matter spewing up to make my day so enjoyable. One young nurse asked me, how can you do that? I was gagging just walking into the room. I wanted to tell her...your shit is my bread & butter, but instead I told her, could be worse...Could be raining.

Of course, she didn't get the reference. She just looked at me like I had three heads.

It's gonna be a long day my friends.