Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Frustrating night.

From the minute I clocked on (and they dumped a work order that was 8 days old) all night went like that.

I had to relamp two x-ray rooms that were blown off & should have gotten the a-hole wrote up...but that wasn't the worse. I didn't mind doing it, but then I find out, we didn't even have enough bulbs to finish it. I scrounged the campus & located some. Calls, that should have taken me no time, turned into long drawn out ordeals.

I had a drinking fountain, that one of my fellow workers (I found out who later) cut a Styrofoam cup & wedged under the filter, to catch a leak, instead of trying to fix it. When I first got there, I couldn't see any leak from these two fountains, but saw water seeping out from the cove base. I thought, great, I have a pipe leaking in the wall. So I laid down & opened a wall hatch & looked inside...Nothing, all dry. So I laid on my back under this fountain & looked up into it & saw something wedged under the filter. I reached up & pulled it out....

That was when I realized it was full of cold water & it all ran right down my sleeve in my jacket. I had to take them both apart, because the filter is for both. The filter is located in one, while the shut off & compressor is in the other. Got them apart & couldn't just take the filter out. I had to turn it to maneuver it from behind the water lines & yes, it ran cold water again, all down my sleeve. I spent 45 minutes looking for a replacement, only to discover we didn't have one. So I had to put them back together & place an out of order sign, until they get a new one. (ten bucks says I'll have to be the one installing it as well)

Also had this nasty clogged drain that has been seeping water for a few days. Of course, it too was blown off by another a-hole maintenance man. It was hard to get to, so they decided to just walk away from it. I ran the auger down the drain & opened it up.

Had a toilet in E.R. that wasn't working....saw that a dayshifter had installed the wrong diaphragm in it & just left it that way. Replaced it with the right one. Then...Right as the new boss was skipping out at 10:00 P.M., I saw a work order that he had just flipped in my box. I stopped him & said, it came in an hour & a half before I clocked on, why didn't the dayshift go do this? (or, why are you giving it to me this late as well)

He started giving me a story & I told him, the place where this item is located is locked up & no one is there to give it to me, or to tell me where to install it. He was like, so, you don't want to do it? Dude, I can't do it, give it to the floor man who has that area on days, so they can go there when someone is actually there & get this computer tray & then, they can show them where to install it.

I just kept thinking about Airplane...

I picked a bad time to quit sniffing glue.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Getting shit done.

I changed the oil in the truck today, after I forgot to do it Friday. I had two nice days & picked a cold one to crawl under the truck.

Been listening to all kinds of crap about the Super Bowl yesterday. Some folks were offended by the half time show. Well, I guess if I could have understood anything they were trying to sing, perhaps I would have been pissed. I didn't think that was the kind of show to put on, when little kids were watching. I mean, Beyonce just looked like a nasty ho & Coldplay is what you put on if you want to slit your wrists.

Then, I hear whiners say, Cam was told to throw the game, because he is so good...blah, blah, blah. Reality check. Cam sucked, that is why he lost. He also showed the whole world what a douche he can be as well.

I got no dog in that fight. My team screwed us & left town. So, I didn't care who won. But I can tell you that if Denver would have lost, Manning would have acted like a gentleman, as opposed to a little puss.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Way to go Denver.

We grilled some meat, Mom made some chicken Boule. My sister who was feeling bad & stayed home, sent over some hot chicken wings & a pie. Lots of chips & dip & cold beer. The kids stopped off & I got to hang a bit with the grandson.

Plus...I got to see Cam Newton have that smug ass smile wiped off his face.

I don't want to take anything away from his ability, but he isn't so much a superman when his front line can't protect him. I'm guessing lots of folks lost money betting on this game. I loved old Terry Crouppen's ad that ran as well.....

And, you can add the last couple of days awesome weather for February. Tomorrow, Missouri dives back to Winter.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Good to see you..

Yesterday was my Daughters 31st birthday & while I can't believe that she is that old, the reality is, I am that older.

My sister called & couldn't get her vehicle to start, so I stopped by as I was doing a million other things & it started right up. Seems she went through the car wash, & her fuse box is in the engine block. She had the cover loose, so water got in it & started doing wacky things, like turning on her fog lights. I pulled the fuse for them & told her to use a blow dryer today, when the sun was out, to dry the box out & we will see what it does then.

Gonna do the Super Bowl at the parents house Sunday, so I need to road trip to get everything we need. I already took some stuff over there, but we always wind up missing something, so I'm gonna try to cover all the bases this year.

I'm just glad it isn't snowing.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Rain condom

Busy night, getting calls for the craziest things. We had a ceiling leak that was coming from ground seepage & I had to pull the ceiling tiles out & move a light fixture & erect the rain condom.

I had to go fix some heat pumps at Skilled Nursing & the attitude those gals are getting, makes me just want to blow them off. They are moving out of that building in the beginning of May. So, they are real pissy these days (like I had anything to do with that)

Security managed to lock themselves out of their main E.R. substation. Not their fault actually, the lock just decided to give up the ghost. I have no idea how long they were trying to get in the room, they bent an I.V. rod, trying to lift the door up.... They finally came & asked me to help & I took the handle off & opened the door for them. The locksmith showed up & installed new tumblers in about a minute & when I was called back down to remove an elephant turd from room 16, he told me he was at his girlfriends in Washington, when they called him to come in.

Hey, I know it sucks, but you had to come & change out the lock anyway, they couldn't leave that room unsecured. I also ran into the door guy, who told me he spent at least four hours fixing the door they broke from triage. Hey, I can't fire these folks, so what can you do? Just go ahead & fix what they break.

Worked on some x-ray view boxes, the doctor's parking gate (that sucked, because it was pretty cold outside by then) stuck tubes in the tube system, various lights that were out...& other fun filled calls.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

I couldn't believe it.

We had our meeting yesterday & some items got addressed, not that it will make any difference, they will wind up going back to doing them again. That is the way things have always occurred up here. Do what you want, until you are told not to.

Was really busy knocking out calls & Uncle Buck was over at skilled nursing when the call came in that the garbage disposal in the pot room wasn't working. I told him I would go check it out & this is what I walked in on.

I went straight into the nutritional office & rousted the guy in charge & told him, if he remotely thought I was going to try to turn that on, or stick my hands in that, he was sadly mistaken. Oh, I have done it before, but this is ridiculous. This sink had food from the early shift, so this crap has been piled in here for almost 16 hours, before he called us. Yeah, it wasn't pleasant smelling either.

See, the boss up there, wanted us to wait until he finished his paperwork & split, & then we could have shown up to this, and no one around. I told him, you bail that out, I'll fix it. We knew there was all kinds of plastic stuffed in the drain, which it was. I left (to go smoke a cig) & said, call me when it is cleaned out. Uncle Buck stayed up there & then called me. I was going to go get the quarter 20 auger, but he had a small cable & just went ahead & pulled all the nasty ass shit out, after I told him how to swing the drain up to get to it.

The guy who is suppose to be in charge, started telling me his problems with the employees up there & I just stopped him cold. Don't whine to me, you are the boss, deal with it. Here is a clue, don't hire anyone who can't speak English. We have this language barrier all over up there. Me, I am an American & if you are here, you better figure out how to communicate with me in my language...Or, you are shit out of luck.

Besides, stupid is international. If it isn't working, you get someone to fix it. You don't just dump everything in the sink & beat feet.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A little rain...

And the choppers were flying in one right after another yesterday. People were driving like idiots, because I almost got clipped three times on the way in, from folks plunking away on phones & not paying attention.

We have a meeting later today, I understand the dayshift was told that everyone was going to adhere to their original schedule. But, I did see one of the painters clocking out early. I don't see the harm in allowing some of the guys to change their start & stop times, as long as there is coverage in certain areas.

We have to always have a stationary engineer & floor men for each shift. Everyone else, can pad the time as needed. Carpenters, HVAC, painters, air controls, B-29, renovations, small parts, plumbers etc...They can all work the curve.

The biggest problem up here is that they say everyone is treated the same, yet certain folks get to do what they want, while others have to adhere. I don't care to get involved in that petty drama, but I'm not going to get dumped with someone else's work, simply because they can. Pretty simple to me...Do your job.