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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Call me busy...

The last few days, I have been balls to the wall. I changed the oil in the truck, did my own taxes (and saved me some money).  I use to allow myself the luxury of having a certified accountant do them, because I don't really splurge on myself for much. But my tax lady retired & I said, screw it. Instead of forking out $121.00, I did them myself this year.

Hell, the money I saved can go towards some cases of cold ones.

The picture is from left to right, my Aunt Patty, Pop, My Grandmother & Mom. I was over at the parents house today (we had fried catfish) & they stopped by to visit. Yeah, I could have been doing a dozen different things today, but I'm glad I was there instead. When your family is gone, you will always regret not spending enough time with them.

I also have to say, that even though I'm older, I have held up pretty well for the mileage. There is a reason I say this, but suffice to say, some friends of mine have not fared well as the sand has run to the bottom of the glass.

I'm still a sexy bitch.

My blog, my bullshit;~)

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Underwriters laboratories...

They should simply move their field testing to my place of employment, because if it can last any reasonable amount of time there....Then it is worthy of the label.

No kidding. Last night, I was busy & I also saw things that I simply cannot believe people do & still maintain employment. This pic is a door that isn't cheap & it took quite a lot of force to do this damage.

I also had one that was in another department, that the abuse to it could only have occurred by deliberate specificity. In other words, some asshole went out of their way to break it on purpose.

The location of the door, made it impossible for any other conclusion. It also was witnessed by others, without a doubt, which would (if I was in charge) cause me to seek out the individuals involved & terminate their position.

Hey, perhaps they will follow up my suggestion to investigate the matter......

Shit, you have a better chance of finding Jimmy Hoffa first;~)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Just like frogger...

That is what I feel like, when I drive into work. So many people are texting away on their damn phones, that I have to dodge them continuously, all the way to my destination.

Even when I get to the parking garage. They are backing out & looking at their phone, not where they are going. You just want to drag them out of their vehicle & pound their face.

I'll be on 270, just cruising along doing the speed limit, & someone will blow by me with their head looking down into their phone. I truly marvel that I don't see more people killed actually.

I see people walk into doors, walls, you name it, while engrossed in some stupid video on their phone. That, I kind of enjoy. But it pisses me off when they bash into my truck (which has happened) as it was parked, because they were buried in their phone & not watching where they were going.

If you do this, you are without a doubt, a prick & I have no sympathy for anything bad that may happen to you as you tool around in a vehicle that can easily kill someone.

I hope there is a special place in Hell for assholes who do this.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Day.

Since my last divorce, this day is just another that doesn't get into my pocket.

Eating some frozen Reese's peanut butter cups & drinking a nice cold brew. Oh, I remember some of the expensive shit I have purchased for women over the years. lets see, how did that work out for me....They got nice stuff & I paid for it.

Last night at work, I had a fellow employee (a woman) show me a box of chocolates & said, look what I got! I smiled & said, good for you, but the voice in my head was saying...Just what you need to increase that fat ass you drag around.

Hey, I really hope everyone has a decent day & you get all the sex & whatever other crap that trips your trigger. As for me.... I'll just savor the option of not having to be in a relationship knowing that eventually I'll have to give her everything I own.

Monday, February 13, 2017

R.I.P. Mrs. Kennedy

My cousins Grandmother (on her Father's side) passed away a few days ago. She lived to be 100 years old.

I never had too many interactions with the woman, but when we would go over to visit my Mom's sister, I would occasionally see her & she was always nice to me.

What I remember most was, they had a spider monkey named Jo-Jo. This was in the late sixties or early seventies & I have no idea where they got him or the circumstances around that. They use to keep him chained outside by a big doghouse that he used to sleep in. Now, if you are familiar with these nasty little bastards, the one thing they smart.

My Mom would stop at her house & make me run & see if my Aunt was there, before she would drive up the long ass dirt road to her house. If you got anywhere near Jo-Jo, he would fling shit at you, or stand on top of his house & piss on you. So, I just stayed clear of him. Did I say he was smart?

He would always make you think he was chained up, but he knew how to get free & did so one day, when I ran up to the house to see if my Aunt was there. Now, I was always nice to this little fucker. If I had candy, I would give him some, but that didn't matter. He jumped me as I was on the porch.

He started going through my pants pockets to see if I had any candy & when he saw I didn't, he started biting me. As I went to smash his ass, he would swing around to my other leg. This little shit was tearing my ass up. When my Mom saw what was going on, she bolted out of the car & came to help. When he saw that he was going to get the living shit kicked out of him, he bolted to the top of his doghouse & tried to piss on me as well.

I heard that eventually, he got loose one day & ran out into the road & a car ran his ass over. I won't lie, when I was told that, I smiled. I could just see him standing there trying to piss on this car & BAM.....

Saturday, February 11, 2017

R.I.P. Don.

On the way into work yesterday, I saw this dude & thought about Don Craig. Don worked with me years ago as a dispatcher & a courier & we use to go to this little bar called the Hive. We called it the Dive.

Don was the same age as my Mom & he told me he had a son in Florida that was the same age as me. Don was big into riding & owning motorcycles. He had a spill on old 67 highway (which was a two lane where he ate pavement) After that, he sold his bikes & bought a t-bucket.

Don was one of the nicest guys you would ever meet, Give you his last dime kind of guy. He left & moved on & got married again. The next time I saw him was up at the hospital. He was having stints put in his heart (he had bad problems there) The doctors told him they could not put any more in him, he was done. But...he made it through there & moved to St. Gen.

I ran into a friend who told me he was back up in the hospital a few days ago. Heart problems again. I went by his room, but since I have been holding on to a section of the flu, I didn't want to pop in & expose him. Didn't matter...They had him all morphine up & he was on the downward slide. He passed away the other day.

One time, we all were at the bar after work & was sitting upstairs. The waitress who knew all of us, brought us extremely chilled mugs. She started pouring from a pitcher in his glass & I looked at him & said, dude, there is a hole in your glass. (because I saw a little bit of beer around his mug) he said, naw, she just spilled a bit.

He reached for it & his glass split right in two. A perfect slice right down the middle & both half's fell over...The beer stood there for a second....then spilled all over the place. I have never seen that happen before or since. We all laughed & got him a new mug.

I'm toasting you now my old friend.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Bye Reign.

My sister had to put her Great Dane to sleep. This was the last picture I took of her in January.

One of the reasons I quit having pets, is because you outlive them.Why people keep putting themselves through all that sorrow is beyond me. I have reached a point in my life where, if I can't kill it & eat isn't worth my trouble.

She says that she is done & will not have any more, but she said that before. I wouldn't take that bet on a dare.

She has had every pet under the sun just about & the stories I could tell you about them.... Like the time she threw a sack of snakes in my dad's lap when he was sitting in his recliner... I thought he was going to shit a brick gold.

Or the time her iguana got loose in the house. Not a little lizard, this was like a Kimono dragon. The bastards tail can break your arm if you get too close. Or when the cat came through the ceiling (I got that one second hand, not being there to see it) to get to another cat....

Yeah, she needs to stick to fish for awhile.