Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wind sock...

Time. We dropped it yesterday & greased it up & replaced all the burned out lights & reattached the sock. It was only being held on by two tie wraps.

The boss took us through the down for rehab 474 I.C.U. & asked us to point out what needed to be addressed. We gave him quite a lot of suggestions. He said they will be passed on & hopefully they will take out recommendations to heart. I'm not holding my breath, but this is the first time that has ever happened, so, if nothing else, it was nice of him to do it. Plus, he was able to see what will cause problems later on down the road, from our perspective.

Spent the rest of the night, climbing in ceilings to reset & retrieve stuck tubes from the system. I enjoy being able to know where they are located & actually being able to get up in there as well. Getting a work out is just a plus as far as I'm concerned. A bonus if you will.

Drinking a cold one & doing laundry & getting ready to fix my "temp" shower downstairs, while I get ready to rip the upstairs bathroom out. Not enough time in a day to do everything one really needs to. I'm learning that one day at a time, is all one can be happy for.

Still waiting for that special someone to drop into my life as well.

Like I said before, I'm not holding my breath on that either.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

It's nice....

To know that folks at the pisser appreciate the work I do, (that would be the different departments out in the hospital, not the one I work for)

I had a department manager talk to me last night, telling me he held off on some projects, because he knew I would be in last night. He also told me that he was glad that a couple of guys at work on days, would be getting off of floors, because they were rude, stupid & or lazy.

I looked at him & said, yeah, they get promoted & get raises, because they were inept at performing their jobs. He said, I know it sucks, but they get passed along & are no longer my problem & I'm glad. My day shift boss felt the same way. (of course, they would deny saying that, because it would cost them their position) Yet, I do my job well & what do I get?

Why, more work of course.

It's a sorry ass comment on the values that I grew up believing in. Doing a good job is suppose to allow you to advance up the corporate ladder, not cement you in a position because others can't or won't do it.

Interesting times I live in? How about, fucking carrying the losers who couldn't carry my tool pouch times more like it. This country is in some serious ass shit if you ask me.

But don't worry, I'll continue to carry my share & then some. One day, God will take my ass home & all this mess down here will be on someone else.

No one will miss me, till they need me. Story of my life honey.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lunar eclipse.

Last night was busy, but nothing to lay me on the floor. I did run into someone I would so love to comment on, but HIPAA laws keep me from doing so.

I'm home now, watching the eclipse & it is pretty cool, but it is damn cold outside. 32 here in Desoto. Crazy ass weather, lots of flowers are going to bite the dust tonight.

You ever have God try to tell you something, but you were too stupid to understand just what it was he is trying to hammer into your skull? Well, I think he is trying to get me to realize something, that, I'm pretty sure of... But, for the life of me, I'm not clear on what direction I'm suppose to go with it.

I'm just letting him guide me, because if I just say, OK, this is the right way, I'm gonna screw it up so bad.... that I'm sure of as well. If there's one thing I'm really good at, that would be messing up.

Too bad I can't get a paycheck for that. I would have been retired years ago.

Monday, April 14, 2014

The way I like it.

A nice quiet Sunday.

Oh, even though the day shifters told me nothing was pending, I still had some calls that they didn't do & had to smooth over the upset nurses who called multiple times & never had anyone show up. I can't explain why someone didn't do something, all I can do is tell them, I'm here, lets fix the problem.

We were expecting some nasty weather, but it petered out before it got to the facility. We did get some rain & had a window leaking call, but nothing else concerning the down pour.

The Blues boned me in fantasy hockey & I caught a little bit of the Masters. I knew that young kid was going to choke, but he did make a nice shot out of the sand trap on that one hole. I predict he will eventually be wearing a green jacket in the future.

They say we might get some snow by the morning (crazy weather) But to me, this is nice sleeping conditions. A cold one or two & I'm curling up in a nice toasty bed.

God has been very good to me & while it might seem like the end of days is coming soon, I'm just enjoying every day he gives me.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Not bad.

Last night was pretty nice. Great dispatcher, not too many stupid ass calls, yet it flew by pretty quickly.

E.R. was busy as hell, which means they were too preoccupied to be a pain in my ass. I did have a clogged sink down there, but it went easy, then no more from them the rest of the evening.

I like it when I can bang shit out & make people happy & have the night go by smoothly. I'll probably pay for it later today when I roll back in.

Cold brew time & Mr. domestic chores.

Hey, life is rather nice, even if someone isn't sitting on your face.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Always suck when I work them. Why, you may ask? Because the day shift knows they have two days off & bails & bones me on stuff.

last night, I was handed a work order that was over two months old & came in on days then. I did express my dissatisfaction over it, but I did go look into the problem. Seems they have been trying to get this problem rectified for over two years.

Yeah, it wasn't a simple installation (which the boss claimed) or already completed, which he suggested as well. It is going to require some major re-hab to give them what they wanted. Of course the boss bailed before I could explain it to him (seeing that he didn't bother to go up & look into the project at all) A Friday, he isn't on call & is off, so happy trails Joe old boy.

I was wondering why he didn't bother to pull the individual who first received the project & decided to blow it off. As I was asking him, before I was on the clock, he started getting a little perturbed & was basically berating me on the quality of just doing the job, when I pointed out that customer service is supposed to be our goal, & waiting over two months wasn't the definition of a well done job.

I believe he received the message, yet, I still have a feeling that I might get pulled into a conference come Monday. They would never take the chance of reaming me on a Friday & me taking a weekend off & them having to pay someone overtime to cover. They'll just wait till Monday & ask me to bend over a desk.

I'm hoping they just let it drop, but one thing for sure, nothing ever changes in that department. The guys on the receiving end will always be upset about getting the shaft & not even getting kissed, while those who don't get asked to the dance, get to enjoy the weekend off.

I think I need to find me a sexy doctor who will fall madly in love with me. Yeah, I haven't even had a beer or anything to remotely blame that stupid statement on.

Perhaps when I'm altered, that will look better than it does now.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Glad to be home....

Because, while I love my job, I'm really starting to get tired of dealing with nasty dumb ass people.

A major clog in tower A of the doctor's building was just one of the nasty calls I was in on last night. We had to drill the clean out cap, so I could get the auger down it. Guess what caused four toilets & two sinks & a urinal to spew all over the floor...A damn tampon.

Why are women so nasty?

We provide all kinds of alternative disposal areas, yet they still just plop that shit right in the toilet & like a magic fountain...Then they leave the area, to let others enjoy their misery of bleeding & not dying.

It has gotten so bad, that the hospital has decided to remove all tampon disposals to try to cut down on it. Of course, that won't work, but they won't be stealing everything that was in the machines any more. They use to charge a quarter for them, then reduced it to a dime & finally, they just left them open, because the she-rillas would actually pry the machines open to get them....Come on, a plug for the damn & you won't flip out a lousy dime?

The administrators actually believed if we left them open, that they would just take one for their need...Nope. They opened the suitcase of a purse they had & took them all. We couldn't keep them stocked for an hour.

I'm so glad God made me a man.