Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Trying something new.

Avoiding the world is so freaking cool. Decided to pick up some of this & the old man actually liked it. Kind of tastes like a cherry coke, except it's beer. Not something I will ever pick up again though.

Just for the record, I'm starting to think I was switched at birth in the hospital. Either that, or my Mom has one hell of a secret.

My father has some of the strangest idealistic concepts that simply blow my mind. I just get to the point where my head is ready to explode when he starts in with his world view.

Time to shrug that off & simply enjoy the rest of my evening without any annoyance or confrontation. Time to crank the tunes & pop a few cold ones & tune out the rest of the complicated ate up world.

Monday, August 31, 2015

One of those days...

I felt trodden upon the day I had my ass scope & came home & decided to lay down & had a crew of losers in my yard popping gutter screens on the building next door. Then, the next day, they were back early in the morning in my yard (taking a leak) & I was pissed...Final straw.

I got up, cut grass (to burn off the mad) & wrote an old school chum (who owns the property next door) & told him of my displeasure with not giving me a heads up that his crew needed to be in my yard. Common courtesy.

Well, did he apologize or say he would make sure it wouldn't happen again? Hell no, but he did understand that I was not happy about it.

lo & behold, this morning at 7:30, they were back waking me up, pounding on the front soffet of the building. Of course, he must have told them to stay out of my yard (which they did) but since we were friends on facebook, a simple note of heads up, would have been pretty decent to do, don't you think? I work offshift, so I'm trying to sleep at that time, but if I get a notice, I can take steps to use the front bedroom instead. So, up I got & unfriended his ass from facebook. No friend would do that, so he apparently isn't one.

I went fishing to avoid dealing with those guys & that was a fiasco from the moment I got there. Hung up & popped off two new corks on logs under the surface of the water (I eventually got them back & found a pretty nice one as well) Almost slid into the water, saw the Jefferson County losers.....look, I have been here signs..... Oh, it was one crap situation after the other. I caught some nice fish (more than I did at the lake Saturday) But by one, I was like, screw this.

Went home & did laundry & have it hanging outside drying. Popping a cold one & just want to chill & avoid people.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Country roads...

I like to just sometimes, disappear & get away from everyone. While other times, being in the midst of the insane, is what I crave.

Here lately though, I have found that people in general, just bug the living shit out of me. Small doses of them are Ok, but after fifteen minutes or so, they turn into Charlie Brown's teacher...Whaa, Whaa Whaaa Whaaa.

On a side note, I have been eating the crap out of tomatoes lately. Go figure why, I just seem to all of a sudden been consuming lots of them. Wonder if having that scope up my colon caused it. Hey, that could get me as a guest on Coast to Coast probably.

Stopped by the parents house & Dad had some fried fish waiting for me. He said he went over to Goose Creek & caught them early this morning. I looked at him & said, you are a horrible liar. He went to Walmart early in the morning & picked some up is what he did. But since I got him out in the boat, he is ready to go again, so we are planning another trip. This time, he promises to clean out all the crap he never uses in the boat & just take the essentials.

Yeah, like I believe that.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

What a crazy ass day.

I was so jacked up about fishing, I didn't get any sleep. We left early & had a nice road trip. Stopped for breakfast in Greenville & got on the lake early.

Dad didn't catch one fish. I caught about ten, but they were all little ones. Everyone we talked to, encountered the same...No fish.

The people out on the lakes these days are complete assholes. I was taught, that when you come across someone fishing, you throttle down, until you pass them. Not a single person did that. They blew right on by as fast as they could go & had no etiquette about proper boating. We almost were swamped once & almost had a boat full of people who were going balls to the wall, run smack into us. (We were off to the side, out of the channel, but they were not paying attention & were flying)

The old man kept getting his line hung up here & there & I was giving him shit, when I tossed mine into the trees. I grabbed my line & the end of the pole & snap....there goes a $35.00 gift. I got my cork back though.

Didn't matter that we didn't bring home an lunker, we still had a good time. On the way home we saw an accident on Y highway. (I'm telling you, people these days are completely freaking nuts) When we got in, I visited with a old school chum who had stopped by my parents house as we were pulling in the drive way & then stopped off at my sisters, to hear about her last few days.....

All I can say is, I'm glad to simply be just me.

I'm tired & toast, but as I wind down, I'm having a cold one & gonna take the phone off the hook when I finally pass out.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Hello big lake...

Heading South in the morning with the old man to do some fishing. Which in my book will be a blast.

Of course, I told him tonight, he has no patience, which he argued about. But believe me, I'll catch more fish than him. Bigger ones too.

Because, I am the man with no stress & he is the man who has no patience. I will say this much, he didn't kill me as I was growing up, but not from a lack of trying.

I learned a long time ago the three step philosophy when poking the monkey. Be able to step away quickly when you piss them off. He won't care as long as we catch fish, as to who gets more. He just wants to fry up some fresh ones. I told him, if we do good, I'll buy some oil for his fry daddy & I'll even let him clean & cook the ones I catch.

Hey, it ain't bragging if you are that good. Just ask me, I'll tell you;~)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

I could....

Get use to not working every day.

Did some fishing & while I caught all kinds of fish, they were small & I never hooked into a lunker. Stopped by the parents house & they were burning some brush piles, so we opened a few cold ones & just enjoyed the evening.

It sure beats having a dispatcher calling out my name & giving a call to go & deal with some crackhead, who will only wind up doing the same dumb ass thing a few days after I fix their problem.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my job. I also enjoy getting the news that the polyps they dug out my colon were benign. Why......

I believe I will have me another cold one & drink to that.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I smell...

Like a cat in a whore house, but I'm glad I disappeared today & did some fishing. Caught 20 or more, I lost count.

I had forgotten that there is more to life than rescuing crackheads in distress. I believe I will do more of the same tomorrow, but, forgive me if I don't go with anyone. I just like to be alone & enjoy the peace & quiet.

Me & the old man are planning to do Wappapello on Saturday. That should be a blast. One never knows what to expect from him these days. As long as he is catching fish, we should have fun. If not, he is like a bored kid in a candy store, who can't touch the confections.

Stopped by to see my sister & see if she wanted to drink a few, but no...She wanted to work out.... Screw that shit. Get real healthy & you're still gonna die.

My ass doctor sent me the news that the polyps they removed were all benign. Come see me in 5 years he said. Well, if I'm not dead by then, I guess I can do that.

Right now...I'm popping a cold one. I looked at my on-line work order software, so I can document my time off, & saw that my boss, dropped one in for me. I opened it up & re assigned it to him, with a note saying I won't be back for awhile, please give it to someone else.

Left hand has no idea what the right hand is up to up there.