Friday, August 22, 2014

Didn't happen.

Well, they doled out some reviews for the painters, but left the floor guys in the dark. I'm guessing, I'll get it when I come off of my days off.

I was so ready to split that taco stand, that I must have left my camera in my locker, because I didn't bring it home. Glad I didn't take any pictures of my Johnson, because you never know who may wind up with it. (disclaimer: You do know that I don't do that shit, & this blog page is my way of poking fun at the stupid world I traipse through daily)

That being said, I would love to win a lottery. That way, I could tell you so many things that I cannot on here. Because, to do so, would get me fired (even though it would be the truth)

I would like to just put it out there, that I could care less about the people who feel the need to jump on any bandwagon, simply because it is the flavor of the month. The cold water challenge for example. Big freaking deal. It's cold water....

I ain't gonna write a check to whatever dumb ass banner you may be parading around waving & I have washed my ass with lots of cold water, so if you really want a is one.

Try licking your elbow.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bend over....

That is probably what I will be doing later today, for me thinks, I will be getting my yearly review. I would love to have a performance review actually be based on my performance, but alas, in the times we live...they will always find something to kick me down to the lowest percentage they can dole out.

Don't believe me? Well, lets just say, a certain individual higher on the pecking order than I, is getting theirs today as well & I told this person, I would trade them....

This person told me, I'm not that stupid. I may be getting boned, but yours will be worse (when it comes) It's so nice that this individual could take some pleasure out of my misery.

Doesn't matter really, because God takes care of me. He will only allow so much to be dumped on me, then he cleans the slate.

Woe to my enemies, for God welds a pretty big stick. Of course, the South thought he was on their side as well & look how that turned out.

One day at a time baby.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Looks like...

Summer is coming back. The next few days, it's suppose to be close to the hundred degree mark.

They made some more arrests last night in Ferg, but I haven't heard that anyone has burned down any Q.T.'s. They have been trying to spin this crap that all the violence has been committed by folks who don't live anywhere in the town, & it is true that they have arrested quite a lot of folks who went there just to start shit....

But there are plenty of others that do live there who have been involved in stupid shit. So what are they gonna do if the Grand Jury finds that the officer was simply trying to do his job & wound up defending his self. Are they gonna sacrifice an innocent guy & throw him under the bus, because they might be afraid of what lawbreakers might do? I'm just tossing it out there. I wasn't at the original shooting, so I have no idea how it went down.

Have we reached a point in this country where we simply pander to people because they don't approve with the reality of a situation?

We will see.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


That is what the police have been using & believe me, when you have assholes screaming at you, throwing bottles & Molotov cocktails, bricks or rocks......

If they don't end this crap soon, someone is going to get killed. Or perhaps, lots of folks are going to get killed.

Captain Ron looked ten years older in two days. Last night, they stopped some assholes who came from Texas & California with the intentions of causing a riot. The police stopped folks who came wearing bullet proof vests as well.

Word to be aware of in the coming day?


Monday, August 18, 2014

Just stupid enough.

Well, they didn't even wait till the curfew time, to start the dumb shit last night. I feel sorry for anyone who has to live near that crap. Not my circus, not my monkeys.

It was pretty quiet on the maintenance side at the hospital last night & while I was going to go straight to bed....

Is it just me, or do you get the feeling that we are living in the end of days era. Better get right with God, because I'm not gonna be able to save you a seat without a reservation.
I'm just saying....Don't blow me off on this, because I'm gonna tell you....It's going to get worse. Trust me on this.

Watching Captain Ron in the press conference. Bet he wishes the situation would have went smooth like he thought it would Huh.

By the way, anyone who would bring their children to something like that, is a sad social commentary on the moral values of that parent. I'll say it again, for the hearing impaired...Most people suck.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Yeah, that shit is embarrassing to someone who lives in Missouri, but lets face it...There are murders every day that occur all over St. Louis. Most are Black on Black crime & no one burns down a Q.T.

I'm totally fed up with the horseshit going on up there. If the police officer was Black, you have to ask yourself, would they be doing this shit?

Until the facts are all brought out, all it is is simply speculation. From what I have seen, Brown, robbed a store & thought the cop was going to try to arrest him & it escalated from there. Here is another thing that just pisses me off. The news reporting in this city is the worst in the Country. I'm getting tired of them trying to blow shit out of proportion. Example? Showing a picture of Brown when he was a kid, instead of posting one of him as he was when this shit went down. The Martin case was the same.

You are not going to solicit sympathy from me, when the individual who gets smoked, was committing a crime or was in the wrong. Like John Wayne said in one of his movies once...Don't rob banks. There are consequences for your actions.

You don't want to be treated like shit? Then act like a responsible citizen instead of a piece of fecal matter. Burning down or looting is gonna make me want to show support for your plight? Give me a break.

Channel 5, (KSDK) posted a video of where the officer lived. This has to be the lowest piece of trash reporting that I have seen. Trying to be Jerry Springer or a dozen other shows of that ilk, erases any credibility of being a responsible reporter of the news. I will never...Ever, support the station in any way, for any reason. People who made that decision, need to be fired, like...right now!!

So, kiss my ass, you low life's who are up there, breaking into stores & taking what you will never have the ability to purchase, because you are such slime, you couldn't hold a job at the lowest form of employment. You...are walking examples of the positive argument for retro active abortion. The leaders of this state, need to nut up & be responsible to the decent citizens who work for a living & don't break the law.

I'm getting real tired of Black folks, using the excuse that the White man, is targeting them, for retribution, simply because they are Black.

That shit is getting real old!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014



I learned that lesson many years ago while in basic training, but sometimes you feel compelled to be a nice guy & remember the lesson that you had forgot.

They were going to drop a painter in the boiler house to help Scot put number 3 back together, because they are coming to pressure test it later today & see if it will pass inspection. It was all apart in the first place for one & ...well, lets just say, the director had his panties all in a wedge.

The manager who is over those guys, to avoid a pissing match with another one, was limited to his selection, but I knew he had his bosses teeth all over his ass yesterday, so I supplied a solution that made everyone happy. Scot got a guy who would & could help him out, a painter got a break from a job he was going to do but didn't want to & ran my floors (he had one call) The manager was able to fly, knowing we would take care of it & the director got what he wanted.

I, of course, got the long shaft.

No big deal. I stepped up & while I was drenched in sweat as I was on top of number 3, doping up plugs & putting them back together..the director was standing on the ground watching. I tried to lighten up the mood (being the dumb ass I usually am) by telling him that I enjoy sweating, but only while participating in one activity...& this wasn't it.

Yeah...He wasn't in a mood for levity. It didn't help when we called him & told him we were filling it & the back lower door for access to the main tube was leaking. (the gasket had slid on Scot & we had to shut it off & drain it & start again.)

The director was sitting in the break room (in the AC) & I went into the shop to grab some of my bottled water & he asked if it was filling. I told him, I guess this means I can be promoted to facility system technician & get a nice raise....Did I mention that he was in no mood for levity?

Yeah, we got it done. But the way crap has been falling on my head lately, I keep hearing the phrase, no good deed goes unpunished.

Drinking a cold one. At least I can maintain my sense of humor & can reward myself.