Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It just won't go away.

Winter that is.

Got up & started to get ready for work, then I saw it snowing it's ass off outside. I looked at the radar & watched the news cast & still, I thought, I can make it.

Then I went to check the mail, after I took a shower & watched a few folks slide around in the street, trying to go somewhere & said, screw that. Those are the folks who will kill me on a day like today.

So, I called in & took a personal day off.

Movies & hitting the Girl Scout cookies. Later, some cold ones. This will probably mess up my overtime, but it beats being dead on the side of a road, due to some dillhole plunking away on a phone & driving too fast on snow & ice.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Last few days...

I have been snowed in at the pisser, working multiple shifts. Sunday night, I made it home & just crashed hard.

I dug myself out yesterday & back in I went.

I can sleep just about anywhere, but there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed. Besides, I couldn't have a cold one.

I'm rectifying that right now as I get caught up on laundry. One of the guys last night, was trying to get me to go shave my head this coming weekend for a kids charity. Hey, they ain't my kids, & I'm not ready to cut my hair yet (too cold) This guy, has no hair. I told him, shit, at my age, I'm glad to have hair, ain't gonna happen. But I told him he should go....

They might throw him a t-shirt for showing up.

It's suppose to get up in the fifties today, so the snow should melt, then get cold tonight & freeze all the crap, so my ride home will be interesting. I could burn a day off, but I don't want to lose my overtime. Hey, if I'm not making money, I'm spending it.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

I need roller skates.

Since we only have two guys covering the entire campus & off-sites on four days, I find myself getting slammed more often. Had a nasty stack clog in the old convent building, that took me three hours to get open....Meanwhile, I had other plumbing calls coming in as well.

Add to that, the fact that the new software program for recording my time has all kinds of glitches & you have a busy ass night.

I'm telling you right now, that I love my work, but I'm getting paid way too little for my contribution. It might be time to think about another way to make more cash.

I do think my talents are being wasted away in this endeavor. I really should be getting paid for something like, making fun of people. Or perhaps I could get a fat check for my observations on the screwed up social trends of the Country.

This is some of the nasty crap I pulled out of this gals office bathroom. It isn't toilet paper, but she would just deny that she did it. As would anyone else above her that shared that common stack. It just managed to fall in on it's own. It is remains of the dreaded white rat. Actually, more than one, so, we can eliminate any men from tossing one in.

I have to saddle up & head back in later today & we have snow creeping our way, so it looks like I might make it in, but getting home might be a neat trick. My manager told me if I couldn't get home, I can crash at the hospital & clock in in the morning & work a double shift.

Oh, just what I so look forward to.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Adios Mike.

He has been counting down the days & today is his last one, before sailing away into retirement. They all went to the Hive after work, but since I had to do the second shift, I couldn't go.

Mike tried to give me some money to take the shift out after work. Now, what a decent kind of guy to do that. I told him to keep it, it was a pleasure to work with him.

Guys from the old school, will tell you they are gonna enjoy not working anymore, but that is a lie. We have done it our whole lives & we enjoy it. And yes, we will miss it when it's our turn to go. Mike didn't have to leave. He just got tired of all the stupid changes that have been going on at the hospital & finally said, screw it, I'm done.

He isn't alone. Others have expressed their desire to either retire, or find other employment. Me, I have learned that assholes are everywhere, so sometimes changing venues is a good thing, while other times, it is more of the same.

He told me to come see him in Foley. I told him, name the time, I haven't a ball & chain on me.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Falling Down.

I was pretty busy last night, running all over the campus responding to crackhead calls.

Security called me late out to the Conway garage. Seems that a chunk of concrete fell on the ramp from the lower level up to ground. Both that garage & the Ballas one, are in sorry shape. They have spent lots of money patching them & investing to try to keep them structurally sound. Our North garage is the newest & is in fine shape. But putting band aides on these suckers is just putting off the inevitable.

They are gonna eventually have to come down & be rebuilt. Years of salt & erosion have taken their toll. Vibration from traffic & weather, will pop them like this. I'm just glad it wasn't over a vehicle.

Kind of makes you wonder what the insides of your body look like.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


That is what most folks were last night. Our new software went live to track & do paperwork.

No big deal. I seemed to have no problem (if I did screw up, I'll know later today) We are simply creatures of habit & no one likes change. The only problem with that? Life is nothing but change.

TMS should stand for Too Much Shit in most of the guys books, but hey, you either roll with the changes, or you don't. I would rather comply than bend over a desk on this one.

I had a pretty decent evening. Found my spare truck key that has been missing for years. Was able to complete all of my crackhead calls. Didn't hit any deer on the way home. Can still wipe my own ass.

Hey, it's the little things that make a difference.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Come on Spring.

After spending the day running around doing projects, I wound up over at my sister's house for dinner & a movie. She watched one, but got bored, as she always does, so off I went.

Everywhere I go, someone is trying to feed me. I think it is a conspiracy to turn me into an old fat fuck.

I was going to go running today, but while my mind was saying lets go, my body said, screw you dill hole. Lets wait for some better weather.

Yeah, falling down on ice, up on a mountain is probably not a wise decision.

When I'm at work, the Bosnian women are like, you too skinny, eat.....

I have put on some weight & tomorrow, if I have the time, I'm running stairs. Depends on how hung over I am from tonight;~)