Tuesday, September 2, 2014


That is what my night was full of. Nasty sinks & toilets (and I'm not even categorized in that job description)

We did dodge a bullet with the bad weather, at least I did. Greg is there by himself on third shift, because Don had to be admitted to E.R. for kidney stones. I did get to drive home in a wicked storm.

Just me, but, these "stars" who are bitching about their nude pictures being hacked? Pretty simple if you ask me. Don't take them with your phone & store them, thinking the web is safe. It isn't & if you are too stupid to know that? Surprise!

Nice seeing you Joanna, it's a shame your crackhead ass got torched at the pisser, but we are living in a crazy ass time. I know I'm a dinosaur. I believe that a man's word is his bond & that just isn't the way the world functions these days. I am a man of many talents & I believe if I just wait, I might get to exercise some that I haven't used in a while.

I'll just let the readers ponder what I'm referring to, but I can guarantee, they are a mile off.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor Day.

I, will do what I'm good at...Laboring.

Spent a good portion of the night, rebuilding a ceiling that caved in from my good buddies in the kitchen. I also did a favor for an old friend & fixed a surgical bed while I was up there.

As soon as I swiped my badge, the dispatcher gave me a call she had been holding...I was like, really? A toilet not flushing properly in E.R. 19 (a psych room) So off I went. I pulled what can only be described as a mini tampon. I have never seen one like that. (Learn something new every day)

Then, we had a code red in the cafeteria. It was a malfunctioning smoke detector, so I pulled it out of the circuit. The cashier asked me if that meant she could go home? I looked at her & said, why Bev, you are home, take off the Ruby slippers.

I hope everyone enjoys having the day off, but if you have to work (like this catfish) Then know that I am right now, lifting up a cold one to salute you. We are the backbone of this great nation. The ones who work, while others walk around places like Ferguson & demand that we give them something for free.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ah, Weekends.

This is in the women's dressing room for O.R. & it is located directly underneath the kitchen. I cannot count on all of my digits, how many times, I get a ceiling leak call in this area.

I go up a floor & it is always the fact that they have simply turned the floor into a lake, to clean it. I have told them not to do that so many times, but since no one ever gets in trouble for it....It will continue, until some nurse flips out & wraps her hands around someone's throat.

I patiently accept the fact that since I do not have the authority to enforce anything up there, I will listen to whoever complains, smile, & then leave. I have offered solutions to quite a few problems that keep cropping up, but they fall on deaf ears.

I have banged my head on a wall so much, that I should look like Flat Top out of Dick Tracy.

So, after my last review, I have acquired a whole new perspective to the performance of my job. I quit caring & simply do whatever the dispatchers give me. I'm there for the allotted time, so what do I care if I have to change out a ceiling tile 50 times in the same place over a years time. Not my money.

Caring & interaction got me squat, while apathy & ineptness, got others promotions & decent raises.

You figure it out.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Stupid High school...

Crap. That is what I have discovered in piecing together the events that have caused me grief up at the hospital.

It isn't even worth going into details about. Just know this, I am aware (because I have more people who like me than not) I also now know, where the lines are drawn.

I figure since God is in control, this has happened to make me a better person (which I'm well in favor of) But I also know, that those who go out of their way to mess with a child of God, are in for some very unpleasant outcome in their endeavors.

Never underestimate the simple truth.

I spend every day, trying to do what is right, even when those I encounter might not be worth the effort. I'm in this world, but not of this world & God always has my back as long as I'm in the right. If I'm wrong, I get shellacked & taught a lesson. Either way, I still win. Because HE, never forsakes me (even when others might)

The temptation to retaliate is great (because I so can make some folks lives a bitch) But I think I'll just let him take care of this.

Vengeance is mine says the Lord, & if you allow him to take care of it....Man, he does it better than anyone ever could. Trust me on this one. I have witnessed it many times.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Not alone.

Oh, others felt the stupid hammer up at the pisser, but give me a break. You don't keep an employee around for over twenty years if he is a dumb ass. If you do, what does that say about your business.

First call of the night was one for a bathroom light flashing. The ballast was shot & I was rewiring a new one & the nurse manager came up to me & told me she called it in at eight in the morning & no one showed up. The poor patient had to take a shower in the dark. This nurse told me she called it down more than once & then told the patient that I would be in at three & I would take care of it...Which I did.

She thanked me, The patient & visitor thanked me....But my "leadership team"?

I was up later on the third floor where we had a crew of painters banging out a wing & a charge nurse (who is pretty cool) came up to me & started discussing the hospital & asked me some questions. I enlightened her & she said....Your department is run by a bunch of ......(I won't repeat what she said, but it made me laugh)

But my night was made, when I was sitting in the breakroom, waiting to clock on & the dayshifters were watching Pawn Stars. At the beginning intro, he says...You never know what is going to walk through the door....& an individual (who shall remain nameless, waddled through the door) to feast upon the candy that they have there for sale.

I just continued to read the Conservationist that had just arrived in my mailbox & noted the irony in my head. After it left, the guys sitting around me busted out in laughter & started making comments....Me, I just looked at them & said...no comment.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Finally got it.

As I was filling up yesterday, getting ready to head up to the hospital, I was contemplating what the outcome would be for my yearly review.

I'm not even going to soil my blog with what it turned out to be.

It makes me wonder if God is trying to light a fire under my ass, to address issues that need attention...or is he trying to teach me that a man's worth is not determined by a monetary amount.

Or is he just busy playing Frogger.

Robin Williams hangs his ass with a belt & people come out of the wood work to express sympathy, while people like myself, continue to live their lives & deal with problems everyday. I would go into a long diatribe, inserting just the right amount of humor to keep it interesting, but in the end.....

Oh, screw it. Time for a cold brew.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Catch up.

First day back & there were work orders in my box that were 5 days old. Still didn't get my review (they are saving the best for last) Hey, I can spin stuff with the best of them.

The last few days I have lived through some awful heat in my hood. I even cut grass & trimmed trees in it Monday, because I thought that day was going to be the best pick (it was over a hundred degrees) I will say this, I was knocking it out & I didn't get heat stroke, so I guess I can still run with the big dogs.

They had a huge power bump Monday at the pisser & all the cooling went down. Long story short...I missed out on a bad night at work. Last night, I did everything they gave me & enjoyed dealing with the crackheads. I had one nurse manager come up to me & give me a big hug, because she said she was so happy to see me. (she had some stuff that needed to be done & told me that she knew it would be now that I was here)

She could have stopped at, I'm happy to see you.

I visited with my parents on Sunday & my Mother is doing much better. (she has a tendency to tell me that even when she is at deaths door) but saved the phone message from her doctor to prove that she wasn't lying.

I did the ice bucket challenge Sunday. My sister got me hammered & I think she just wanted to dump some cold ass water on me. Hey, it was so freaking hot, it felt good.