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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Enjoying what I can.

I have been trying to find my Mom what she wanted for Mother's day the last few days. Then my Dad told me, hey, what she really wants is a new medal finder.... Well, shit.

I went ahead & forked out the money & got her one. She was happy & that is all that it takes to make me happy. She goes into the hospital Tuesday to see if they are going to insert a stint in her neck.

We are going to que up some pork steaks tomorrow.

Just an observation, but the last few nights I have seen more lightening bugs than I have in many a year. It is very cool to see them all over the place after dark. It doesn't take much to amuse this old dog. I am a very down to Earth kind of guy. I have been told that the reason women turn their backs on me, is because I have no ambition. Well, all I can say to that is this....We all are going to be pushing up daises one day, so until my time comes, I want to do what I can to make others happy & enjoy the beauty that God provides us with every day.

I suppose it might be frustrating to the female sex that I don't give a shit about status symbols or creature comforts. I can live with that. I am just happy as shit, when I wake up every day & have another chance to enjoy a beautiful sky or the smell of freshly cut grass. In other words, I don't measure success by the amount of objects I own. To me, if I can make someone smile every day, I have contributed to the goodness of humanity.

All the money in the world will never keep you from an appointment with the pineapple;~)

Friday, April 29, 2016

You'll never know.

The trail one rides alone.

I have been in many a situation where it was me & God & that was it. I make the decisions & he allows me the experience, then he shows up & pulls my dumb ass out of the fire.

I have had many a time where I was staring death in the face, but I have never been scared for myself. It is always when I'm thinking of others when I get afraid for them. I know God will take me when he is ready, so I have never been rattled when facing something that others say I should be petrified of. I have done things that people have said, they couldn't believe I was able to live through.

I have buried friends, family & strangers. I have grown to trust not a soul except my Creator. People only disappoint you. Especially if you love them.

When you think that Salomon was given the gift of wisdom & yet, in the end, he still walked away from God over a damn woman, then you have to wonder...What chance does an old bastard like myself have in ever getting it right.

Philosophical conundrums.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Trans what?

I planted these Sunday & just a night of rain, everything popped out. The trees, these buds..Don't even get me started on my grass.

I have friends who support the transgender freaks, while others who oppose them. All I can say is simply this... I don't go into other peoples homes & start demanding that they conform to my beliefs. So, don't come into mine & try to tell me what I should support.

I don't shop at Target. I have been in them occasionally, but I'll never go there again. (my choice) I don't go to restaurants that do not allow me to smoke. (my money will spend just as well in places where I'm welcome) If I'm in a public bathroom & some freak tries to touch me, they will be spitting teeth. (don't care if they have a penis or vagina)

No, I can't say that I love everyone, but I don't hate everyone either. I have reached the age in my life where I just want to be Goldilocks. I don't want my bed too hard or too soft, I just want shit just right.

People spend their entire lives looking for something or someone to make them happy. Let me save some folks some wasted years. You want to be happy, don't do shit that goes against your beliefs & don't keep people around you that make you uncomfortable. Tell them to take a hike. Don't give a dead rats ass about anyone who hates you because you don't feel for their dumb ass crusade. Lets face it, some folks are simply using up oxygen.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Nasty weather.

I left early, so I could make it to work before the storm hit, which I was successful in doing. Some of the guys were caught in some hail as they made their way in.

We had one small power bump & lots of leak calls, but dodged any heavy damage. Needless to say, I was pretty busy.

My mom is going to have to have a stint put in her neck, so it looks like that is going to happen probably next week. We were hoping that she didn't have to do it, but life always throws you curves. They are going to do a stress test to see if her kidneys can handle the procedure first, so say a prayer for a sweet lady if you can.

If there is anyone on the face of the Earth who hates hospitals & doctors...that would be my Mom.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Congrats Blues..

Now that Chicago is down, it is time to focus on the cup.

My knockouts started blooming yesterday. I planted some yellow roses the folks picked up for me the other day. They might open up in a day or so as well.

I had two young guys pop around my garage as I was getting ready to drive my truck in tonight. The one said, sorry dude, didn't mean to scare you. I just laughed as I drove my truck in, with my pistol on my lap. They have no idea how close they came to making the paper. Actually, they did startle me. I wasn't ready & I was outside of the truck. They also had a nice size dog with them on a leash. This is what happens when you let your guard down.

I shall not allow that to happen again. In this day & age, you never know when something can turn bad. Better to be prepared.

Now, something for the Blackhawks.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Pretty much...

These days, this is how I see most people through my eyes.

I nod & smile, but big talking turds are what I envision most of the folks to be as I converse with them. Oh, don't get me wrong, not everyone is a slab of shit, but be truthful...As you look at this picture, you can't tell me that someone hasn't sprung into your head that fits the bill.

Also, when they start to talk, their voices turn into Charlie Browns teacher.

Oh, I understand why this is happening to me. When you reach a certain age (I'm guessing it is a different number for everyone) you get tired of people who disagree with you. Those who believe they know everything, or sometimes, it is those who you may be attracted to...yet, when they open their mouth.....

I have seen bosses who have a toady or lackey. They have this person around, because they can confide in them & they will always agree or do whatever the boss wants. (as a wise man once told me...kissing ass right up to the brown) They don't see a turd there, they just treat them like one.

So, I don't really get all messed up about the coming elections. Hell, I think they are all turds personally. I just like to find someone who is real passionate about one of the brown coneheads & I take the opposite position. Just to watch them get all pissed off.

Of course I must appear to others as a big giant pile of Hillary, but if I wind up smoking a dog turd in Hell....Well, toking one sure beats eating a mile of it.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

A good story anyway.

Frank "Lucky" (or "Lucks") Tower is the subject of an urban legend that said that he was a stoker (or fireman, in some versions) who survived the sinking of the RMS Titanic, RMS Empress of Ireland, and RMS Lusitania. There is no evidence that anyone was involved in all three disasters, and no one with the name of Frank Tower on the crew list on any of these vessels' respective voyages; however, there was a survivor named Frank Tower from the Lusitania, and a William Clark who survived both the Titanic and Empress of Ireland sinkings.
The legend claims that he was a coal stoker on the Titanic, and survived after she sank on her maiden voyage on 14 April 1912. Two years later, on 28 May 1914, Frank was allegedly aboard the Empress of Ireland when she collided with the Norwegian collier Storstad in the Saint Lawrence River. This disaster was considered the worst peacetime maritime disaster in Canadian history, and Tower was one of only 465 of the 1477 aboard to survive. During WWI, Tower allegedly was serving as a crew member aboard the RMS Lusitania. In the early afternoon of 7 May 1915, she was torpedoed by the German submarine U-20 and sank eighteen minutes later. (It is rumored that he shouted "Now what?!" when the torpedo struck.) Again, Tower escaped the sinking ship, and swam to a nearby lifeboat.
Ripley's Believe It or Not reported the legend as if it were verifiably true.

I also heard that when he was on the Lusitania, he said that if he lives through this one, he would quit the sea & become a farmer. When the Empress Of Ireland sunk, it was Summer & was so hot, they had all the port holes open for air distribution & when she rolled over, she sank like a stone.

Who knows if this guy was actually on board of all three, but it sure does sound like a cool story to have survived all those doomed ships.