Saturday, October 18, 2014

Winding it down.

The season is turning, but my roses are hanging in there. Giving me as much beauty as they can, before the cold snaps them away.

Did a lot of crap yesterday as I could squeeze in. Worked on the truck ( Not sure if I fixed the error, because it will take some driving before the code error clears, but I think I found it) But, it's a mystery world baby doll.

Gonna enjoy the day later, when I wake my old ass up. I have lots of crap on the agenda, but who knows what I will add to the completed catagory.

Right now, I'm enjoying some cold ass brews & hanging in the past.

Eventually, I will slide my old ass in a vertical position. But I'm cranking the tunes & loving life.

I would suggest you do the same. It is way to short to worry about stupid ass shit.

Friday, October 17, 2014


Gas was $2.56, so I filled up.

The Cardinals lost, but I was so busy on projects last night, I didn't get to see any of the game. The Blues lost in a shoot out.

A friend of mine at work, has a sister, who is getting ready to take a flight to Florida. She was concerned with the current Ebola situation & was talking to their Dad. He decided to mess with her & told her not to look at anyone directly in their eyes, because you can catch it that way....She actually believed him & was texting her brother all freaked out. (this gal has quite a lot of college & is a lawyer to boot)

I had a lady ask me if we were going to have a chili cook off to raise money for charity this year. We haven't done it in a while & I cornered a boss last night, asking if we had any plans to do it. He informed me that the hospital had to stop a few years back, because one of the other departments was having a barbeque for some charity, & one person (I would tell you what position they have, but I was told not to divulge that) Complained, saying that it wasn't a sanitary way to prepare food. One person....stopped the entire system from raising money & making lots of folks happy.

What's wrong with the country today. Deciding to piss off hundreds or more, to please one person.

Thanks, Fucktard.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Come on Cards!

The painters were informed last night that they have two days to kick ass on this I.C.U. that has been shut down. A quick spruce up, so to speak. I'm not sure they are going to make it, but hey, we all do what we can.

With the discovery of yet another Ebola patient, you better believe that people at the pisser have started to take notice & also, have started to become very defensive in their responses to duties that they took for granted just a few days before. This is going to get a lot worse, before it gets better. At least, that is my perspective.

The Cardinals had that game, then watched it just slide away. Lets hope they kick their ass tonight, because, well, they have to win or go home.

I just want Joe Buck to choke on a hot dog.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


As I was getting onto 270 yesterday, I saw three County cops (strategically spaced apart) blocking off lanes. I was thinking, I'm merging into a hell of an accident  because it was raining & slck & people are just stupid drivers.

As I passed the lead car, I saw that he stopped to get out & pick up a tiny seat cushion that must have flown off of someones trailer. I mean, they just rolled up (lights flashing) & started causing the idiots who were plunking away on their phones, to jump over into lanes occupied by other morons who weren't paying attention as remove this little tiny pillow.

Then as I passed, I saw a Highway patrol car, speeding like a bat out of hell Southbound, to aid in the pillow extraction.

As far as I know, they didn't cause any accidents with their mission to rid the highway of an object that had been run over God only knows how many times. I'm not kidding, it was really a small foam cushion.

If they want to render the community a service, they should roll their ass on up to Ferguson & beat the hell out of a few folks & stop that fiasco. Of course, that's one of the reasons I didn't continue a career in law enforcement.

I would have fit in better in the old west. Say, Judge Roy Beans court. Hey, spare the rod.....

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lower still...

Topped off, you bet.

I never cease to be amazed how people who try to discredit & assassinate your character, change their tune, when they want something from you. Then, they are kissing your ass up to the brown.

I won't go into any details, but when someone is a douche to me....then they are kisses & rainbows...well, lets just say, it sucks to want.

As for the Rams....They should change their name to the turds. (are you feeling my dissatisfaction with their performance of late)

Every year, the hospital asks all employees to fill out a satisfaction survey. When they first started doing them, I participated (because they said, no one will know who you are) I found out real quick that was bullshit, by testing it out & giving a perfect across the board score. Then was asked by a certain administrator, why I did that. Since then, I have abstained from drawing the cross hairs on my back, every chance I get.

Doesn't matter anyway. He who controls the numbers, controls what the numbers say. Just a fact of life. They are not interested in actually addressing what are real concerns. They are interested in knowing who the disgruntled employees are.

Me? I love my job & everything centered around what I do.

Looks so good in writing, doesn't it.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Uncle Buck...

This is what happens when you have a busy couple of days & take a late lunch. He never would have felt comfortable to do this if old Robinson was still alive & on our shift.

I'm not going to even go into details about what that old boy use to do to guys who closed their eyes. Lets just was something you would regret if you did it then.

Congrats Cardinals! I didn't get to see the walk off, because I was doing a really stupid call at the time. At least the the crackhead who called me was busy watching it, while I was doing something she could have easily have done herself.

I came out of the room & she said....The Cardinals won!

Really, that's nice.

Yeah, that Crouton Woo or whatever his name is, hit a home run!

I just looked at her & smiled, but in my head.......

Sunday, October 12, 2014

I enjoyed....

Filling up my little beast at these prices. I hope it goes even lower.

Last night was not a bad one, because everyone was busy watching the playoffs. Oh, I had a few crackheads that needed assistance, but that's what I'm there for now, isn't it.

The Cards lost, but hey, the Blues won. Remember, the playoffs ain't over till Claire McCaskill sings anyway.

I won't even mention the royal spanking Mizzou received.