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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

No kidding.

Sometimes, there is simply no way to be on the correct side of an issue. Because, you can see the good & bad on both sides of the people who are asking you to do or not to do something for them.

If you are in a position of autonomy, then it is simply a matter of moral ethics that can determine the outcome of the decision you have to make. Of course, if you are a piece of slime, that makes it easy as well. You simply do what is right to make you look good. Screw everyone else.

When you are under the responsibility of others, then you are at their whim, as to what the outcome will be, unless you decide that they are as useful as a used condom. Then, you buck their decision & roll the dice you won't get fired for insubordination.

I use to do what was right, no matter what the rules were or who told me what to do. A conscience decision & I dealt with the aftermath. Usually it wound up being a negative outcome for me. Even when they knew what I did was the correct thing, they felt the need to condemn me, because it was a way to try to keep me under their control. (you don't get paid to make those decisions Joe)

These days, I just contact the individual who gets paid to make the decision & lay it in their lap. They don't like it, because when I just went ahead & did the right thing, they could always dump on me, if someone over their head didn't like the way it was handled. I have learned that it isn't my job to save the world or those who inhabit it.

Even though I may not like it, because I grew up just knowing I was a super hero & could make a difference. I have gained a slice of contentment being able to say, I'm sorry, you will have to contact so & so & whatever they decide, will be the course of action we will take.

Oh, there are exceptions. lets be real. The Nazis tried that shit at Nuremberg. I was just following orders. It didn't keep them from dancing on the end of a rope.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Excuse me while I laugh.

I daily have things that annoy me. The perspective of people that preach philosophy, yet have no integrity. I usually shrug everything off before I crash & wake up with it all behind me.

But in the last week, I have had encounters that have bothered me. like an individual who rated me in lacking just that...Integrity.

Anyone who actually knows the real person who occupies my mortal coil, knows that I have more in my little finger than this individual has in his entire body. So why did it bother me? It didn't, it pissed me off. Then I had an individual look me in the face & tell me a lie. Now, lying is one thing.... No, you don't look fat in those pants....

But insulting my intelligence is quite another. I just didn't fall off the turnip truck.

In this world of lines full of Darwin candidates, I guess the only way you can avoid wanting to stick an ice pick in someones ear (for anyone young enough to not know what that is, look it up) is to segregate yourself from these individuals the best you can. Which I do. But sometimes, you have to deal with them everyday. So then, it becomes a case of, how do I tolerate them. Then eventually, it progresses to...How do I get rid of them.

Well, it is really simple actually. You just tell them to stay away from you. It can be hard, especially if you kind of like their dumb ass, but in the end, that is what you have to do. I had an old acquaintance on facebook flip me a post last night, telling me she was tired of my random bullshit & was unfriending me. It didn't make me all lying in floor crying, because lets face it...She wasn't anyone who I saw naked or really did anything with. We never shared any close moments. I'm not even sure if we had any classes together back in high school (that is how irrelevant she was to my daily existence)  Just someone who happened to be in the same area at the same time, years ago.

So...Fuck her old crusty ass.

And I shall deal with the liar & the disparaging individual as the days progress.

Sunday, August 28, 2016


I am reading a trilogy & in the middle of the second book, right at the end of chapter 17...the publisher sticks in a wad of story from a Star Wars book. Then it starts chapter 20.

I spent last night looking for a pdf file of the two missing chapters. Which turned out to be integral to the story. Finally, I found one & was able to read them & continue.

Then yesterday, the douche Colin Kaepernick, decided to not stand during our national anthem. Which is bad enough, but then telling the world why he didn't... What a piece of shit.

This country has allowed him to achieve so much & make no mistake, I'll buy the puke a ticket to anywhere he would rather call home. As a matter of fact, I'll challenge him to walk his punk ass through a few choice North St. Louis neighborhoods in street clothes at night. He can find out first hand what it's like to wind up lying in the street, because it wouldn't take long.

Trust me, if he was playing for a football team I owned, he would be looking for employment elsewhere. When some asshole does what he does (and he is in the public eye) He is spitting on those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for losers like him to get paid to play a sport.

I hope the fans of San Francisco send such a message to the owners that they as proud Americans, will not accept this behavior & they fire his ass. I did not like the response the team posted afterwards & don't be surprised if during the coming season....that old Colin finds quite a few opponents going for those knees in sacking his ass.

I predict some pain is probably headed his way on the field. I just hope I can watch it live & in color.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Smoking a dog turd in Hell.

I used to like Carlin. Back in the day, he had some funny shit & he expressed himself in an intelligent manner, to bring you around to the punch line.

But, as he got older, he simply turned into an old angry prick.

And, what he tossed out there as humor, wasn't funny at all. It was hostile & centered around how can I shock the audience & piss them off. While I make them work to laugh, because I just charged them an ass load of money, to come see me be an old angry prick.

I think he started to change sometime after his second heart attack. I have all his material (because I collect comedy albums) & the nature of vitriol just poured out of him from around that time, until he went to meet God, who he chucked to the side years before. (I would have loved to been at that meeting)

And now, 8 years after he was roasted & scattered all around venues he use to perform at..they are releasing some cut material. It was done so, because it was so deemed offensive at the time (but hey, he is long gone & lets make some money off of his dead ass)

Everything in life is subjective when you really think about it. But my best guess is Carlin is probably not where he would rather be right about now.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

You know what I think?

I think Sonny killed himself, just so he could get away from this.

When CNN (the communist news network) starts allowing a porcupine woman, to spout off about what she thinks.... Like I give a shit about what she thinks.... I have to laugh.

If I could turn back time, I would have convinced her parents to have used contraceptives.

Of course, you may think she is the greatest, but that is your opinion & one I will never Cher. The only saving grace is she will probably die before me & I will have some time left with one more crackhead off the planet.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Is it just me?

Lets be serious, am I the only one who on a daily basis, runs into someone you just want to bitch slap?

I'm a pretty nice guy, but this world has just about spun into the toilet in so many ways, that I could bitch slap people all day...every day, & never scratch the surface of people who have it coming.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could put on a resume that you were proficient in bitch slapping.

That is correct sir, I spent an internship just plunging my hands into buckets of sand, to harden them up for the day I was turned loose to walk the facility singling out those who needed a good bitch slap.

I use to carry matches, so when I laid a good one on some asshole, it would strike it & I lit my smoke & blew the first puff in their face afterwards.

I'm guessing my days of being a nice guy are starting to wane.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

it's starting to be that kind of day.

No my day has not been going well so far. So these morons think that they should get $15 an hour to work at a fast food restaurant?

They can't even get your order correct or make proper change or pretty much do anything correctly. Case in point? I  stopped at Taco Bell and I ordered a number 6 beef with a Diet Mountain Dew. I also ordered 3 mini quesadillas beef. The moron rang up chicken quesadillas and over charged me $3. I tried to correct him but figured that I had to do it in person at the window.
When I got there, the Idiot still couldn't understand when I told him 10 times that I did not want chicken.  I made him do the math over and finally got him to get the total correct then when he brought me my order he assured me that it was the correct one. I pulled over into a parking space and sure enough the quesadillas were chicken.

I  went into the restaurant and wanted to speak to the manager. This idiot kept asking me if I wanted chicken ones instead. I told him no I don't want chicken in anything that is the problem. After 10 minutes of talking to this moron they finally brought me 3 beefy quesadillas.

As  I was driving down the highway and consumed those three.  then I pull out the rest of my order only to find that the chalupas had chicken in them as well.

It's not rocket science, but it certainly isn't going to get you $15 an hour. I believe I'm done eating fast food anymore. I'll just start cooking at home and bringing my own lunch to work, because I'm going to wind up choking some moron to death.