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Monday, May 23, 2016

Surgery day.

Dad did what he always does...Falls asleep in the waiting room.

Mom was in surgery around three hours & they inserted the stent & cleared the blockage. She is in I.C.U. now. I left to come home & try to catch a nap (because she wouldn't sleep if we were in the room) of course, I can't freaking sleep. Doing laundry & gonna hang it outside, since it's such a nice day.

If she does well, they will let her come home tomorrow. Right now, she is doped up higher than I was at both my weddings. All she kept talking about was her cat & how she hates being here. She has a pretty wicked incision cut on her neck & I already know, that I'll have one hell of a time ever getting her to come back if she needs anymore surgery.

We will cross that bridge when or if we have too later.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

And where was I?

On my way into work, that's where.

Well, at least the Cardinals & Blues won.

You know, these so called Millennials, just blow me away. When I was their age, I understood one thing. If you want something, you had better get off your ass & work for it.

Wanting things is fine. Wanting everybody else to pay for it, just blows my mind. Do you think for a second that if those of us who work for a living, was to pay for their "free" education (because, unless you are a freaking retard, you must know that nothing is free, someone is ponying up for it) That they would certainly not want to perform their services in their new profession, without being compensated for their skill or time. But they say, well, that isn't fair.

So, it's OK for others to give you what you want, without charging you for their services, but when asked to reciprocate, you don't want to play anymore. Grow the fuck up.

And any parent that enables these mindless texting useless amoebas of a human being (you know who you are. Allowing your offspring to live in your house & do absolutely nothing, well into their twenties, while you fork out the money to support them) You are even worse. If you are stupid enough to let that go on, then you deserve what you get.

Bernie Sanders deserves one thing. To be tarred & feathered & shipped off to a Socialist Country, where he belongs.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Stupid is....

As stupid does. But sometimes, stupid is simply one persons perspective. The world is full of Gumps, who wander through their lives, totally oblivious to just what the hell is going on.

But in the movies, these folks have nice things happen to them, because they are doing the right thing. In reality, being a Gump, usually gets someone else killed, while the moron continues to walk along unscathed.

Oh sure, some say ignorance is a blessing. Like, if you never know your significant other is fooling around on you, then what you don't know, can't hurt you. That is, until you wake up one day with HIV. Being nice is one thing. Being an irresponsible retard is quite another. Case in point?

I for one am tired of people like Clooney, who think they are intellectually superior to anyone who doesn't share their perspective.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Crap Day.

They are painting the new water tower.

Yesterday was one in which I wanted to pretty much tell everyone F.O. Lets just say, I'm getting real tired of people whose main function in life is simply taking up space.

If that is what they are good at, fine, just don't take up the same space that I am occupying at the moment.

Plus, the Blues lost. What a crap game they played. Here is a clue, you have a job in which you can actually hit someone (not like most folks) Who would love to do so, but would get fired. So, how about getting aggressive boys.

How bad do you want it?

Thursday, May 19, 2016


That is what I spent most of my night addressing. On the way in, I saw quite a few old classic cars, so there must have been a car show somewhere. It was such a nice day, but when you have to deal with removing objects that people force down sinks or toilets...well, it just puts a damper on things.

Here is a little simple instruction as to what goes in a commode besides human waste....Toilet paper. That's it. Pretty simple huh? (thank you Captain Obvious)

Well, apparently not. Things I have removed from toilets? Tucks, tampons, wigs, paper sacks, phones, jewelry, paper towels, fiber wipes, keys, cups, underwear, books, clothes, eating utensils, false teeth, plexiglass, cables, & every kind of plastic shape you can think of. (use your imagination) Toys, shoes, test plugs, bottles...oh hell, the list goes way on.

You almost think people are offering sacrifices to the porcelain Gods.

One time, on a job in the city of St. Louis, (close to the river) I was doing a rewiring gig, & this old plumber asked for my assistance. He had pulled an obstruction almost out of the lines & needed an extra hand. When we finally got it out, we thought it was an aborted fetus, but it was a huge rat, that had crawled up the lines. They will eat, until they get stuck & die & he had snagged it & pulled the skin off of it on the way out.

Back then, plumbers could drink on the job & after we got it out, he proceeded to sit down & open a cold one & eat a sandwich. I of course, was not allowed. As a matter of fact, after that, I decided to skip lunch that day & for at least a month, I wouldn't sit on a strange toilet, I would squat as best I could without getting too close to the seat.

I just knew a damn rat was going to jump up & clamp onto the family jewels.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

First day back....

Trust me...This is how I feel tonight.

I can't comment on all the things I wound up taking care of, but I was busy enough that I missed most of the horrible Blues game. They haven't played that bad all season.

Just got off the phone with Pop. Mom's surgery is all set for 7:30 Monday morning, & she still says she doesn't need it. I sympathize with her, no one likes to go through that crap, but an 80% blockage is nothing to just let go.

No cold ones tonight...I hear a warm bed calling my name.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Mean Mr. Mustard....

He follows my Mother around like a dog instead of the cat that he is.

She went yet again to the doctors today & has to go back tomorrow. If I had a nickle for every time I have heard her tell me she hates doctors, I could have a nice beer fund. She is going to have her surgery on her neck on the 23rd.

It's raining & has been off & on all day. I was going to get out & do some stuff, but last day before embarking into crackhead land...I said, screw it & have been doing the restful lounging act instead. Just popped a nice cold one....

Gonna jam & walk around naked in the rain. life is good.