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Sunday, March 13, 2016

A day of...

Encountering people who try their best to get over on you in one way or another.

Stopped at Hardees & while getting change, the gal tried to give me a five that was half gone. I told her to please give me another bill (she had tossed me the change & closed the register) so her manager had to come over. He said, well, I don't see anything wrong with this bill.... I said, well, you swap it out & keep it for yourself then, because it would never go through a vending machine. He gave me a decent one.

I had numerous encounters with people at work (which I cannot go into details anymore) but lets just say, as the night progressed, the attempts to pee in my Cheerios just got more & more bizarre.

On the way home, it was really foggy, but this a-hole in a White Chevy pick-up started drifting in my lane & just kept coming over, so I just braked & held back. He stopped & was just sitting there, (on a highway) so I resumed my forward motion & he sped up to right beside me & we both stopped at a red light. He was getting ready to turn into a housing complex & I was heading straight. I looked over & he holds up a pistol. (it was pretty apparent that he was drunk) It was dark, so I couldn't see if he was pointing it at me, or was just letting me know he had one.

I smiled at him, nodded my head up & down while pulling my pistol out beside me & laid it in my lap, thinking perhaps this individual wants to meet Jesus tonight. The light changed & he turned & I continued on my way home, really frustrated that all day, I have gone out of my way for complete strangers as well as people I know...And yet, I also had to deal with quite a lot of folks who really just needed punched in the face.

Then as I logged on to write a piece for the blog, I see that someone who was following me, decided that I wasn't worthy of their attention anymore. Well, slap me on the ass. I guess when someone offends you, it is best to turn the channel instead of listening until you are ready to go home & kick the dog & strangle the old lady. That is the problem with writing humor. Some folks get pissed off, because they are too stupid to understand that you are simply making fun through social commentary.

Or, you touch on a subject that hits a little too close to their happy place. In any case, I wish them the best (unless they were the guy driving the White Chevy) You, I shall keep my eye out for, because I have a pretty good idea where you live.