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Monday, March 21, 2016

And yet...

While feeling like crap, I still got a ton of stuff done today. I got the tires rotated & cut all the grass. And did laundry & folded clothes & made a nice clean bed.

Then I stopped & had a few cold ones with Pop & saw that Mom was feeling better. We visited a bit & I was going to try to hit the siblings house, but I felt so drained that I just headed home.

I'm pounding out this post, while pounding a cold one, thinking I would rather not have to go into work in the morning, but you know I will. I just can't stay away from the crackheads. They just draw my ass in.

I would say that I need a good woman to rub my.....but when I feel this way, I don't really want anyone around me. Because, if I wind up pissing them off, they can mess me up pretty quick & I wouldn't give a shit. It would suck to have an obit say that I died because some gal shoved a chair up my rectum in a fit of rage.