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Friday, March 11, 2016


We have become a country of cover thine own ass. Otherwise, someone will love to climb right on up in it & make your life miserable. Like the one I place here: All pictures I take were done on my time (lunch, break or off of anyone's clock)

I had to fix this fixture last night, but I will not issue any disparaging remarks as to how it came to be this way, or who was to blame, even if I know ( disclaimer: No fellow employees were ridiculed in this post)

I was told a few days ago that beer manufactures are going to include all kinds of ingredients on their labels soon. I told the guy who informed me of this (Disclaimer: Before I was on anyone's time) that real men could give a rats ass as to what is on the side of the label. If he likes what it tastes like, he will drink it. People forcing disclaimers on everything.

Can you imagine what it's like for poor kids to grow up these days? Just think about the idiots who are causing all this crap & taking out the fun of just being able to be a kid. If you had all the a-hole "good people" back in the day, I would have missed out on real metal lawn jarts, click clacks, Real good tasting fries from McDonalds (sorry younger folks, you are never going to have fries taste as good as those were) or chicken fried in lard.... (disclaimer: I might have thrown a few jarts at other kids as we had little wars, & used click clacks as a bolas, & I have never worked for McDonalds)

No animals were hurt in filming this movie. Like I give a shit, they are animals. I don't bat an eye when I catch & fry up a mess of fish, or pop Bambi. Deer chili is better than a lot of things on this planet.  (Disclaimer: All animals I killed & ate were in season & done so with the proper license) You want to go all Euell Gibbons & suck on some tree bark, be my guest. (disclaimer: I have eaten Grape nuts)

If I sat down & thought real hard, I could come up with all kinds of things that someone decided that it was too dangerous & bitched, until someone had to slap a disclaimer on it & then...kiss of death to said product. I got to set off real fireworks in my youth. (Disclaimer: That's right, I had Cherry Bombs)

Here is another disclaimer: Everything I post on here is designed to make fun of everything I post on here. So don't go getting your little panties all bunched up in the letter box. 

Lighten up Francis.