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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Facebook gone.

To avoid more Mickey Mouse crap accumulating in my life (like I just can't get enough of that) I had to 86 my facebook account. Lets just say, I'm getting tired of people peeing in my pool. So, any friends who follow me there & actually read my blog, pass the word that it was a career choice that guided the decision & leave it at that.

Everyone loves you when you are heaping accolades upon them, but once you tell the emperor he has no's like Alice in Wonderland & it's off with your head.

So here, in this forum, I can start over & discard being misinterpreted. I deleted all stories from past posts (like I said I would) But before it was brought to my attention that my sense of humor was frowned upon, facebook had all kinds of past pics & snarky comments. I wasn't going to wade through all of them, that someone could pluck & plop to cause me grief. I just said freaking delete. I won't go into details here, use your imagination.

Keep your friends close & your enemies closer.