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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Getting there.

Stopped  over at the parents house today and took some KFC and we fiddled around with his let's make a shed into a hothouse project. Actually he's not too far from being finished with it.  My Aunt Alice and cousin Charlie stopped by for a visit.                    

                                                 That  is my cousin Charlie standing by the hothouse.
 We drank a few cold ones and had a good time. For some reason my left wrist has been hurting something fierce, almost like I slammed it in a car door kind of freaking hurt. I  haven't fell down any stairs that I can recall of late, so I must have slept on it wrong.           
                                           Going to pull out the lawnmower tomorrow & cut the grass. I already have clumps & leaves & tree limbs that need to be mulched up.
Just binge watching Kolchak, The Night Stalker old TV series. I can't believe it only was on for just one season.

 He reminds me of me. Stubborn, manipulative, intelligent and most of all always right. Of course he has a lot of other disparaging characteristics, but they are not prevalent in this old dogs makeup.

 I would never
ever wear a hat ugly as that one.