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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Girl Scouts are evil.

They start off as Brownies & then graduate to cookie pushers.

They send their parents off to various places of employment, to hook oblivious suckers to the addicting $4.00 a box drug. Then, they stake out in front of places like Walmart & Shop & Save, to smile their little smiles like Talking Tina from the old Twilight Zone.

Woe to any Boy Scouts who want to have any fund raising in the middle of the Tween fest...They will rip you apart & give you a new badge to add to your sash...I survived a gaggle of enraged thin mint pushers.

I only bought five boxes (so far) in order to not make a hit list. Oh, trust me, they have long memories of those who shun their Samoa sales. You think Jimmie Hoffa's disappearance was news, but what ever happened to King Ding Dong. I believe the Girl Scouts took him out. Hostess will never comment on it though.

They are even reaching out to addict even more unsuspecting adults by having vegan & gluten free fixes. Oh the inhumanity.

This should be the theme song for them;~)