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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Goodbye Patty.

I liked Patty Duke. The Patty Duke show first aired two months after I was born, so it was in syndication as a kid when I first saw it. I couldn't understand how two cousins could look so much alike without some family member screwing around. It was corny, but that is what television was back then. I really liked her performance on an episode of The Night gallery.

What they say she died from, is a very painful way to go though. Sepsis from a ruptured lower intestine is not pleasant at all. That is something you might wish on someone you can't stand, like Kanye West.

She scored an Oscar in 1962 for The Miracle Worker, which, if you have never seen it...I highly suggest checking it out. Here is a clip of her singing...So..Just where are the folks playing the strings?