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Friday, March 18, 2016

Groovy baby...

I spend every day of my life working. Either at a job getting paid, or helping someone for free. That is what you do when you are a man.

After doing all kinds of small ball Paul crap earlier in the day. (like doing laundry & hanging it out on the line to dry) I stopped at the parents house to bring them some stuff & see what project my dad had started. I knew he wanted to pull the old toilet & replace it, I just didn't know he wanted me to do it when I showed up today.

No big deal. I said, well we have everything, except a flange if it is bad. Oh, don't worry, it will be just fine.

I pulled the toilet & the flange was toast. This puppy should have been changed years ago. I couldn't get the set screws out, so I chiseled them. Then I left the old man to clean up the mess as I went to Home depot to get a new one. Now, I didn't want to pull the PVC & replace it, but hey...they had just what I wanted. A flange in two pieces that was adjustable. Long story short...I installed a new toilet & Dad said, well you get the right to take a shit first. I declined & said, be my guest, I need a cold one. Mom said, well, I have to pee, get out of here.

Of course, it started raining while I was in there tightening everything down, so my clean & dry laundry was hanging just getting all wet again. I looked at the time & it was after nine. Damn daylight savings time has got me all screwed up.

Drying them now, as I jam on some good tunes. One day at a time baby doll. Life is good!