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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!

The world is one strange place. That being said, take comfort that Christ rose from the dead. If I can say anything that would make you feel better, it is that he is on the throne & knows what you are facing daily.

I caught Joel Osteen the other night, as I was crashing & while I'm not much on health & wealth gospel...I can say that sometimes, he hits it on the head. He was talking about how people in your life who you know are making it hard (I'm paraphrasing) were sent by God, to make you a better person.

Oh, I know, I have a friend who has a functioning Voo Doo doll that he swears is working on taking care of his enemies & while that might seem tempting...I seem to recall the line...Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. And lets face it, getting back at someone who poops on your pizza is pretty nice.

Perhaps that is why he wants to do it.

Remember, both sides who fought the Civil War thought God was on their side. Not that that has anything to do with Easter. I still have fond memories of dying Easter eggs with my Mother. I didn't like eating them afterwards though & yeah, I bought myself a big ass chocolate bunny to eat.