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Friday, March 25, 2016

I try these days...

To think of Bob, when I have some a-hole making my life miserable. I say this line in my head & smile at them & also in his voice, I'm saying...And that happy little tree will look so nice shoved up your rectum.

I personally don't believe that we need to have stress management classes to attend, or sensitivity training. Because, lets face it, some folks just need their ass beat. It worked when I was a kid.

When I was 6, I was doing OK in school, but my parents were gypsies. They moved around a lot & at that particular time in my life, they pulled me out of one district & moved me to another one. So...Here I was, the new kid, who had no friends. I hated everything & I sure as hell didn't care to do any school work. So, I would get in trouble in school (class clown, go figure) & get beat by the teacher. Then I was sent to the principle, who joined in on the fun of lets introduce him to a paddle with holes in it.

Then...When I got home, Dad would introduce me to Mr. belt.

So after this went on for a while, I got to thinking, I have to end this three a day beating. This shit isn't fun at all. So...I started doing my homework (instead of the my dog ate it) & voila, conforming caused my ass to enjoy being able to sit again. Moral?

Sometimes an ass beating is just the thing to make someone see the light.