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Monday, March 21, 2016

It hit me..

Saturday. I was over checking on the folks, when I started feeling like crap. I went home and crawled in bed and have been there for two days. I changed the oil in the truck Saturday and put everything else on the back burner.

I didn't have a fever or was dizzy, just felt like I was a hundred years old and tired as hell. Everything I tried to eat, came out one end or the other. I made myself get out today because I have so much to do. Have laundry hanging outside and I'm sitting at the tire shop, waiting for my tires to be rotated.

My Mom was down with something Saturday and probably passed it along to me. The guy who works at the tire shop told me that he was down all weekend with something similar and he looks like crap today. The only good thing is I don't get laid low like most folks who are getting this. I still want to try to cut some grass today if I can.

 But as I sit here, with Spongebob on the tube, still waiting for the truck to be pulled in the bay, I'm thinking that smoke I just had, probably didn't help my situation any. I still want to just crawl in a warm bed.