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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Just like Frogger.

That is what it is like to drive on the roads today. So many assholes who are plunking away on their phones & not watching what they are doing. It doesn't matter what the weather conditions are, they are too busy trying to post a picture of the taco they are consuming as well.

I had probably five different people in a downpour yesterday, almost cream me, because they were too busy checking their damn status updates. The last one, right before I was to make my exit...whipped in front of me (without a turn signal) & hit her brakes. A young gal, oblivious as to who was around her, texting away on her phone.

I hit my brakes & started to slide & thought, what the hell, I'm gonna hit her, so I'm gonna hit her good. I hit the accelerator, dialed up my bright lights & laid on the the horn to let her know a little Ford was going to play Bad Santa. Well, that woke her up & she got out of my way. I used my turn signal & got in the off-ramp lane & right as I was making the turn off the interstate, she whipped in front of me again. Her head was looking down in her lap the whole time.

She stopped at the bottom of the ramp to make a left & was sitting at a red light. I started to roll down my window & get her attention as I went by to make the right, but I thought..Piss on it, the way she is driving, she'll be dead soon.

And as long as she isn't taking me with her..It's a good day.