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Friday, March 4, 2016

Lucy, you have some splaining to do....

Ok, I got the word that my former blog was rubbing certain people the wrong way. They didn't go into details, because hey, laying it on the table, I had two choices...Acquiesce..or storm the castle.

Since there wasn't a naked babe or the holy grail involved, I decided to scrap the old one & start over.

With age, comes the enlightenment of wisdom. Sometimes you just get tired of having a brick building fall on you, before you change tactics. So, no more witty observations of certain situations I find myself in on a daily basis, when it involves my current employer. They have no tolerance for humor, unless it involves me being bent over a desk waiting for a reprimand. They won't say it, but I'm kind of sure they enjoy that interaction of sharing managements views.

I went to the dentist today for my 6 month cleaning & while I hate going, it is nice to know the teeth are still hanging in there. Even when they are jabbing sharp instruments in your face.

I stopped by the parents house afterwards & Dad has been tearing apart his old shed in the garden, with the ideas of turning it into a hothouse. He finally decided to quit doing the security job at Doe Run & today was his last day up there. It was just a pocket money thing really, but Mom liked that he was gone all day. See, being home more than a few hours & they kind of get on each others last nerve.

So, bear with me & I'll start over on something I hope you may want to read. It is a work in progress. There are plenty of things that Captain Obvious can comment on.