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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Old Dogs..

We may be a dying breed, but one thing is certain, we stick together.

They say that people have a four year cushion between ages to make relationships work. After you cross over it on the high or low side, then it is just a matter of time, before it goes right in the toilet. Well....I can say that my first wife was ten years older than me & it didn't work. I have had women of all ages, some closer to mine, while others not so much... One was four years older, while the last wife was four years younger....

So, I have come to the conclusion that age is simply something that different people, deal differently with. It doesn't matter how old or young you are, if you are an asshole, you will probably always be so. Right up till they toss your bones in the hole.

Since we are all different, we all have needs & stipulations as to what standards we will accept or tolerate. Mine use to be pretty simple. Don't have sex with someone other than myself. That was it. I could eat a mile of shit as to family, problems, you name it, as long as my significant other wasn't burning the meatloaf because she was too busy sitting on someone elses face.

These days, I have a different standard. It's called, the..I will never believe anything, anyone says, no matter how awesome their ass is. Eight to eighty, blind, crippled or crazy, it seems to work pretty well. I don't have a nice ass to cuddle up with at night in bed..But I also, don't have to wake up & find my penis on Craigslist.

Seems to work for me so far.