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Monday, March 14, 2016

Preparing for Tuesday.

After all the crap on TV & radio about the elections, this is how I feel about going to the polls.

People vote the way they do for all kinds of different reasons. I don't want anyone to debate me on any issues, because I can make up my mind just as easily as they can. That being said, how about a little insight as to what is going on, because the press hasn't a clue.

The Republican party is just as lost as well. I have never & will never, vote for the democratic party. (My father, on the other hand, will never vote for anyone other than a democrat) But lets face it, the republicans have tossed out the most pitiful candidates since Reagan. It's hard to cast a vote for someone you don't like, but it has been for years that way with Conservatives. They stuck to the party or didn't vote at all, or cast it on an independent candidate (that they knew wouldn't win, but said the hell with it)  Hey, I once voted for Ralph Nader, that's how fed up I was. (I'm just full of surprises, huh?)....Along comes Trump.

This guy isn't a party insider & they blew him off, thinking old Jeb was going to be a shoe in (so did the Liberal press) When he started resonating with people from both parties, who are fed up to their eyeballs with the way the Country has been run...The republican establishment (call it what you like) started showing a side that makes me never want to be associated with them again. Not the old boys network of what they define as the party.

They didn't pay attention to the base when they started the Tea party movement, they just tried to placate them, yet when the people voted in the mid-term group, who said they would do the bidding of the people...they just pussed out & did nothing.

So, the press as of last night on the way home, still has no clue & is saying crap like Rubio & Kasich could beat Hillary (horse shit) Trump can beat Hillary, & he can do it without any party affiliation. If he wins the number of delegates that is required & the bozos who oppose him do not support him, the republican party of old is done & gone. Either way, their old way of thinking is over.

When a Socialist like Sanders can get as much support as he is getting, red flags should be popping up in freedom loving people. Of course he is loved by young folks. They are stupid. When someone is promising you all kinds of free shit...Shades of Peggy Joseph.

So, vote however way you will (or not at all) One thing is for certain. It ain't over till the fat lady sings.