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Monday, March 7, 2016

That time of year.

I had clumps of grass, plus lots of leaves & weeds to cut down, so what a nice day it was to get all dusty & the nose clogged with flying particles.

I also did laundry & hung it outside & the big gusts of wind dried it pretty fast. I then went over & helped the old man almost finish the front of his hot house. We hung some doors & a few panels. He doesn't get in a hurry anymore & I can drink some cold ones as we mess around. I also stopped by Walmart to pick up some beer & water & renew my fishing license. Just a side note...Going to Wally World on a Monday sucks.

Just a few isles open & you can never find anyone who wants to run a register. It's like they all are on acid just walking around trying to look busy. They can stick those self check out registers up their ass. Do I show up on a clogged crapper call & hand the person a plunger & go, have at it, I'll just watch to make sure you're doing it right? You want me to use them, knock off twenty bucks from my bill for doing your job.

Also, my asshole neighbor decided to burn leaves today (which he isn't suppose to do in town) which I don't care, as long as he doesn't catch the neighborhood on fire, but he has to pick the day I hang clean laundry outside? Perhaps tonight will be the night I sleepwalk & take a dump on his porch.

Still watching The Night Stalker episodes.