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Monday, March 28, 2016

The day after.

Well, it came & went & I decided to shave all my hair off. Man, it's 37 degrees, but it was just starting to drive me crazy. It was also starting to look like skittle head.

I had Black, Brown Yellow, Red & of course phosphorescent White. I have some dye on it now, so it will be one color (for a little while anyway) I'm trying to type this without my cheaters on, so I won't get that shit all over. (it just sucks getting older)

Everything starts creeping away. I'm turning into a butterball (as I think I'll have a beer) What the hell, you can only fight some things for awhile, then you have to do what we all dread...the acceptance speech.

At least I still have my hair ( most of it is in the trash can now) but it always seems to grow far. I shaved my head one time....Oh, it was not a pretty sight.

I looked like a Sharpe with Cancer. As a matter of fact, I did it when I had taken a few weeks off from work, in case it looked bad, so I could have some of it grown back. That was a smart decision. I went to Six Flags with the old lady & kids & everyone thought I was on chemo. They were like, stepping aside & asking me to go ahead in front of them in lines for the roller coaster (like they felt sorry for the dying dude) It didn't help that my old lady & I were ten sheets in the wind when I got the bright idea to do it.

I asked her to help me with the razor & she was all laughing & sliced me up like Freddy Kruger had wielded the damn thing. Time to go wash this crap off.