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Friday, March 25, 2016

The problem with friends?

Well, that is simple. These days, they have no idea what that actually means.

As a friend, I have taken a beating to protect someone I called a friend. I have been accused of doing things that I never did, to protect their reputation & I could tell you many things that caused me grief, simply because I called someone a friend & did what a friend does....Be loyal.

These days, people who claim to be your friend, really only care about one thing. Themselves.

I guess it falls back on how folks are raised. Values you have, are simply not ones that everyone shares. Still, it always throws me for a loop, when I give my all to someone & they wind up letting me down. I guess they really were never a friend to start out with.

When I meet my maker one day, he will either tell me I was a good friend to others, Or he will sit me down & say, what the hell were you thinking!