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Thursday, March 10, 2016

They are everywhere.


They can't get what they want by persuasion so coercion by intimidation is the natural step for these people. Now, I always hated those kinds of folks & have knocked the shit out of a few (you have to address the situation in terms they understand) But as you grow older, you realize that sometimes, you don't have to make them spit teeth. (although it is always an option)

I get a bigger satisfaction in just continuing to do what it is that they hate. Take Mitt Romney for example... Coming out from under a rock & trying to pee in Trump's pool by saying the nasty things he said, only makes me want to vote for Donald even more. (And trust me, I will)

I can tolerate Liberals (for about ten minutes) And Bernie is something I would scrape off of my shoe, but the Republican party doesn't get it. People are tired of politicians telling them they believe this way & after getting elected, caving in & going the opposite direction. It's pretty simple what I want anyway.

I want a leader who will stand up for me. A born in the U.S.A. citizen, who wants the right to tell others, do what you want, as long as you are not making me do what you want. Trying to legislate morals & ethics, is a losing battle. Everyone reading this, knows of at least one person they wouldn't pee on if they were on fire. (probably more than one if you are like me)

You will never convince them of your standards & you will never force them to comply.

So, don't try to bully me. I have been married to the spawn of Satan, you just ain't up to the challenge.