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Saturday, March 26, 2016

When they leave.

Yeah, this is the time of year that it happened to me. I worked Easter Sunday & came home & laid on the couch & watched Ben Hur. I fell asleep there & she woke me up Monday morning, kissed me goodbye & went to work. I crawled in the bed & got up later that day & went to work.

I tried calling home that night, but no one answered the phone, so I told them I had to leave, because I was worried that something was wrong. When I got home..the house was cleaned out. I laid on the couch trying to decide what I was going to do.....

I watched Ben Hur again & fell asleep on the couch.

Woke up the next day & went into work & didn't tell a soul what was going on. I then volunteered to work all the overtime they had. I knew I was going to need it, because she had taken all the money out of our account.

And the dead shall rise & carry on.