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Friday, March 18, 2016

Yet again...

I guess with Hillary traveling all over the country, I shouldn't be surprised to see once again on the road yesterday, her sex toy being transported to yet another rally.

Someone last night dropped a bombshell that will be discussed today. Would love to be a fly on that wall.

I heard yesterday that one of the "spokesperson" for Black Lives Matter said that if Trump is elected president...Black folks would riot everywhere. Well, lets see.... When these types of people "riot" they burn down shit in their own neighborhoods & then because of it, they wind up doing without. So, I say, who cares. If you try to block a highway when I'm driving to work, you better be good at playing frogger.

Threatening me with violence, certainly will not persuade me to sympathize with your perspective on anything. I have lived with disappointments throughout my life (Hell, I have just lived through eight years of freaking Obama) but I never had the urge to torch the local Q.T. because of it.

The world has always been a weird place for normal people to live in, but it is what it is at times. Just remember, there are people you wish you had never fucked with.