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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Adios Merle.

I was playing Merle Haggard tunes the night before he died. Was heading into work & heard the news & thought, now how freaky is that. My Dad loved the guy & had all his albums, so I grew up listening to him at an early age.

I had the radio on KTRS on the way into work & was listening to John Carney (who is just a little bit older than me) Now...I really can't stand this guy, because lets face it, he grew up a member of the lucky sperm club & while being a douche on the radio might work for shock jocks, it isn't my cup of hemlock. I have had days that I catch him that are bearable...barely, but being the flippant ass he was when announcing Merle's the accompanying of the mini douche Josh who chimes in what he considers witty banter...I'm done listening to this bag of gas.

I use to listen to Jim White on the way home & while he could be disagreeable to callers, his coining of you can't fix stupid, was pretty much spot on. When he retired & then died not too long afterwards kind of sucked. Along came Carney & the current toad working the late night show on KMOX. Carney got the axe, only to end up where he is now. This post is kind of turning into a diatribe on the St. Louis stations huge amount of folks who suck, so I'll dial it away from that course. Lets just say this....

Merle Haggard's death deserved more respect from a couple of whale turds (the lowest thing on earth) or so my old D.I. use to say. They were too busy trying to figure out how they could squeeze anyone they rub elbows with, into getting them choice tickets for McCartney, who is coming to play Busch stadium.

R.I.P. Hag.