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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Doing What I Can.

I haven't had hardly any sleep the last three days. No matter how hard I try, my brain would just not let me turn it off.

We left early this morning & went to Iron Mountain Cemetery & cleaned up the family plot. My Uncle will be a year in the ground on May 12th & his grave didn't even out as quickly as we thought, so we raked it all down & picked out the huge stones & seeded grass.

We took a burn barrel, because someone (we have a good idea who that was) took the old one. I cut the grass & weed eated while Dad leveled out his brother's plot. Then we burned all the leaves & old flower arrangements that were toast. We put the barrel inside of our plot this time, but Dad said it will be full of stuff from other folks graves. I was like, so what, I'll just burn them as well. (don't sweat the small shit pops)

We stopped at Doe Run & finally caught the headstone guy at his business. We talked with him (nice dude) & got a really nice headstone, with base & all the inscriptions & install included. Then I had to drive Dad all the way back to Festus, to get his money (because he didn't tell me he was going to buy one today & I didn't bring my checkbook along. The guy didn't have the ability to take a credit card or debit) So off to Festus & back to Doe Run.

The old man actually thought this guy was going to be able to do everything & have it in the cemetery by Memorial Day. Not going to happen. (Don't sweat the small shit pops) Here is a nice tidbit of information. If you don't have a headstone installed before you croak, most monument company's will not set one until six months after the person is interred. Because they want to make sure the grave has settled & the headstone won't sink or fall over.

My 90 year old Grandmother would not go down last year, because she was still upset after losing her youngest, but is going to do Memorial Day this year. (God willing) We all go down & clean the cemetery & lay flowers & reminisce. Not many of us old dogs left who give a shit to do that. But the world has turned into a cold & uncaring place these days.

It's a shame in my book.