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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Enjoying what I can.

I have been trying to find my Mom what she wanted for Mother's day the last few days. Then my Dad told me, hey, what she really wants is a new medal finder.... Well, shit.

I went ahead & forked out the money & got her one. She was happy & that is all that it takes to make me happy. She goes into the hospital Tuesday to see if they are going to insert a stint in her neck.

We are going to que up some pork steaks tomorrow.

Just an observation, but the last few nights I have seen more lightening bugs than I have in many a year. It is very cool to see them all over the place after dark. It doesn't take much to amuse this old dog. I am a very down to Earth kind of guy. I have been told that the reason women turn their backs on me, is because I have no ambition. Well, all I can say to that is this....We all are going to be pushing up daises one day, so until my time comes, I want to do what I can to make others happy & enjoy the beauty that God provides us with every day.

I suppose it might be frustrating to the female sex that I don't give a shit about status symbols or creature comforts. I can live with that. I am just happy as shit, when I wake up every day & have another chance to enjoy a beautiful sky or the smell of freshly cut grass. In other words, I don't measure success by the amount of objects I own. To me, if I can make someone smile every day, I have contributed to the goodness of humanity.

All the money in the world will never keep you from an appointment with the pineapple;~)