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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Going fishing.

In the morning we are taking the old African Queen out to see if we can haul in some lunkers.

Seems that my Mom is going to have to have the dye test done again, to see if she has a main blockage in her neck. They thought she did & we were going to schedule a procedure to have it routed out & a stint put in, but now they want to run another test to make sure. Seems that her new doctor doesn't think she is that blocked & wants to make sure. Hey, she is all for not having to have that done. She hates doctors & hospitals.

Saturday, we are heading South to clean up the family plot in the old cemetery. Might even wind up setting a headstone, but not sure of that yet. My focus is on beating the old man on who catches the first fish, the biggest & the most.... Piece of cake.