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Sunday, April 3, 2016

He's full of it.

Well, not anymore. I have spent the last couple of days, just camping out around the crapper, because as soon as something goes is on the express train on the way out.

We did some Que over at the parents house today & it was good, but after I ate & sat around in a lawn chair, I just wanted to go home & take a nap. (and a few dozen squats with a book in my hand) See, Mom & Dad have had a nasty whatever that they just keep passing back & forth because neither one of them will go to the doctor, get some medicine that will make it go away & enjoy some of this nice weather. So, when I go spend some time with them, it has been effecting me in the manner of liquid Mr. Goodbar & being tired as hell. I laid down for a nap & slept probably three hours. Then picked up a book.

I told them that if they don't go to the doctor by the next weekend I'm off, I'm just gonna stay away. Dad said he will go Monday (which he won't) but he knows I'm serious, so he will eventually go. It is finally dawning on him that this happened to them last year at this time as well & they only got better with a little help from the Doc.

It was a beautiful day today, but a little windy. Tomorrow I'll knock down the grass cutting & go check on them again. I put the stickers on Mom's car for her inspection. They were driving around with the old ones still on there.

Time for another chapter.