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Sunday, April 10, 2016

I hate feeling like crap.

But that is exactly how I have been feeling the last couple of days. Stuffed up nose, can't pop my ears to hear & just tired as hell.

As soon as I got in, I downed some sleep juice (because when I leave work, I'm tired, but driving all the way home, I'm wide awake) Yeah, I didn't even care that it expired last December.

On the way into work yesterday, I had this kid in a car in the other lane. He was pumping his arm out the driver side window (with a big cup of something in it) He almost rear ended the guy in front of him & kept flipping that guy off (for no reason, except he was probably drunk)

I stopped at a red light & he looks over at me & flips me off while yelling at me. I reached into my gym bag & slipped my Walther out & laid it in my lap. The guy behind him was in a big ass four wheel White truck. I'm not sure if the idiot had been messing with him, but this kid whips his car around the guy in front of him (we were all sitting still waiting for the light to change) & blazes on the shoulder.

I guess the guy behind him in the truck, decided that he was going to kick this idiots ass, because he whips out & runs right up on his ass. They both fly through cross traffic & made a right. I'm pretty sure, if the dumb ass in the car stopped, he got the shit stomped out of him, but the light changed & I drove on. I didn't get pissed when he was egging me on, I calmly decided that if he was going to jump out & head over to my truck, I was going to introduce him to Jesus.

Because when I feel bad, I don't have time to deal with stupid shit. Time for a warm bed.