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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

In a world...

Full of stupid people, doing stupid things....It's nice to run across someone who does something amazingly intelligent.

And when I ever encounter one, I'll let you know.

I and another were discussing recently, a guy we use to work with years ago. No names or where the employment was, but it is a true story none the less.

This individual asked if I had a banana. I thought perhaps he was just wanting some fruit & I told him, I have an orange I can spare. No...I need it to take a broken light out of a socket. I looked at him to see if there was going to be an additional punchline..but alas, he was serious.

I told him, I believe you are thinking about a potato. He kind of had that look that a light bulb had gone on in his head. He said, yeah, maybe that is what I need instead. Do any of you guys have one?

I told him, well, I have a wonderful little tool called needle nose pliers that should do the trick, but I really don't just lend out my tools, so if you tell me where this fixture is...I'll simply go & fix it. (Because I had this mental picture of him sticking my pliers in the socket without turning off the switch & blowing out the side of them) I wasn't worried that he was going to be electrocuted, because I was pretty sure that that was how he came into the world.....It's alive...It's alive!!!!!!!!