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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Not dead yet.

Two days of being miserable at work, then two days of nothing but sleep in bed.. Today, I finally got up & took a shower & shaved. Doing laundry & hanging them outside in the sun...

I still have it, but at least I can move around. Today, it is working on me by running it's course through the back door. It's the damn flu.

I got my shot in September, because when you work around sick people, you try to stay ahead of the curb, but I didn't count my parents into the calculation. By the time they contracted it (because they never get the shots) Mine had worn off, so they passed it right to me. I was going to go fishing these last couple of days, that is why I had it scheduled off, (that & tomorrow, Mom goes to see the doctor for perhaps a neck procedure) but instead of getting paid to fish, I got paid to sleep.

Gonna hang the next batch out on the line & head to Wally World to get some supplies. Hope I don't wind up crapping my pants in the store. But if I do, the good thing is, no one in there will even notice. Listen, I know you have all seen the people at Walmart stuff on the web. But I believe the folks that I see in the Dollar Store are far worse.

The Bleeding Hearts are blooming, but the frost we have had the last few days did kill some of them. Now I'm having a hacking attack. Just what I need. Cough up a lung & shit in the pants as a bonus.