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Monday, April 18, 2016

One busy ass day.

Pop & I went to St. Marys this morning & fished Saline Creek. I caught only two fish. A gar & a catfish. The old man didn't catch anything, not even a bite. We finally called it a day around Noon & headed home.

I then, proceeded to cut grass & trim trees & weeds & do laundry. I am attacking the sink of dishes I have waiting on me next. As soon as I pop a cold one, my ass will finally relax.

When I left this morning, I went a block & remembered that I had not put the fishing poles in the back of my truck. Turned around & got them & all of a bowels woke up. I was wearing bibs, so I'm glad it hit me then, because I would have never made it to another crapper in time. I use to go days without worrying about that in my youth, but these days, when the colon says hello...I better be close to somewhere where I can squat. I did the ass cheek squeeze walk to the house.

I can only imagine the crap waiting for me at work tomorrow. But won't they be surprised to see me at the time clock, putting in for more days off. Mom goes in the hospital Friday to see if she is going to have to have a stint put in. So, anyone who can spare a prayer, it will be appreciated.

Off to finish the dishes...