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Monday, April 25, 2016

Pretty much...

These days, this is how I see most people through my eyes.

I nod & smile, but big talking turds are what I envision most of the folks to be as I converse with them. Oh, don't get me wrong, not everyone is a slab of shit, but be truthful...As you look at this picture, you can't tell me that someone hasn't sprung into your head that fits the bill.

Also, when they start to talk, their voices turn into Charlie Browns teacher.

Oh, I understand why this is happening to me. When you reach a certain age (I'm guessing it is a different number for everyone) you get tired of people who disagree with you. Those who believe they know everything, or sometimes, it is those who you may be attracted to...yet, when they open their mouth.....

I have seen bosses who have a toady or lackey. They have this person around, because they can confide in them & they will always agree or do whatever the boss wants. (as a wise man once told me...kissing ass right up to the brown) They don't see a turd there, they just treat them like one.

So, I don't really get all messed up about the coming elections. Hell, I think they are all turds personally. I just like to find someone who is real passionate about one of the brown coneheads & I take the opposite position. Just to watch them get all pissed off.

Of course I must appear to others as a big giant pile of Hillary, but if I wind up smoking a dog turd in Hell....Well, toking one sure beats eating a mile of it.