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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Texting on his phone.

Dad called me before I left the house yesterday, telling me the highway was shut down at 270 & 40 due to an accident. I never heard a word about it on the radio (and I switched around stations) on the way in.

I figured whatever was going on, it should be cleared up by the time I get there, but as I got to Manchester, I saw traffic all backed up. So, I blazed off & hit Ballas (so did quite a lot of others) I creeped all the way to work, but I allowed this idiot to get in front of me. Actually, it was better, because he probably would have wound up smacking into my ass end. All he did was weave all over the road & I had to continuously wake him up to move, after we stopped, because he wouldn't put his damn phone down.

This is the kind of A-hole who will probably kill me on the interstate.

If that happens, I hope God allows me the pleasure of living long enough to shove their phone down their throat & watch them choke to death as everyone else stands around & films the damn thing.(instead of trying to help)