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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Trans what?

I planted these Sunday & just a night of rain, everything popped out. The trees, these buds..Don't even get me started on my grass.

I have friends who support the transgender freaks, while others who oppose them. All I can say is simply this... I don't go into other peoples homes & start demanding that they conform to my beliefs. So, don't come into mine & try to tell me what I should support.

I don't shop at Target. I have been in them occasionally, but I'll never go there again. (my choice) I don't go to restaurants that do not allow me to smoke. (my money will spend just as well in places where I'm welcome) If I'm in a public bathroom & some freak tries to touch me, they will be spitting teeth. (don't care if they have a penis or vagina)

No, I can't say that I love everyone, but I don't hate everyone either. I have reached the age in my life where I just want to be Goldilocks. I don't want my bed too hard or too soft, I just want shit just right.

People spend their entire lives looking for something or someone to make them happy. Let me save some folks some wasted years. You want to be happy, don't do shit that goes against your beliefs & don't keep people around you that make you uncomfortable. Tell them to take a hike. Don't give a dead rats ass about anyone who hates you because you don't feel for their dumb ass crusade. Lets face it, some folks are simply using up oxygen.