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Monday, April 4, 2016


The parents actually did go see the doctor today & he gave them some drugs to get rid of their nasty colds they have been hanging on to. The old man made this bird house for me to take to Ron, who has been giving me wood for him.

I got all the grass cut & weeds trimmed, while my neighbor doesn't seem to know what a lawn mower actually is. I watched The Hateful 8 last night...Hey, I liked it. Gonna watch The Revenant tonight.

I did laundry & hung it outside & have a pile of clothes yet to fold. Got a lot of shit done today, but lets face matter how much you do, it never really ends. As I type, I can think of all kinds of crap I still need to do.

I did win the Stanley Cup in my fantasy league, so how about the Blues following suit..... I do not look forward to crackheads tomorrow, so I'll pop me a few cold ones tonight to ease that pain of anticipation.