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Friday, April 1, 2016

What was that again?

Yesterday was a day of being one off on a pin number. (had to pull it out of my wallet to check it) One off on a password. (I have way to many different logins on computers that I have to use) Walking into a room, getting something & leaving...only to realize that I didn't pick up what I had went into the room for in the first place.

Your brain becomes disorganized, when you have way too much to do. You try to focus on too many goals & while you may accomplish everything you intend to do...You will only realize that you will never, not ever, get all the things done that pop into your head to lay on your plate.

When I was younger, I could turn that switch off & never think twice about worrying if I made enough of a difference. But in the last couple of years, the switch just keeps playing scenarios in my head. Even when I'm trying to sleep. It might be a song that keeps droning on & on or I keep replaying incidents, each time, changing the outcome. I'll sleep a few hours, then wake up & have the hardest time crashing again, because of all this activity running around in my head.

When I was young, I would be so tired from working, I would crash & that was it. Out, till I was awaken by the alarm. Or, occasionally, I would dream. I don't call this current phenomena dreaming. It's like continuing to work, even when I'm suppose to be comatose.

Yes, it is annoying, but until I start to hear the little creatures that plagued Kim Darby in Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark...I think I can cope.