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Friday, April 29, 2016

You'll never know.

The trail one rides alone.

I have been in many a situation where it was me & God & that was it. I make the decisions & he allows me the experience, then he shows up & pulls my dumb ass out of the fire.

I have had many a time where I was staring death in the face, but I have never been scared for myself. It is always when I'm thinking of others when I get afraid for them. I know God will take me when he is ready, so I have never been rattled when facing something that others say I should be petrified of. I have done things that people have said, they couldn't believe I was able to live through.

I have buried friends, family & strangers. I have grown to trust not a soul except my Creator. People only disappoint you. Especially if you love them.

When you think that Salomon was given the gift of wisdom & yet, in the end, he still walked away from God over a damn woman, then you have to wonder...What chance does an old bastard like myself have in ever getting it right.

Philosophical conundrums.