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Sunday, May 22, 2016

And where was I?

On my way into work, that's where.

Well, at least the Cardinals & Blues won.

You know, these so called Millennials, just blow me away. When I was their age, I understood one thing. If you want something, you had better get off your ass & work for it.

Wanting things is fine. Wanting everybody else to pay for it, just blows my mind. Do you think for a second that if those of us who work for a living, was to pay for their "free" education (because, unless you are a freaking retard, you must know that nothing is free, someone is ponying up for it) That they would certainly not want to perform their services in their new profession, without being compensated for their skill or time. But they say, well, that isn't fair.

So, it's OK for others to give you what you want, without charging you for their services, but when asked to reciprocate, you don't want to play anymore. Grow the fuck up.

And any parent that enables these mindless texting useless amoebas of a human being (you know who you are. Allowing your offspring to live in your house & do absolutely nothing, well into their twenties, while you fork out the money to support them) You are even worse. If you are stupid enough to let that go on, then you deserve what you get.

Bernie Sanders deserves one thing. To be tarred & feathered & shipped off to a Socialist Country, where he belongs.