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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Another long day...

Mom had her cath probe to check out her heart. They were going to put a stint in, but the artery has a sharp bend & the doctor said as long as it isn't bothering her, he didn't think it was wise to try to put one in. He said, it will fight me the entire way & she can still have the surgery to have one put in her neck, without having this stint inserted by her heart.

He said, lets wait & after the neck surgery, we will see how she is. Believe me, by the end of the day, I was ready to kill anyone who said she couldn't go home, because she was throwing a fit to get out of there. She is all rosy to the staff, until they leave the room, then daggers. For a runt, she can twang on your last nerve at times, but make you feel all guilty about it. (here, both of them are sleeping as I came back from a smoke)

So, it looks like they want her to go back for a check up in a week & in another week, do the surgery on her neck blockage. They were going to send the dates in the mail, so when the paper arrives, I'll see it. Because Mom tells me one date & Dad says another. You see, the doctor who is going to perform the neck surgery...I didn't get to meet him, he called them after they got home.

Sometimes, I wonder if my parents are smoking pot when I'm not around.

Went & picked up some wood for the old man yesterday. Talk about feeling like Jethro Bodine, hauling 12 foot , with 6 hanging out the end. I had it strapped down, but it was a little uncomfortable driving. Just waiting for some dumb ass to run into me as they plunked away on their phones. It all came out good though.

I need to go pick me up some cold ones & make the day end a little better. I have laundry hanging outside (which I love to sleep on sheets that have been out on the line) But I hear some moron neighbor yelling as someone else is finally cutting their grass. Wally World here I come.

If you said a prayer for my Mom, thanks, I appreciate the caring effort. If you didn't, well there is a dog turd you are gonna smoke in Hell.;~)