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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Back in time....

Spent yesterday down at Wappapello Lake. We tried to get in the river, but it was rolling hard due to all the rain we have had in Missouri, so we tried Holiday Landing & big ass trees were rolling by there. So, we drove all the way around to the dam & was able to finally find a ramp that was open (they increased the boat ramp fee, to $5.00) I caught two bluegills & that was it. No one was catching anything, due to turn over from the rain.

This is from the wave of rain that pounded my house. This was late at night off of the porch, as lightening lit up the sky. They were saying take cover (because a tornado was sighted) but I was drinking a cold one outside, looking for it. Just about everyone in my area has water of some kind in the basement. Lots of flash floods popped up that night.
The day before that, I was over at my Uncle's house, cutting up twenty foot sections of old galvanized well pipe for the old man. He wanted them, saying he will use them for this & that. But I told him, it is just more shit that I will wind up having to discard when you kick the bucket.

Mom goes to the doctor Monday & perhaps Tuesday as well, to get checked for the surgery that is taking place on the 23rd. So, while I have been off, I have had one day to relax in a boat (which always drains me hard) but at least Dad didn't drown me or kill me on the highway, & the rest have been spent working in some capacity or another. Such is life. One thing is for sure...this old dog has to go back to working out. I'm putting on too much weight (damn beer) & I might actually start the program Tuesday. No beer, fasting included & exercise. It's that, or start learning to work into the conversation...Get in my belly....