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Friday, May 27, 2016

Captain Dumb Ass..

I did a lot of things today & knocked out most of what I had pressing to do. I was going to just take it easy & relax, but tomorrow is my Mom's birthday, so I wanted to get her some stuff tonight & make sure both parents were doing OK.

So, I went over late & as I was getting a beer out of the cooler in the back of the truck, I did something stupid. Now, I'm not above doing stupid things, but I haven't done this in well over twenty years, so I guess I was overdue. I reached in & locked my door (why, I have no idea) & shut it. Inside, was my keys & my extra set was in my gym the passenger seat.

The last time this happened, it wasn't my fault. My girlfriend at the time, had my extra set in her purse (which I thought she had) but she left it in my seat. So, I just took a screwdriver & took the seal out of the back window & opened the door & put the glass back in. Never leaked & it came out real easy.

I started to do that tonight & I swear, I just was running the screwdriver around the seal to break it & the whole window shattered. My Dad was standing there & couldn't believe it did that. Well, no shit, because I couldn't believe it happened myself. The bad thing? It is a holiday weekend & no one is going to be around until Tuesday. I made some calls & left messages, but I do not expect to hear from anyone until after Monday. So...I said, screw it. I popped a cold one & started visiting with the folks & then I dropped my lighter in the dogs water bowl.

After a few brews, Pop was ready to go eat & I said goodbye to them & headed home & it started raining.... Didn't rain in the cab, but I was laughing my ass off all the way home. Some guy at Walmart stopped me today & asked what the bottom part of the sticker said on my back window & I told him he was the first person to ask that in 9 years. Then this happened.

Well, it beats having a snake come up through the toilet & grab onto Mr. Willie, like that poor S.O.B. in Thailand.