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Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Looks like they are getting ready to tear down this old house in town that has been sitting in this condition for almost a year.

They let my Mom go home yesterday. She didn't have a stent put in (which was good) they just sliced open her neck & cleaned out the blockage. She got home a little before noon & couldn't wait to sleep in her own bed. She will be 73 Saturday, and while she probably won't think about it, this is a good birthday present that she got. As long as nothing goes wrong with the healing process.

While in I.C.U. she told me through a doped haze that she could hear rushing in her head. I told her, yeah, that is blood getting there that wasn't before. Poor woman. Never smoked or drank, yet she has been plagued with bad health problems. Hey, all you can do is one day at a time I guess.

If I had a nickle for every time I went to a patients room & fixed a problem & they would say...can you fix me that fast....

I usually tell them I can't, because I don't carry a big enough hammer.