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Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day.

Went over to Mom's for Mother's Day & after we all ate & was outside enjoying the perfect weather, my sister's dog found a big pile of leaves on the backside of the house. And in that pile, was a big pile of dog shit, in which she joyfully rolled in.

This dog always finds something dead or nasty to roll in, when she goes over to my parents house. And when you start to hear my sister gag... uugghh uugghhh... then you know that whatever it is, it is nasty, because that gal can wrap her hands in the most awful animal mess & not flinch. She can't stand human poop or vomit, that invokes the sister gag. uugghh uugghhh...

One time, when my Grandson was going through the phase of flushing everything down the toilet, we stopped by my Daughter's house just at the right time. My Son-in-law had already pulled the toilet, but could not retrieve whatever it was in the bottom of the trap in the toilet. Well, I dragged my sister in the bathroom with me & I held the toilet up, so she could see up in it & as she reached up with a pair of channel locks to grab the object....out comes a little round Grandson turd, along with an action figure... uugghh uugghhh...

So, here is her dog getting a bath. I think the dog does that, just so she will be the immediate center of attention. I mean, if you just suddenly dropped down & started rolling in dog shit, you would most assuredly be the focus of everyone around. Experts say dogs do this because they want to mask their odor. It goes back to when they were wild animals sneaking up on prey...blah, blah, blah.

Hope everyone had a nice Mother's day.