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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Long ass day.

The old man could not stay awake as we waited for Mom to have her stress test. She has a blockage in her neck that they want to insert a stint & she had a stress test to determine if she can withstand the surgery.

It didn't go so well. Ever since she had the heart attack, & they couldn't put the stint where it needed to be, she has coped with it. The heart is an amazing organ. It rerouted to try to supply blood where it was needed. This new doctor said he wasn't happy with the results & wants to put a scope in her to see what is going on (what kind of actual damage & what can he do to fix it)

Technology has advanced since she first had the attack & he wants to see what is going on, before they attempt to do the surgery to put a stint in her neck. So Thursday, we will be at the hospital going through this procedure.

Mom was like, I'm in pretty good shape for a woman who is going to be 73. I looked at Dad & he looked at me & I said, well Mom, for a woman who had a massive heart attack & lived through almost dying from Rocky Mounted Spotted Fever & had a hysterectomy, & lived through raising my sister....I guess you are correct. I then chucked my thumb over towards my Dad & said, not to mention putting up with him all these years.

You can't add me to that mix of stressful things in her life, because, lets face it...I'm perfect.