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Thursday, May 19, 2016


That is what I spent most of my night addressing. On the way in, I saw quite a few old classic cars, so there must have been a car show somewhere. It was such a nice day, but when you have to deal with removing objects that people force down sinks or toilets...well, it just puts a damper on things.

Here is a little simple instruction as to what goes in a commode besides human waste....Toilet paper. That's it. Pretty simple huh? (thank you Captain Obvious)

Well, apparently not. Things I have removed from toilets? Tucks, tampons, wigs, paper sacks, phones, jewelry, paper towels, fiber wipes, keys, cups, underwear, books, clothes, eating utensils, false teeth, plexiglass, cables, & every kind of plastic shape you can think of. (use your imagination) Toys, shoes, test plugs, bottles...oh hell, the list goes way on.

You almost think people are offering sacrifices to the porcelain Gods.

One time, on a job in the city of St. Louis, (close to the river) I was doing a rewiring gig, & this old plumber asked for my assistance. He had pulled an obstruction almost out of the lines & needed an extra hand. When we finally got it out, we thought it was an aborted fetus, but it was a huge rat, that had crawled up the lines. They will eat, until they get stuck & die & he had snagged it & pulled the skin off of it on the way out.

Back then, plumbers could drink on the job & after we got it out, he proceeded to sit down & open a cold one & eat a sandwich. I of course, was not allowed. As a matter of fact, after that, I decided to skip lunch that day & for at least a month, I wouldn't sit on a strange toilet, I would squat as best I could without getting too close to the seat.

I just knew a damn rat was going to jump up & clamp onto the family jewels.