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Monday, May 23, 2016

Surgery day.

Dad did what he always does...Falls asleep in the waiting room.

Mom was in surgery around three hours & they inserted the stent & cleared the blockage. She is in I.C.U. now. I left to come home & try to catch a nap (because she wouldn't sleep if we were in the room) of course, I can't freaking sleep. Doing laundry & gonna hang it outside, since it's such a nice day.

If she does well, they will let her come home tomorrow. Right now, she is doped up higher than I was at both my weddings. All she kept talking about was her cat & how she hates being here. She has a pretty wicked incision cut on her neck & I already know, that I'll have one hell of a time ever getting her to come back if she needs anymore surgery.

We will cross that bridge when or if we have too later.