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Thursday, May 26, 2016

The fat lady sang...

Well, perhaps on the 50th anniversary of the team (next year) we might make it to the Stanley Cup, but it ain't happening this year.

Being a fan since as long as I can remember, I can say thanks for getting as far as you did. I can also say that you let yourselves get beat. You had the talent, but not apparently the drive. Oh, you can bitch at me & say, well, you ain't out there playing...Well, no shit. I also ain't making the kind of money they are to play the sport either. They finally in the last few minutes of the third period, decide to start playing like they should have done in the first.

Tarasenko, finally decided to join the game. Welcome to the party pal, too little, too late. If I thought they deserved to be patted on the ass & have a hug & say...Don't worry, you did your best, here, have a coke & a sweaty T-shirt.... I would do so.

But...This is hockey buttercup. And you didn't do your best. Plain & simple. When they play their best, they kick ass & deserve the accolades. If they played their best, they would have been in the championship game, eyeing the trophy, instead of heading home losers.

So, it's OK to lose, nothing wrong with that, if you know the team that beat you was better, but guess what.... They aren't. You could have & should have beat them. So, be pissed at me, because I can tell it like it is. But you ain't gonna get any slack from me because you lost. I'm not the kind of guy who thinks everyone deserves a participation trophy.

You want the cup...You earn it.