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Sunday, May 29, 2016

When it rains...

I won't even begin to tell you what happened to my sister, but the last few days, it almost is like it is time to dump on the family.

As I left her house tonight, my headlight went out. We all did up some que at the parents house earlier today & my whole day has been run around & do this or that. I'm betting since tomorrow is a holiday, I'm not going to be able to get my back glass fixed in the truck.

I will fix the headlight though & if I can't get in for the glass, I might go down to the cemetery & cut grass & place flags on the graves.

Pop did the cooking today & right after he ate......

Poor guy has his right leg swelling up. I'll check on him in the morning to see if it is any better. When I left their house tonight, Mom was whacking him in knees with a fly swatter (killing flies so she said) out in the garage.
Her neck is looking a little better, but she swears she can now hear the blood rushing through her head, since they opened up the clog. She is feeling better, but I know she is still in some pain, but she will not take any pain medication (hard headed woman)

Dad was telling me about how she told him she got a great deal on a loaf of bread at the Dollar tree. He said, he opened it up & the whole thing was solid mold, so he threw it away. She looked at him & said, no you didn't, I made you some cheese sandwiches with it.

The look on his face was priceless...because, did she or didn't she....She just laughed & laughed.....