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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cluster fucks.

I see them everyday. No kidding.

I guess as I get older, they become more recognizable quicker, than when I was naive an innocent.

I could tell you a funny ass story about something, but I don't want to be bent over a desk in H.R. later today, so I'll save it until retirement.

I will comment on the current political situation ongoing in our Country. Crazy ass people are not a commodity exclusive to the United States, but the more whack jobs we allow to simply walk in, the more we have to deal with their twisted ideas of what is right & what is wrong. In the end, whoever wins the prize of commander in Chief, we will probably never sit down at dinner with them & discuss anything.

Think about that. Then remember, if you believe that electing someone will allow you to get anything for free...Then you might want to hang a sign around your neck that says, I'm a fucking moron.