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Monday, June 13, 2016

Goose Creek.

Well, we hit the lake right at sunrise & we caught quite a lot of fish. Of course, the old man didn't read the instructions on his fish finder & we didn't get it working right until we were just about done for the day, but hey, it works now.

We kept 21 & threw back at least that many. The sun was starting to cook pops, so we bailed before eleven. I would have stayed all day, but he was toast.

This was the first one I hauled up. I caught some small bass, but let them go. We had pretty much the entire lake to ourselves until after ten, then some pontoons & jet skis came out.

They had a bomb scare up at the hospital today & from what I could gather, it was a cluster. I'm so glad I didn't have to go in. A day on the lake beats anything like that crap. I stopped & visited with my sister (who gave me some ammo that she didn't want anymore) Which adds to the stockpile. I'm going to have go target shooting soon I guess.

Right now, I'm one beat old dog, but I'm sucking down some cold brew & not giving a shit about the rest of the messed up world or their problems. Life is too short for me to care about people or agendas that do not encompass my give a shit circle.

Time to crank up the tunes.